My first year of Wing Chun at Sifu Och Kung Fu

My First Year of Wing Chun: How I Earned My Orange Sash

As I reflect on my first year of Wing Chun, I’d like to start out by giving a sincere “thank you” to all of those who have trained with me, sparred with me, coached me, and inspired me along the way thus far. I would not be where I am today without all of you, and wanted to share my gratitude first and foremost before sharing the rest of my story of how I’ve grown as a martial artist and human being since I joined in March of last year.trial, martial arts trial, martial arts lakeland, lakeland martial arts trial,

My Journey to Wing Chun

lakeland, florida, sifu och wing chun, female wing chun, wing chun woman, wing chun woman punching, punch, Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast, my mom was a professional water skier, and my dad regularly practiced Judo, a Japanese martial art. I watched him work persistently to get his black belt, while also coaching young students who admired him. He taught me how to kick and punch the heavy bag in our backyard when I was 2 years old, so I always had an interest in pursuing martial arts, but I did so many other competitive sports as a teenager instead. I was a born and bred athlete, and martial arts was in my blood. It was only a matter of time before I would find a passion for the sport because my dad lit the flame that burns within me today.

I did alot of research… not all instructors or styles are equal

female wing chun fighter, wing chun fighter, woman fighter, wing chun fighter, woman, femaleFinally, after doing much research over the years on different styles of martial arts and weapons training that always intrigued me, I narrowed down my top 3 choices with Wing Chun being the first. I thought it was going to be a struggle to find a decent school in an area that wasn’t known for being one of the most urban cities in the state, but lo and behold, my Google search brought up a few Wing Chun studios in Lakeland, so I dug a little deeper to find the best one.

wing chun woman, wing chun female, female wing chun, woman wing chun, woman fighter, wing chun fighterI was looking for a place that would feel like home with close friends that would become like family. I was looking for a place that was professional, would provide me with the best training, the best instruction, and that specializes in what they do. It was clear from the online presence of Sifu Och Wing Chun that I was already going in the right direction, so I called for some more information and before I knew it, I was scheduled to try it out. The best part? My dad was coming with me! We were excited, and the classes didn’t disappoint. The effectiveness and real-world application that they teach is unlike anything else. That’s why I chose Wing Chun. With enough proper training and dedication, I knew that a twiggy, little girl like me would be able to learn to take down a bigger, stronger opponent quickly and completely. I’m not at that point yet, but I’m more prepared for an attack on the street today than I was a year ago. And each day that I train, I’m that much more prepared to defend myself if necessary. trial, martial arts trial, martial arts lakeland, lakeland martial arts trial,

Dangerously effective self defense

my first year of wing chun, first year, wing chun, kung fu, lakeland, florida, sifu och wing chun,

I didn’t choose Wing Chun because it’s easy. It’s not. I didn’t choose Wing Chun because it looks cool. Most of the time, it doesn’t. To an untrained eye, it happens so fast that the bad guy is on the ground before he knows how he even got there. The reason I chose Wing Chun was not just for good friends and dangerously effective self-defense, but I chose it because I wanted to challenge myself to be disciplined doing something hard that I’ve always wanted to be great at.

It has definitely been challenging, but I’m still doing it and love it!

wing chun woman, sparring, wing chun female, female wing chun, fighterIt’s been a little more than a year since I started, and I realize that learning Wing Chun has been so much more for me than learning how to defend and discipline myself; it has been more for me than learning the techniques and how to apply them. I face and overcome challenges every day that make me a better martial artist and a better person, and it’s the biggest challenges that I’ve learned the most from. They’re the ones that I wasn’t expecting to have, and also the ones that are a true test of character. I have learned to fall in love with the process of doing a technique thousands of times to eventually see it come as a reaction in a sparring session; I have learned (and am still learning) patience with my own training and patience with the training of other students; and I have learned the importance of, not only surrounding myself with people that support and uplift me, but proactively supporting and uplifting everyone else as well.

face challenges every day

lakeland fl, lakeland fl wing chun studio, lakeland wing chun studio, lakeland wing chun, I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be, so… I decided when I first started, that my Wing Chun Kung Fu journey does not have a destination. I learn, grow, change and become better at facing these challenges every day because that’s the journey I chose to take when I walked through the doors of Sifu Och Wing Chun. It’s been a year, and so far, this journey is just beginning. I don’t know where else it will take me or who will join me along the way, but I’m excited to keep learning, keep growing, and keep training!

Hope to see you in class, I look forward to being your training partner!

Lyneé O. trial, martial arts trial, martial arts lakeland, lakeland martial arts trial,

Kickboxing classes Lakeland Fl & Group Fitness

Kickboxing classes Lakeland Fl

kickboxing classes in lakeland fl, kickboxing near me, kickboxing near me lakeland fl, lakeland, fl, kickboxing, women, group fitness, kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for womenOur Kickboxing classes Lakeland Fl will literally kick butt, burn calories and bring you goals you didn’t know you had.  Each class is different, and engaging.  Teaching you great techniques and combinations.  Building your body through group fitness and fun kickboxing classes Lakeland FL.  You will see improvements in your first few classes.  Though the real goals start to hit you as each month passes by.  You’ll get stronger and most of all you we love the way you start to feel the more you come!

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kickboxing classes in lakeland fl, kickboxing near me, kickboxing near me lakeland fl, lakeland, fl, kickboxing, women, group fitness, kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for womenWe believe that our Kickboxing classes Lakeland Fl are the Most Fun, Effective workout you’ll experience.  It’s time you reached your fitness goals.  We make fitness fun.  It’s time you burn those calories and get in shape in Fun classes will have you coming back for more Not one of our classes is the same.

With great music and challenging Kickboxing combinations and exercises. Warming up and working out your core to your cardio is good for the heart, mind and body.


kickboxing classes in lakeland fl, kickboxing near me, kickboxing near me lakeland fl, lakeland, fl, kickboxing, women, group fitness, kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for womenYes, fitness can be Fun!  We aim to make every class exciting and make you sore.  Our classes are all about great techniques and making new friends.

We are here to get Lakeland in shape!  Our Studio is lean, clean, and ready to make you into a fighting calorie burning machine.  It doesn’t hurt that we have amazing instructors and all the equipment you will need to make each class exciting.

Burn Calories in group fitness classes all while learning amazing Kickboxing in Downtown Lakeland

  • kickboxing classes in lakeland fl, kickboxing near me, kickboxing near me lakeland fl, lakeland, fl, kickboxing, women, group fitness, kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for womenBurn Calories & have Fun!
  • Shed the excess weight and fat
  • Tone Muscles & build strength
  • Get the results your after!
  • Great classes for all ages!
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Want the Best Kickboxing Classes Lakeland FL

kickboxing classes in lakeland fl, kickboxing near me, kickboxing near me lakeland fl, lakeland, fl, kickboxing, women, group fitness, kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for menWe honestly feel you won’t find a better Kickboxing class in all of Lakeland. To prove it we provide you a 5 class for $25 Trial. So you can feel great, burn fat, all while getting a full body workout.

Each of our instructors are fully trained and bring a different aspect to each of their classes.  These instructor lead courses include exercises and combinations that will keep you moving and learning. Your Fitness goals don’t have to be torture. They can be fun and entertaining. All while keeping you on your toes and laughing with new friends.

Get all of your fitness goals met in a fun and great training environment. Put our 11 years of Experience training Lakelander’s to your advantage.

Visit our Kickboxing in Lakeland FL page for more details and a video!

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Family & Military Discounts available, call for details!
(get a free pair of professional quality boxing gloves with paid enrollment)
Sifu Och Wing Chun
Call us: 863.800.0171
116 East Pine Street, Lakeland, FL 33801 (Downtown Lakeland)


lose weight fast & healthy – OX DIET

lose weight fast & healthy – OX DIET

We at Sifu Och Wing Chun created the OX Diet which is basically eating clean and lean all day.  Lose weight fast and healthy with this premise… you fuel your body by consuming good leans meats, good fats, and vegetables for fiber, vitamins and carbs.  By only taking in these things your body can lose weight and help you keep it off.

WARNING – THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  DON’T USE IT. I am not a medical doctor, this is based on opinion only.  Seek out your personal western doctors opinion first.  Before listening or doing anything in this article. 

Now with that WARNING out of the way let us continue.

  • For some people calorie restriction really works and it gives you a healthy way to get in your cheat foods and lose some weight.  Though Fad diets have you bouncing with weight on and off by throwing your body into loops.
  • If you like your sugars and breads and don’t have much will power to deny them, then go calorie restrictive, you will still be able to lose weight but you may gain it back too, you also might not have the best potential for ramping up your metabolism.  Though you will get to eat cake more often, so tough choices.
  • Active and Athletic individuals of ANY AGE who want to ramp up their metabolism and keep a clean and lean body, eat clean and well 5-6 times a day and make working out a priority to their health and happiness.  By feeding the body good food consistently, you show it isn’t going to starve so instead of storing fat, it burns fat and builds muscle. If you won’t give yourself the time to lose weight, workout, make your food, and yourself a priority then go the calorie restrictive diet and don’t stay on this page. 

Which diet is best for you? If you have good will power, continue reading.

If you starve your body then your body may lower your metabolism and stores fat to keep you alive.  If you want the fat gone you need to train your body to know you won’t starve it.   Instead you are going to feed it the right food and fuel so it knows it won’t starve and can start getting rid of that excess stored energy and fat around your body.


So you have decided to eat clean, often, and healthy throughout the day eating only meat and vegetables to start lose weight fast. 

Take a weekend to go out and buy meats and vegetables you will enjoy.  Get a bunch of seasonings that you can place on your meat and vegetables before cooking.  Some people like less salt in their seasonings, honestly for this as long as it is flavored without sugar, carbs, or dairy your doing well.

Now I usually bake some and grill the rest, but the choice is up to you.  Buy enough food for the month, then go home and spend the day cooking with friends or family.  After all you meat and vegetables have been grilled, baked, boiled its time to cut them up.  Once cut up in to bite size pieces, mix them together and place them into zip lock bags, stack them and freeze them.

This is your fuel for the month, you will eat when ever hungry and will not starve yourself.  Instead you are training your body to know it can boost its metabolism and not worry about going into starvation mode.

STEP 2 – Hunger and Water

Eat when your hungry and drink plenty of water.  Don’t starve yourself, you should eat when your hungry. Since your eating the right foods and healthy foods your going to do just fine.  You have meal prepped and the food is ready to go so eat it when your hungry.  Make sure you drink plenty of tea and water throughout the day.

“Eating poorly is a habit, so is eating healthy.”

Lose weight fast and healthy by eating grilled, boiled, or baked vegetables and lean meats every day.  If your already fit add in non-processed carbs like brown rice, oats, and earth made carbs.  If your not fit and looking to lose weight then only vegetables and lean meats for you.   You must cut out all sugars, carbs that don’t come from your vegetables, bread and milk products.

What do I drink? 
Without sugar or artificial sweeteners you can drink tea, BCAA flavored drinks, water, and coffee.  If you must flavor your drinks use natural sweeteners like stevia.


You can take a body and colon cleanse at any time in the beginning of the diet or when you hit a plateau.  When cleaning out your body I prefer something that is gentle, doesn’t contain senna, and also rids the body of parasites and micro-organisms.   After this its a good time to take some probiotics and revitalize your immune system.


Weigh yourself once a week and keep it up.  To lose weight fast & healthy on the OX DIET you have to have a strong will and stay away from temptation.  When you start seeing those results don’t celebrate yet.  Keep it up and push through till you get everything you wanted in your weight and body needs.


Cardio is great but you need to lift weights as well.  So as you lose weight, lift weight.  Find a martial art class, or kickboxing, find a gym where you will keep pushing each week to reach your goals.


You don’t eat for 16 hours and then eat all your food in a 8 hour window.   Intermittent fast means you eat all your food and calories for the day in a 8 hour period and then only drink tea, coffee, and water for the rest of the day.   You can pick what ever 8 hours during the day is good for you.  Though remember once your time starts you can’t break up that 8 hours.  Its 8 hours straight of time to eat your healthy meats and veggies and then only tea, coffee, and water.


So you lose weight fast but what happens when you get to your goal weight?  At that point you should be adding in more carbs from oats, brown rice, fruit, and earth made carbohydrates.  Giving yourself a cheat day once a week is also a great Idea.  This helps to throw your body off and gives you a break to eat foods that give your life pleasure and you work off later!


Vegetables have a bunch of sugar and carbohydrates already in them, check out this link  Which means your food should contain all you need.

Vegetables also have tons of vitamins in them check out this link

So don’t fret about not taking in those sugary drinks, candies, cakes, fruits, chips, and dairy products your going to do great.  So remember no sugar, no dairy, no carbs that don’t come from vegetables and no bread.

So if your worried you won’t get in enough sugar, carbs, or vitamins on the diet you are going to do just fine.

NO YOU can’t HAVE IT on the – OX DIET

If you haven’t reached your goal weight, you can’t have the below at all.

  • no sugar at all (not even fruit in until your goal weight is reached.)
  • no carbs at all (unless from vegetables until your goal weight loss is reached.)
  • no dairy at all
  • no bread at all

If you want to lose weight fast, First you will lose weight fast if you stop taking in sugar (yes even from fruit), carbs from non-vegetable sources, bread and calorie drink products.

So why do diets restrict your calorie intact, make you feel like your starving while body builders eat 6-9 times a day and look like Demi-gods?  Calories are the fuel or gas of your body, so if your wanting to have your metabolism run at full tilt you need fuel.  Though there is a huge difference in what kind of fuel.

My Diet is hard, you can lose weight fast but it will test your will power and you will want to cheat.  Those who don’t cheat get the prize of great weight loss and a healthier body, those who do cheat (yes, even a little now and again) before they get their goal weight will not attain everything they are after.

If you want a rocky up and down fad diet this isn’t for you.  If you would rather do something easier that won’t test your will power pick another diet and come back when your really ready.

WARNING – I am not a doctor.  consult your doctor before doing this diet.  THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This diet is not forever, you will lose weight and then train yourself to eat in moderation.  Eating without heavy amounts of carbs, sugar, and dairy in your life. 

Black Belt Kids – Youngest Black Belt EVER!

Black Belt Kids should children receive Black Belts?

black belt kids, kids black belt, kids, black belt, martial arts, karate, kung fu, wing chunWe don’t believe in Black Belt kids, but we do believe in building the Black Belt Kid mentality.  We feel much like college and advanced learning a Black Belt is meant for a matured mind and body in the martial arts.

But despite our opinions Black Belt kids happen more and more every year.  Some call them McDojo’s, giving kids (some under 14 years old) black belt level within a short period of time, all to get them to stay and parents to keep paying.  Of course parents and children are led to believe that the martial art instructor and staff are uplifting their child a through earned achievement.

So where do you stand?  Should your child become a Black Belt Kid?  Or is your child already a Black Belt Kid?

With after school programs having children start as young as 5 and within a few years achieving a Black Belt something that use to be reserved for elite adults. Training over years and proving everything they had to learn against grow men. With more and more schools opening up and ranking children faster to keep them and the parents happy, where does it end.

Ranking is not about color, but capability

martial art, kids, kids black belt, black belt kids, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, ranking for our school is hard to achieve, must be earned and is not about color. We believe ranking should be about skill and attitude built & achieved.  It’s always nice to get a new belt, a symbol of achievement. Many years ago BLACK BELT was a Title held Like a Masters Degree. Now children are just given black belts. Can they stop an adult attacker? or a Larger Bully? -OR- Did they receive the promise of a Black Belt to keep you paying & them coming?

We talk to parents weekly who tell us that their child can’t protect themselves but the have or are about to achieve their Black Belt. So what is it worth then? What happens when that symbol is given out easily, it cheapen’s it.

PARENTS & CHILDREN Not realizing that the reason a Black Belt is revered is because of the skill, attitude, focus and determination it took to achieve. WE BELIEVE A BLACK BELT SHOULD BE A SYMBOL OF A LIFE CHANGE & ACCOMPLISHMENT. NOT A CHILD’S TOY TO WANT, AND YOU TO BUY YOUR WAY THROUGH.

Belt Colors & different Schools

We at SIFU OCH WING CHUN believe that lasting skill is taught daily, not because of a black belt promise. But the life skills taught and honed by teachers who give their all. Parents who don’t let their kids quit and students who do their best everyday.  If your child wanted to quit Elementary School would you let them? Some kids want to quit whats hard, what they aren’t immediately good at.  Will you let your child quit before they have truly achieved?

Our program here at Sifu Och Wing Chun doesn’t believes in having a child earn a black belt.  We provide a clear way for children to make their way through our young children’s class and move smoothly into our teen and adult classes. A Black Belt or in our case since we train Wing Chun Kung Fu, a Black Sash is something that must not be taken lightly.


black belt kids, black belt, kids, ranking, martial arts, karate, kung fuWe don’t believe in Black Belt Kids, we don’t believe in handing out ranks.

We believe a Black Belt like a going to college, it needs a mature mind and body to achieve.  

Instead of focusing on the belt rank, we focus on the life skills they are achieving and who they are becoming as an individual.  Will they make good choices or bad choices in life?  Will you hope they do or train them to do so?  We believe these LIFE SKILLS are more important then the focus on a BLACK BELT.  For us a BLACK BELT is a level of physical, mental, and emotional skill that as an adult we are mature enough to handle and gain the most from.

A child may be in the excelled learning program but it doesn’t mean they have the same understanding you do about the World now.  A child’s mind and body, their experience in the World and what they could achieve is what we aim to develop.  Uplifting them every step of the way.  We believe you earn what you train and what you prove you know.  Sifu Och Wing Chun builds a childs self esteem, skill, and personal determination.  All of this can uplift a child without giving them the false understanding of black belt ranking.

Belt Rank signifies Growth and Understanding of Skill

In our classes belt ranking signifies what you understand and what we can now give you to build on what you have already trained and shown you understand.  You may not have Mastered it yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you time and training to do so while teaching you more!

Black Belt Kids is a child seeking a new goal, not understanding its significance?  If a child’s only goal in sit is getting that Black Belt then what is it worth if you get it easily? Our program builds a child up, their self defense skills, focus, and learning how to achieve in life. So they can transition through each phase in life, growing with our program in to the older kids classes, teen and adult programs.

Your Opinion on Black Belt Kids Ranking

If your reading this tell us how you motivate your children in your program.  How do you rank a child who is 5 years old looking to achieve and keep them going until they are an adult?    

How do you get them to focus on more than just a belt?  

When do you believe its a good time to rank a person to Black Belt and why?

Do you have kids that are Black Belts, tell us if your opinion differs and why?

Train with us. Achieve with us. Win with us.

Master Sifu Justin Och
SE USA World Ving Tsun Athletic Association Regional Director
5th Degree Wing Chun Black & Gold Sash
116 east pine st, lakeland florida 33801
Facebook – Http://
Website –


Growth in Wing Chun Kung Fu

Growth in Wing Chun

Where to Begin? Growth in Wing Chun.  Growth in Wing Chun lakeland FlWhere does one begin divulging the effervescent determination surrounding my growth in Wing Chun under the Sifu Och lineage. As well as the growth in myself. Ultimately the scrupulous truth would be in my young age of six when I as many martial artist has divulged found my passion for martial arts watching Enter the Dragon featuring Bruce Lee.

It was my favorite movie to re-watch and practice the moves of in my mom’s living room. From that moment on I knew I wanted to learn more about Bruce lee but also learn more about martial arts. Growing up we didn’t have much extra money so my passion laid with tutorial videos, school wrestling team, and books explaining how to train and learn new moves or techniques.

Ip Man was released in the united states

Growth in Wing Chun Kung Fu lakeland FlFast forward to the important part, the year 2009 when the film Ip Man was released in the united states red box system, I was helping my grandpa move when he out of kindness decided to rent a movie for me and my brother. He casually strolls in and I will never forget what he said “you Know you guys have worked real hard and I wanted to show a small gesture of appreciation, I know you both love martial arts so I saw a film on Bruce lee’s master in red box and thought it would be interesting for you to check out.”

Little did I know that night after years of watching, reading, and jumping styles when able I would find my passion and my growth in Wing Chun. I watched the film and fell in love with the pure flow of combinations, relentless ferocity in each hit and it wasn’t flashy but it was unprecedentedly fast and effective. I begin with this prelude only to set the proper background for why I study as hard as I do and why I have such an appreciation for every moment I spend learning something in Sifu Och Wing chun.

Years of Martial Arts Fanaticism

Growth in Wing Chun Kung Fu lakeland FlIn my years of martial arts fanaticism and study I have trained in my styles of course seeing as I have landed in Sifu Och Wing Chun never were for very long. The complete breakdown would be six months of high school wrestling, a month of Muay Thai, a month of Goju-Ru karate, and Six months of Sport Judo.

These many styles that I bounced around in were necessary, they allowed me to gain a proper understanding of what most martial arts schools were about.  The schools primarily focused on the money, they would show you a couple moves leave you on your own and then after a bit would ask if you want to join up.

This was an industry standard I did not like, so I often parted ways, if I wasn’t sure I maybe stuck around for a bit to maybe see if I was judging to quickly or harshly. I feel that my jumping styles did in fact help me grow as a martial artist however the training only took me so far and let’s be honest it wasn’t very far at all. I still had nervousness in fighting situations or even in confrontational situations. My Growth in Wing Chun has only begun.

Sifu Och Wing Chun has been a Blessing

Growth in Wing Chun Kung Fu lakeland FloridaSifu Och Wing Chun has and will always be a blessing to me, it’s not simply a school to learn how to defend yourself, for me it’s so much more. To elaborate in greater detail and analysis it’s a family that helps me when im struggling, it’s a support group to help me further grow as a martial artist however the training only took me so far and let’s be honest it wasn’t very far at all. I still had nervousness in fighting situations or even in confrontational situations.

Not Simply a school to learn how to defend

Sifu Och Wing Chun has and will always be a blessing to me.  Its not simply a school to learn how to defend yourself, for me it’s so much more. To elaborate in greater detail and analysis it’s a family that helps me when I’m struggling.  It’s a support group to help me further my physical and mental goals. It’s also the one place in the world where I feel myself separate from my troubles. First note I am going to touch on is the benefits of the training I receive from Tampa wing chun and Lakeland wing chun with my martial arts growth.

Nervous when entering a physical confrontation

Growth in Wing Chun Kung Fu lakeland FloridaWhen I began a little over a year ago I was nervous when entering a physical confrontation however from the moment I joined (Like literally Day One) I was put into wrist vs wrist. This automatic exposure with the accommodations of the further advanced students I could not only overcome the fear but also conquer it.

Now I love sparring

Now I love sparring and wrist vs wrist and when situations outside in my daily life seem to be escalading I don’t worry, I am able to keep a level head. This allows for proper understanding of my surroundings and better problem solving analysis. Sifu Och wing chun also gives realistic defense training, where in other schools I have found what felt like rigid motions that are supposed to at some point just become natural, sifu och wing chun has offered close quartered and naturally fast movements that take your body no time to understand and implement.

It may take years to perfect or tweak to get it in the state you most desire but in the beginning, you already see significant differences. Second I also found a school that talks to each other, where older more intimidating students walk up to the newbies and say hello, give praise while also offering helpful criticism instead of sink or swim.

My Growth in Wing Chun is a place place where I feel at home.  You are not judged and where only growth is possible, growth of the self, growth of the heart, and growth of body and mind. Nowhere I have crossed paths with has ever come within striking range of what is offered. All of what I wrote hopefully explains why I love what I do at Sifu Och Wing Chun.  Why I drive 2 and a half hours for private lessons, tests, classes, and get together.  The dream of one day offering a place of sifu och wing chun, where I end up when I become Sifu.

Written by Jacob Cramer


For information on classes contact us at
call us now at 863.800.0171
116 east pine street, lakeland florida 33801
With classes 6 days a week for Adults, teens and kids ages 3 and up.

The Infinite Wing Chun Difference

wing chun difference

The wing chun difference for me started at Sifu Och Wing Chun about a year and a half ago and couldn’t be happier that I did. Prior to Wing Chun, I had practiced Karate for ten years and had already fallen madly in love with the martial arts. The Karate that I do incorporates a mixture of Tung Su do, Aikido, and Jujitsu and is infinitely different than Wing Chun. But when I moved to Lakeland for school, I knew that I had to find somewhere new to practice. As a broke college student, I also knew that I couldn’t really afford to train, but I really couldn’t afford not to. After doing a trial month at Sifu Och Wing Chun, I decided that I had to make it work.

First Weeks of Training wing chun difference

wing chun difference lakeland floridaThe first two weeks of training I was extremely cautious and suspicious of everything that Sifu taught. It was so different from everything I knew, that at first it felt like it couldn’t possibly be right.

But over those two weeks I grew to trust Sifu and appreciate Wing Chun as a martial art. Now whenever I feel like something isn’t right, it’s usually because I’m doing it wrong. Wing Chun is so different than Karate that it took a lot of getting used to. I constantly wanted to use my legs and felt trapped in all the hands only combat that they focus on in beginner Wing Chun.

Though I was reluctant to rely heavily on them, hand work was something that I desperately needed to improve. Another major difference that messed with my head was how Wing Chun fights squared up instead of sideways. I had to constantly force my back shoulder into a square position effectively distracting me – but I quickly learned to love having both hands up and in front of me.

Karate girl Learning to Love Wing Chun

infinite wing chun difference lakeland floridaLearning to love Wing Chun was a struggle at first. Because some of the techniques were contrary to my first love of Karate, it felt a little bit like betrayal. I had been training Karate for ten years! For the past five years, I had been teaching and instructing the art that I love. Now suddenly I was at the bottom of the food chain, knowing absolutely nothing about Wing Chun – it was a hard transition to say the least, but one well worth making. I was soon able to respect and appreciate each art for their differences, and have started down the road of incorporating them both.

First couple of months in Training

Learning Wing Chun in and of itself is hard. For the first couple of months I was very confused in my training.  Trying to keep up with all the Chinese terminology and different techniques. It took about 2-3 months for my confusion to subside and for me to feel comfortable, performing all the moves that I’d learned.

Too many give up to quickly

Unfortunately, a lot of people give up in those first few months feeling like they won’t ever get it. Every single person that I got my first sash with has left as well, and it is so sad! What I have learned from Wing Chun has been exponentially beneficial to almost every aspect of my life. karate vs wing chun difference kung fu lakeland flMy overall health and fitness has improved including strength and endurance. My mental health improved as well, relieving the stresses of daily life in class every night. This year I started a very emotionally draining internship dealing with girls that have been sex trafficked.  Wing Chun allowed me to refrain from going insane and relieve my frustration.

I would recommend Sifu Och Wing Chun to anyone that wants to be able to protect themselves.  If you want to better their health, and make friends – and who doesn’t want that?  You should be down here training.

Written by Sarah L. (recently passed her year and a half mark!)


For information on classes contact us at
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With classes 6 days a week for Adults, teens and kids ages 3 and up.

My Lakeland Wing Chun Journey

My lakeland wing chun journey

This is my lakeland wing chun journey. Training in this art and the experience here has changed my life in ways I never thought that it would. Wing Chun is the first martial art that I have ever trained in.  I used to practice boxing at the local Gold’s Gym in Sebring.  Though Wing Chun is completely different than anything I have ever trained in before.

At first I was quite hesitant to drive 70 miles just to train in a martial art.  Especially when there was plenty of choices such as Hapkido, Karate, MMA, and etc., very close to where I live.

What I discovered from going here is that Sifu Och Wing Chun was the real deal with the techniques and training second to none.

My First Class with Sifu Och Wing Chun

Little did I know that after my first class at Sifu Och Wing Chun, I would be hooked and immediately begin to fall in love with Wing Chun. my lakeland wing chun journey deep patel floridaNot to mention all of the new friendships I would develop with the truly amazing group of people that also come in to train. Quite a while back, long before I started training at Sifu Och Wing Chun I used to have something of an ego. When it came to fighting and self defense I used to think that I would be good at defending myself without needing to train. Coming in to train at Sifu Och Wing Chun showed me that I was so terribly wrong. Seeing such powerful and highly skilled individuals train with little or no ego at all, was amazing. They didn’t become upset when they were outmatched.  Rather they chose to learn from their mistakes and improve their already high skillset. By spending time around my sihings and sifu, I have also adapted those qualities.

Advance my Self Defense Skills

my lakeland wing chun journey deep patel floridaNot only has my lakeland wing chun journey been to advance my self defense skills but also in many other parts of my life. I recently opened a business and many times I’m outmatched by other businesses.  I have learned to not let that bring me down and that letting go of my ego will allow me to adapt and grow. So that I am not outmatched both in the business aspect and personal aspect of my life. Humility takes a person much farther in life than ego ever can. I know that my journey has just begun and its not about the levels, belts or sashes. I also know that I will personally grow more due to this art. The positive influence that my peers and sifu provide uplift me more each day. Another amazing benefit that I have gained after training at Sifu Och Wing Chun is that I do not underestimate anyone anymore.

lakeland wing chun journey through Sifu Och

best wing chun kung fu lakeland fl deep patelAn excellent aspect about Wing Chun that Sifu Och teaches is that its really simple to learn, but it becomes harder when we over complicate it. In a way life works in the same way. It really is simple to live life until we begin to overthink situations. Which causes unnecessary stress and worrying about something that might not even happen and that sets us back. It makes life complicated and harder to live. Through my time with Sifu Och I have learned that all aspects of life should be lived by the “Keep it simple, stupid” (KISS) principle. Sifu Och has the combined knowledge and training of 4 different lineages of Wing Chun. Making it a more realistic and hybridized style of Wing Chun taught by Sifu Och himself. This is probably the most realistic form of self defense that I have ever seen in my whole life.

lakeland wing chun journey is Not Over Complicated

deep patel wing chun lakeland journey floridaYou might get tired in class and you will definitely get in shape if you come consistently and push hard. What I love about Sifu Och Wing Chun is that the martial art is not overly complicated. It doesn’t have dozens of forms to remember for each possible situation. As a matter of fact there are only three main forms in the art. Even after training for many years a student can just master one of those forms. They can incorporate it properly into their self defense skills.  Yet still be much better off then someone who is taught tons of forms but can only use a few techniques from them. Even though I have strayed from my lakeland wing chun journey path once before I will try my hardest to make sure that I stay true to myself.  I will continue to train Wing Chun, no matter how hard life gets.

Maybe like me you need someone to convince you. Maybe you just watched the Ip Man movies but let me tell you Sifu Och Wing Chun is worth checking out.  They are a family of friends and good times training realistic Wing Chun Kung Fu.  It might save your life or just get you in shape.  My lakeland wing chun journey continues, but the benefits are just waiting for you.  I don’t know why your still reading, we should be in class training.

I have recently accomplished my Orange Sash and wanted to share my thoughts and my Lakeland Wing Chun Journey with you.

Written by Deep Patel


For information on classes contact us at
call us now at 863.800.0171
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With classes 6 days a week for Adults, teens and kids ages 3 and up.


Tampa Bay Asia Fest FIGHT – Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu

Tampa Bay Asia Fest FIGHT Demo – Sifu Och Wing CHun kung Fu

This years Tampa Bay Asia Fest had a fight present, one that challenged the skills of Sifu Justin Och and his Central Florida schools. Tampa Bay Asia Fest had a lot going on that day.  From the wonderful Asian food vendors that come each year to show case their culinary skills.  To the art work inspired by the cultures of China, Japan, Malaysia and even Thailand were present.  IF YOU LIKE KUNG FU MOVIES, Watch it ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

Most Noteworthy, the ENDING is Completely UN-CHOREOGRAPHED.   The day started out with all of these vendors coming together showcasing their regional cuisine.  Sifu Och Wing Chun kung fu group started practicing early for the event.  They were a special guest demonstration on stage for Tampa Bay Asian Fest.


Tampa bay asia fest sifu och wing chun students entertainmentOnce the speakers were ready, it was the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu group turn to go on stage at the Tampa Bay Asia Fest.  They started with the Wing Chun first form, Sil Lum Tao or Siu Nim Tao.  Then they transitioned into first year students demonstrating their sparring and reaction ability.  Then moved onto intermediate level students, ones that have only been in between 3-5 years.  In addition they moved onto one of our youngest brown sash instructors Neckodemos Davidson. Davidson fought and sparred in the Wing Chun Kung Fu Demonstration against multiple attackers.

Furthermore our Chief Instructor Sifu Justin Och of Lakeland, Florida headquarters and Senior instructor Garret Brumfield perform.  They started with the Grandmaster Ip Man long pole form.  Long pole is also called luk dim boon kwan or dragon pole.  Tampa Bay Asia Fest Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu entertainmentImmediately after this they started fighting in Chi Sau reaction sparring.  This was without any choreography.   It was evident nothing was staged with these two as they demonstrated their free style reaction sparring, within Chi Sau, for the crowd.  Crowed were amazed as the action was packed all the way through.  At the end of this demonstration the Sifu Och Wing Chun central florida group left the stage only to be asked by staff if they could do more.

Tampa Bay Asia Fest Performance

Prior to the Dragon dance performance starting the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu group, both the Tampa Bay Florida branch and the Lakeland Florida branch practiced along side the Hillsborough River.  As spectators rolled in they spar and fight one another to build up their energy and the enthusiasm Tampa bay asia fest sifu och wing chun studentsof the crowds walking inside of Tampa Bay Asia Fest.  Instructor Garret Brumfield and Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och both train Dragon Pole (luk dim boon kwan) and Chi Sau sparring while onlookers wait and watch in anticipation.

Also the rest of the Sifu Och Central Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu group spar and fight to build reaction before the big demonstration takes place. Most of all, the group loves to train so any excuse to do so is a good one for Sifu Och Wing Chun students.

Asia Fest Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration

Though once the skills from another Shaolin Kung Fu group called Mt. Song started, the tampa bay asia fest kung fu entertainment wing chun floridaSifu Och Wing Chun kung fu group stopped and ran over to watch in support.  The Mt. Song Shaolin kung fu group put on an amazing lion dance and Kung Fu weapon demonstration.  This demonstration was most noteworthy by the graceful and fluid movements of their students.  Not withholding the final demonstration which consequently left the audience stunned.  One of the students bared his body to the breaking of wooden sticks.  With one last strike to his inner thigh while he was upside down (making it appear as though his groin would get the blunt of the blow)  his thigh took the break instead.

Most noteworthy, the Dragon dance that was placed on that day was especially fun as they travelled the length of the event gathering all those around for the festivities about to begin.  The style of the dragon dance reminds you of the Great Wall of China as the dragon spins and curves to follow the golden ball. Chinese drums engulfed the air as they are beaten in the background.Tampa Bay Asia Fest Fight Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Florida

There was also J-pop dance performances, Asian fan dancing and even a short unspoken Asian cultural play that had many characters that expressed interpretive thought, feeling and ideas through method acting.

Representing Southern Shaolin Kung Fu system; Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu team

Representing the Southern Shaolin style of Kung Fu for Tampa Bay Asia Fest, enters the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Team. They were approached by the Tampa Bay Asian fest judges to return representing Wing Chun Kung Fu for the next Tampa Bay Asian Fest festivals. Tampa Bay Asia Fest Fight Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu FloridaTheir engaging performances, following years demonstrations, of this Southern Shaolin Kung Fu style have earned them the title.  We we’re honored to demonstrate at the Tampa Bay Asian Fest.  This great event will showcase authentic southern shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Broadening audiences horizons on the benefits and practicality of the ancient art of kung fu. With the Mt. Song Shaolin Kung Fu and the Sifu Och Wing Chun they will provide guests with great Kung Fu entertainment. The up coming years at Tampa Bay Asia Fest will have some of the best kung fu entertainment and food around!  Don’t miss Tampa Bay Asia Fest next year, you will regret it if you do.

Train with us. Achieve with us. Win with us. Sifu Och Wing Chun.

HEADQUARTERS – Lakeland Florida –  Sifu Justin Och

SE USA World Ving Tsun Athletic Association Regional Director
ONLY Florida School tested and certified under 4x Different Ip Man lineages
Trainer of Full Contact Sanda Champion using the Wing Chun system
5th Degree Wing Chun Black & Gold Sash

116 east pine street, lakeland FL 33801

email – wingchunflorida @ gmail . com

Tampa Bay Instructor – Garret Brumfield

(813) 922-8261
3 Time Sanda Full Contact Gold Metalist
9 years of Boxing a.k.a “Smoker”
10 years of Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Och Wing Chun
Red Sash Advanced Wing Chun Instructor

10405 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

Worst Case Scenario Self Defense

Worst Case Scenario Self Defense

In a worst case scenario the best and most useful tools at your discretion are violent aggression, self confidence in your ability, and the will to do whatever is necessary to survive.  These are weapons that can only be disarmed by you and are carried with you everywhere you go at all times.

worst case scenario self defense lakeland florida sifu och wing chun kung fuCommon self defense is not that common.”  Pressure testing techniques with other students to increase your endurance and ability under difficult situations is also key.

There is no such thing as a secret combat technique only those that have been practice to be both simple and effectively devastating, this is coupled with the will and determination to survive at all costs.  Making use of soft targets in Wing Chun close range combat is also an effective pressure tested way to deal with an assailant.

We can agree many martial arts instructors talk about worst case scenario self defense, situational awareness, fighting fitness and how to be good at sparring. Though that is not a worst case scenario for self defense, in our experience 98% of martial arts studio’s teach for a friendly environment that caters to uplifting a family fun atmosphere, most people want to feel confident but not go through hard and real ways to cause massive damage to another person.  When it comes to training special forces and military personnel they taught how to deal real damage to enemy combatants.

“the Sifu Och Wing Chun studio, this article and its writer do not advocate violence, this piece is for information only.”

Unrealistic Self Defense for a worst case scenario

worst case scenario self defense lakeland florida sifu och wing chun kung fuWhen its life or death the decisions and training you make matter.  In my experience less than 5% of people train worst case scenario self defense with the dedication and intention on personal survival. Most people think about weight loss, fitness, having fun in the martial arts over practical realistic training. Some people love the competitive sparring but even more people attempt to ignore that there is danger and choose not to think about it and therefore hope it never happens. Even worse when those same people are asked about a bad situation most believe they will miraculously have the skill and ability to stop a real attack which means they couldn’t be more wrong and unprepared for one. Even trained self defense practitioners wouldn’t believe this is possible.

Ordinary individuals can find themselves in danger and if you can’t get away, run, or escape by another fashion then the most efficient reaction could clearly save your life. Circumstances against a citizen on the street may be less extreme than those in war but the threat to your life and future is no less real. Even if you are hospitalized then the loss of money, time, and skill could heavily impact you and your future.  Proven Training comes down to the instruction and your diligence in pushing yourself even Wing Chun Self Defense has to be used in tested to be effective, many schools may do drills but real information may escape them.

Ordinary people might have to stop a drunk with a weapon or a mugging especially if you can’t escape. or prevent the event from progressing. Situational awareness is another weapon in your arsenal to give you a pre-awareness of what may be around you.

Is your Training realistic for a worst case scenario

worst case scenario self defense lakeland florida sifu och wing chun kung fuYou must train for all ranges of possibilities to deal with low and high level threats. This is just one difference in the reality of worst case scenario self defense training under a instructor.  Most of these questions expect you to be truly honest with yourself and what kind of instruction your receiving. There is a huge difference between Martial Arts and Realistic survival of a worst case scenario self defense.

Finding a real school to train in can be hard, ask yourself these questions.
1.) Are you training alot of hand forms, fancy applications, or touch sparring?
2.) Can you stop someone from aggressively attacking you?
3.) Is your instructor training you in truly realistic techniques?

Many people have a hard time being objective with their martial arts training as they get attached to the “idea” of their studio or school and the people there. But remember why you started and what your trying to achieve.

“the Sifu Och Wing Chun studio, this article and its writer do not advocate violence, this piece is for information only.”

Sifu Justin Och
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Regional Director for World Ving Tsun Association in charge of entire Southeastern USA
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Serious Unarmed Combat thru real Wing Chun Kung Fu

Serious Unarmed Combat thru real Wing Chun Kung Fu

serious unarmed combat wing chun kung fu lakeland floridaMilitary and Special Forces train in Close Quarter Combat to quickly take down enemies. Private citizens can learn it as well. To learn such a skill a person must undergo rigorous training. Training that involves using sudden, overwhelming, and relentless application of violence to give enemy no real chance to respond.

Serious self defense Unarmed Combat techniques are practical for everyone in everyday situations. From military personnel to the average citizen. Sifu Och Wing Chun Unarmed Combat trains the non-expert in how to deal with unforeseen assaults in the home, street , parking lot or on a night out on the town.

Through repetition and clear training methods we go over precise applications on how to deal with sudden confrontations and escalating attacks. Our classes will help prepare you on how to win a fight quickly whether the attacker is armed or unarmed.

Though premeditated attacks are hard to de-escalate without fighting we will go over ways for you to win, fight or run when the situation calls for it.

Unarmed Combat in Lakeland

serious unarmed combat wing chun kung fu lakeland floridaOverall, our school focuses on teaching real Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu striking methods, controlling positions, locks, throws, grabs and deflections.

From defending against edged weapons, firearms and ground fighting we go over one and multiple armed and Unarmed Combat assailants, fighting against strangles, chokes and improvised weapons.

Your going to need more than three moves for Self Defense.  The tactics of fierce unarmed combat are used by special forces.  These tactics emphasize simple, quick and devastating response to any and all threats that represent themselves to the practitioner.

Through intensive and consistent training you can be enabled with the skills needed to deal with opposition effectively and concisely.   Though there will always be circumstances that require more than Unarmed Combat tactics using Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu.  From long distance threats, weapons and close quarter encounters that have come unexpectedly while distracted or otherwise engaged.

Its when things can go wrong and out of plan, such as falling onto the ground with one or multiple well trained assailants around, your going to need ground game tactics.  All martial arts like to talk about size not mattering, but when the size of a opponent also has skill and training that may not always be the case.

Unarmed Combat versus Armed Combat

Carrying other weapons on you can be a risk versus reward situation.  Meaning if your good at using the weapon and have consistently trained with it, then there may be a benefit. However, if your assailant gets a hold of your weapon, you drop it or can’t reach it you could compound your current problems. Lets say you carry a concealed gun and you are attacked it may be too hard to get out in time before you would be seriously injured attempting to do so.  Remember a attacker within 21 feet with a edged weapon can close distance before a trained officer can draw and shoot their weapon, so with that in mind what are your chances as a citizen pulling your weapon, firing with accuracy within that 21 foot range?  Don’t kid yourself its dangerous.

Making sure you train under a instructor that is looking to cut the fat and show you real skill is like finding a golden needle in a barn sized hay stack at times.  If you find one then know that it is worth the travel to get real information and training.  Sifu Och Wing Chun has an internationally trained master instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu Unarmed Combat that can help prepare you for an unsought unprovoked attack in everyday situations.

Sifu Justin Och
11 Countries Traveled
Contact us at 863.800.0171
Regional Director for World Ving Tsun Association in charge of entire Southeastern USA
3x certified and tested as an Ip Man lineage Sifu
116 E. pine st, lakeland FL 33801
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Florida Chinese Lion Dance Performance | Entertainment

Florida Chinese Lion dance Performance | Entertainment

florida chinese lion dance performance entertainment sifu och wing chun kung fuWelcome to and, this is the official site of the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Institute. We specialize in Southern Chinese Kung Fu and are a Asian Lion Dance and Martial Art troupe headquartered in Central Florida, Lakeland Polk County. Our Kung Fu school trains people in realistic protection using Traditional Martial Arts while providing corporations and weddings in Florida Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance performance entertainment. You can book your event with us online, Our team travels all over Florida and will gladly provide you and yours with a variety of exciting, fun and energized performances.

The SIFU OCH Wing Chun Kung Fu Institute is dedicated to preserving Chinese culture, education, Martial Arts effectiveness, and presentation.

Florida Chinese Lion Dance Performance

Places we have performed in the past have ranged from P.F. Changs, Brandenton Museum, Jacksonville Zoo, DLP, Traders Bar and Grill, OM BAR, AA Garden Fusion, PFA, Premier Financial Alliance, Downtown Lakeland Partnership, Lincoln Academy, Many Many Asain Weddings, just to name a few.

 florida chinese lion dance performance entertainment sifu och wing chunOur Florida Chinese Lion Dance performance entertainment group caters to many different events and client needs through a variety of services. Our coaches are professionally trained to make sure each unique performance is done with your goals and vision in mind.  We customize our patterns and performance team to your venue.

Our Traditional Southern Lion Dance group provides a modern adaptation using fun animalistic movements and behaviors with small acrobatic jumps and shoulder lifts.  The SIFU OCH Florida Chinese Lion Dance Performance can be with one of our chinese lions or up to four chinese lion dance costumes with or without a 12 person dragon costume.


Traditional Lion Dance performances uplift the spirit and embody the culture of Chinese New Year.  The Footwork of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts while overcoming puzzles, obstacles and retrieving Bok Choy green leaf cabbage symbolizing good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

The Florida Chinese Lion Dance performance music is provided by a live Drum, gong, symbols providing live music for our clients events.

Book your Lion Dance Performance today!

Sifu Justin Och
11 Countries Traveled
Contact us at 863.800.0171
Regional Director for World Ving Tsun Association in charge of entire Southeastern USA
3x certified and tested as an Ip Man lineage Sifu
116 E. pine st, lakeland FL 33801
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Is There a Difference Between Ip Man Kung Fu and Sifu Och Wing Chun?

Frequently, the question is raised as to whether a difference between Ip Man kung fu and Sifu Och Wing Chun exists. The short answer remains no. There is, however, a difference in Wing Chun Sifu’s and what they know, understand or can apply from Ip Man. My personal goal includes understanding, training, and certification under, these different lineages from Ip Man. I do this to get a greater understanding of the Wing Chun system. It has taken to this point in my life so far, but I am now appointed the position of Southeastern USA Regional Director of the World Ving Tsun Association for the America’s.

Genuine Sifu Lineages in Wing Chun

I’m also certified as a Black Gold Sash Sifu by Masters under Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simin Lau and Moy Yat. All of these great men trained directly with Ip Man. Over the past 4 years I have made efforts to train under Grandmasters and Master’s from the Wong Shun Leung Lineage of Ip Man Wing Chun. This includes Grandmaster David Peterson who has helped me make great strides in this area.

So, no, there’s no appreciable difference between Ip Man kung fu and modern Wing Chun under a well-trained Sifu. For me, it’s about fully understanding Ip Man’s vision. It works with what he left, through all of the eyes and experiences of those he taught most. That is my goal and the goal I have for teaching my Wing Chun students. I want a fuller understanding of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu. I find that I can draw this from each branch that came from this amazing man. This way I can better appreciate and practice his dedication to the art. I hope to reflect his vision and teachings through each student and person that I teach and pass along these skills along to others.

Learning Krav Maga Lakeland FL Style

If you’ve been interested in Krav Maga, then you’re in the right place! Sifu Och Wing Chun is a certified and licenced training facility for realistic self defense, close range combat and Wing Chun Kung Fu. If you are looking into the Krav Maga fighting style, popularized by the Israeli special forces, then you may want to take a look at Wing Chun, which is actually fighting style with similar goals and overarching principles. Sifu Och Wing Chun is located in the Downtown Lakeland area and serves adults, teens and kids within Polk County and surrounding areas. That includes Plant City, Bartow, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Brandon, and even Tampa.

We have a great appreciation for Krav Maga. It’s an effective and forcible martial art and self-defense form that had its origin in Israel. It’s considered a powerful fighting style and, like Wing Chun, the techniques can nullify an attacker by striking the body’s most susceptible parts. Our training incorporates much of the Krav Maga disciplines, but when we apply it Krav Maga Lakeland FL style, it delivers even more devastation. With our training you’ll be able to successfully block and counter attack in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Krav Maga vs. Wing Chun

Krav Maga is comprised heavily of Wing Chun Kung Fu, boxing, jujitsu, and weapon defense. We are elite certified trainers in Wing Chun Kung Fu and have on-staff boxing coaches on-hand. We also incorporate and teach fundamental jiujitsu and weapon training as well. The training sessions also cover situational awareness programs, so that you can identify the probable threats before any assault actually takes place. Keeping with the same foundational principles behind Krav Maga, our Wing Chun training experts blend mixed martial arts techniques that use striking techniques, wrestling, and grappling. This training is indispensable, and it keeps in mind the real-world scenarios you;re likely to encounter in a fight.

The key features of our Wing Chun training include:

  • Techniques to neutralize the attacker at the earliest possible point, time, and position.
  • Techniques to strike the body’s most susceptible parts like eyes, face, throat, ribs, and knees so as to achieve the maximum damage potential.
  • Techniques to simultaneously block and counter attack quickly and efficiently.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Teaches Krav Maga Techniques and More

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Krav Maga are both extremely effective martial arts forms that can be highly effective for self-defense and protection. Their unique fighting and combative skills set them above the norm and produce highly effective results. While many other systems focus on forms, jumping, and fancy moves—Wing Chun Kung Fu and Krav Maga bypass that for real-word self defense techniques.

If you’re interested in Krav Maga, our Wing Chun self defense program will exceed your expectations and incorporate most if not all of the attack and defense elements you’re looking for. Our classes are suitable for both men and women and can be learned by people of all age groups. In addition to unarmed training, it also includes coaching techniques to handle uncertain situations by using nearby objects for self-defense.

As you train more and more in the Sifu Och Wing Chin Kung Fu system, you will feel more and more confident in dealing with adverse and unpredictable situations.

Contact us to start your class today.

Practical Street Fighting Techniques

We’re often asked about whether or not Wing Chun Kung Fu offers practical street fighting techniques. The short answer is a resounding: Yes! I’m not saying this because I have seen Ip Man movies, or The Grandmaster. Rather, our Lakeland Wing Chun training system is practical for street fights because it trains you right from the start to be well versed against various scenarios and attacks you might encounter in a street fight. Most martial artists have respect, so when street fights occur, they are usually involving untrained fighters. Wing Chun provides extremely practical street fighting techniques and dangerous encounters can be avoided or stopped quickly using the skills and training taught in our classes.

Wing Chun trains practical straightforward street fighting techniques for self defense. It trains you to attack and react from day one. It’s not just forms, not just flexible techniques—just straight practical street fighting defense and offense. Wing Chun is extremely practical for street fights and dangerous encounters because it combines attacking and blocking while using power and skills to stop an attacker in any way possible. Some people call it dirty fighting…we call it practical fighting that doesn’t pull punches or attempt to “systematize” your defense into something that will fail you when attacked in the real world. The goal of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to help you survive an encounter and stop your assailant.

Hits to the neck, chest, throat and joints are common, and power comes from the ground, hip and structural momentum generated when you strike muscle and bone. Wing Chun hones these techniques and skills over time until they are second nature—but you begin learning them right away!

You will always train the skills your instructor instills in you. If you only train in “theory” and “movements” of any martial art then that is all you will gain. We believe you must train for the reaction and practical application of ACTION.

Since there are no rules on the streets, our training puts the odds in your favor. Wing Chun Kung Fu trains you to fight without rules—and fight effectively in a street encounter. Training and fighting in a ring with head gear on and boxing gloves can “de-claw” many practitioners by limiting their use of the environment and techniques. For example, Cage Fighting is very close to what happens in the street, but there are still rules. You can’t, for example, pull at the fingers of the arm choking you out…it’s not allowed. You can’t elbow or punch someone in the back of the spine or head. You often see spinning high kicks where a person shows their back…it’s because you’re not allowed to hit there. How about gouging eyes, twisting the nuts of the groin, or just going for small bones to break? None of these are allowed in most fighting systems. On the street you can do these things, and in Wing Chun Kung Fu we’ll make sure we don’t take anything off the table when it comes to disabling an attacker and ending an altercation quickly.

While no single martial art is the silver bullet of self defense, for 35o years Wing Chun has been regarded as a practical street fighting no-nonsense martial art. Even the popular modern day Krav Maga borrows techniques from Wing Chun. Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do took and incorporated  huge parts of Wing Chun in his fighting. Anyone from straight centerline fighters to technical strikers love us and our style.

Every fight is different, but if you’re looking for practical street fighting self defense techniques, then you need to check out Sifu Och’s Lakeland Wing Chun Kung Fu.

If you’re asking whether Wing Chun Kung Fu provides practical street fighting techniques, my answer is an unashamed Yes.  Our students and instructors compete in full contact and continuous sparring events, frequently bringing home gold and silver in their bouts. Our Wing Chun Kung Fu is not only practical—it’s the only system you should consider if your goal is to defend yourself in a street fight.

Ng Mui History and Wing Chun

Most Branchs of Wing Chun Kuen, trace themselves to Master Ng Mui Si Tai, in some form or another. The story relates that, one day, Ng Mui’s practice was interrupted by a snake and a crane which were locked in combat. Ng Mui watched the snake and the crane and came to admire their fighting methods. Observing this, Ng Mui began to incorporate the unique strengths and tactics into her already well-developed martial art skills, creating a remarkable new method that eventually became Wing Chun.

Continuing Ng Mui History via Oral Tradition

At this point, Ng Mui history gets a bit more fuzzy and the oral and written traditions of Yuen Kay Shan and Cho Family picks up the story, telling that Ng Mui journeyed to Guangxi where she met Miu Shin. She accepted Miu as a student, passing on to him her refined boxing methods. Miu Shin than mixed Ng Mui’s Bak Hok Kuen, with the snake boxing methods he already practiced and created the style which would eventually be called Wing Chun, after Yim Yee’s daughter.

Ng Mui renamed her Dragon-Tiger system to Mui Fa Pai. Today, there are many versions of this style, with many names of this concave chest postured (crouched posture) Dragon-Tiger system. The Mui Fa fighting system is nearly identical to sister arts like those of Bak Mei, Lung Ying, Southern Praying Mantis, Bak Fu, and later Yan Kun Moon. These sister system utilize the concept of being very aggressive from the best possible defensive posture (crouched posture). Not all of Ng Mui’s teachings were centered on offensive abilities. Some of her students were taught counter-fighting principles. Ng Mui instructed Fong Weng Chun (a male student) to specialize in the two animal systems known as the Weng Chun Dein Fu-Hok Sheong Ying. Most Fong clansman preferred the Crane techniques. Ng Mui also instructed Yim Yee Wing Chun (a female student and lineage holder of the Ip Man system) to specialize in the two animal fighting systems known as the Weng Chun Dein Sae’I-Hok Sheong Ying (the Enternal Springtime Hall’s Snake and Crane Form).

Wing Chun Hidden Reserves by Sifu Och

The Wing Chun King Fu style taps hidden reserves by always attempting to exert force and techniques in areas where the opponent is the weakest and can’t easily resist. We have all heard the term “where the head goes, the body flows.” This can also hold true, in part, with respect to the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and hips. By pushing, pulling, or striking these joint areas, the rest of the body reacts accordingly.

Your Power Line: Tapping Hidden Reserves with Wing Chun

Pulling an opponent at angles can set them up for kicks to the ribs, legs and body, and elbows, and counters to the face can ensue during the moments your opponent is trying to restructure and re-root their body to regain power.

A quick example of this is to consider your strike. It’s not just the fist that provides power, but the arm itself. Everything that connects to the fist is affected by your original positioning and your position at the point of delivery. There is a power line that resides approximately six to eight inches above and below the shoulder.

A Quick Note on How Height Affects Your Power Line
A practitioner’s height varies and so does that of an assailant. Tapping into Wing Chun hidden reserves means that if a large assailant attacks a smaller person, the defending martial artist will usually strike high and above their shoulders to varying degrees. Though this drill resides within Wing Chun, it can actually assist any practitioner from any martial art form or style.

Hidden Reserves Come from an Understanding of Structure

Let’s look at another example. Take your arm and extend it straight out in front of your shoulder. Go roughly fifteen inches above that position and have someone place their hand under your wrist. See if you are capable of bringing your arm down with little effort. Make sure the partner resists your downward attempt with just their fingers and not the entire hand.  You are looking for steady resistance—not the full power of the partner. Next, have your partner take their hand away as you adjust your arm down to twelve inches and repeat the drill by having them place resistance back under your wrist. Continue doing this until you are right in front of the shoulder, then do the same drill in the opposite direction.

With the arm extended again, bring the hand down fifteen inches from the shoulder position in the opposite direction and have your partner place their hand on top of it.  Attempt to bring the arm up, repeat the drill by readjusting your distance until you are again in front of the shoulder. Do this same vertical drill in a horizontal fashion as well. What you may notice is that your muscular strength has a maximum area and direction of power and structural stability. Wing Chun takes these types of drills and structural testing grounds into account to empower you in both offense and defense.

Tapping Into Hidden Reserves and Understanding Limits

This understanding can assist a practitioner in gaining and achieving striking confidence through proven lines of use. It can also allow a practitioner to know and understand the limitations presented by certain angles of offense and defense. Every art has techniques that go high, low, and to the sides. But what if you not only knew but had proven confidence, as to the exact positioning and limitations of each position? What if you also knew its maximum return for proper alignment and structure? This information can be placed into any martial art style or technique to make it stronger, and you get an instantaneous return when it’s practiced and perfected. This drill also makes you understand how to trap a practitioner and place them in positions of their own weakness.

How to Break an Arm and a Leg Simultaneously

In Wing Chun, if I’m going to kick, I’m going to kick towards an opponent’s centerline—perpendicular towards his right patella. Then I want to immediately punch off. That is the way to break an arm and a leg simultaneously.

If I were to try and kick the opponent’s forward leg, head on, with my right there is not only the possibility of him resisting your attack, you would be putting your balance at risk as well as limiting the potential for success of your attack. If I was to kick with my other leg, the chances of causing serious harm to him would be higher, but you would want to have enough distance between you and him because he will more than likely throw a punch with his other hand (since the other is immobilized).

Remember, You Don’t Have to Break an Arm and a Leg

It’s actually okay if the kick wasn’t successful because you can instantly come off, move in, and break his defense. Remember, you’re attempting to break an arm and a leg simultaneously—it doesn’t mean you have to succeed at both. If I was to repeat the scenario (going for an arm break as well as kicking in for a fractured femur simultaneously), you are likely going to end up completing one of the two. If an attacker was to punch at me, I’m either going to break the arm then kick, or I’m going to pull and kick. You could continue on, breaking the arm with his/her elbow towards the outside, but this would best be accomplished by someone truly adept at Wing Chun. You can, however, add onto it in other ways. After the kick, if you were to pull the attacker to the ground, twisting the opponent’s arm could easily result in it breaking.

The History of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu

Who was Ip Man?
Wing Chun is popular thanks to Hollywood movies and its flashy style and no-nonsense self-defense techniques. But it’s difficult to hear Wing Chun without also having the name Ip Man mentioned in the same sentence. Ip Man (pronounced “Ip-Mun”) has a very fascinating history and was integral in the modern training and perfecting of this extreme system of self defense. In fact, China Airlines has taken the Ip Man Wing Chun system and made it required learning for terrorist self defense on all of its airlines.

Ip Man was born to Ng Shui and Ip Oi-dor, he was the third of four kids.  He was born under a wealthy Foshan, Guangdong family.   At the age of 7, he began his Wing Chun training under Chan Wah-shun though due to his old age he did most of his training under the second eldest student, Ng Chung-sok.   Chan died three years later but upon his dying wish wanted Ng to continue teaching.

ip man wing chun kung fu martial artsAt 16 years of age he moved to Hong Kong and attended St. Stephen’s College, which was a school for wealthy families.  At this time their, he and his classmate once saw a foreign police officer striking a woman down. With no response when he asked what the woman had done or why the officer doesn’t just arrest her, he intervened.   The officer tried to strike Ip Man but instead got knocked down quickly with a short succession of strikes.  The classmate told a old man that lived in the same building of what happened and the moves that were used.  Oddly the man wanted to speak to him, inviting him to his house.  He asked Ip man what form of martial art he trained, Ip Man replied “the most powerful system in the World, Wing Chun!”.  The old man asked to see his forms, after seeing them saying “not too great” and “poor”, this angered and upset Ip Man.  The old man then asked if he knew Chi Sau (a form of wing chun close quarter reflex sparring), and he jumped at the chance to show this old man what he really could do.  Within just a few strikes the old man defeated him over and over again without effort.

This old man defeated Ip man, upset he ran from this encounter, only to find out something deeper and better.

Ip Man Bruce Lee Chi Sau Wing Chun Kung FuThe next day while in the middle of a class at the college, his classmate told him that the old man wanted to see him.  Ip Man refused, telling his friend he would never see that old man again under any circumstances.  His classmate then told him that the old man was actually Leung Bik, the son of the teacher of Chan Wah-Shun.  With this news, Ip Man’s entire face lit up, jumping out of his seat and running out of the classroom straight to Leung Bik.

Until the death of Leung Bik, he trained with him, even inviting him into his home to stay with him free of charge as he paid him for his Wing Chun knowledge.

Ip Man Wing Chun Police Officer

At the age of 24, Ip Man returned to Foshan and became a police officer teaching friends and relatives.  He became famous for using his Wing Chun to stop every level of criminal and arresting them.  During this time he knocked the chamber out of a old gun pointed at him with the trigger already pulled and half cocked, using just his fingers and the stress of the situation he dislodged the guns rotating chamber before it could fully turn and kill him.

There was once a Praying Mantis Master practitioner that came to Foshan challenging any who fight him, the martial arts Masters and Grandmasters came to Ip Man as he was in his prime and well known.   A day was set for the fight and as it approached the Mantis instructor came to Ip’s place of work.  He told him that he would crush Ip just like this pillar, as he spoke he looked at the concrete pillar closest to him and struck it, taking out a chunk of it with his fist.   When the day of the fight arrived the two stood on top of a large parsons table, surround by spectators ordering food and drink.  The moment came and the fight engaged, the Mantis practitioner came at Ip Man with a flowing barrage which was avoided Ip Man countered with his own attack knocking the Mantis practitioner backwards and off the fighting grounds crashing into a table breaking his ribs ending the fight.

He perfected his training by helping others and thinking of others.  He used what his teacher taught him throughout his life, bringing real life experience to each technique.

Ip Man Loses Everything

During the Japanese War with China Ip Man lost most of his wealth and standing.  Shortly after this, he left Foshan moving to Hong Kong in 1949 after the Chinese Communist Party took over.

After losing everything Ip Man took up opium, though in that time opium was as popular as cigarettes and had no known advertised adverse side effects.  As time went on and his students found out that negative effects of opium and switched his addiction to Camel Cigarettes. Though poor after both the Japanese War took or destroyed everything he had, he taught students the martial art system that was passed down to him.  With his students fighting and winning against many other systems and schools.  He is most well known for teaching Bruce Lee, though he had many great student fighters that were not famous or publicly known.  He found new life in the students he taught and the knowledge he passed down.

Death of Ip Man

Ip Man died on December 2nd 1972 in his housing unit at 149 Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong, from throat cancer from camel cigarettes.  His death came only 7 months before Bruce Lee died.

The truth is after the Qing Dynasty sought out the destruction of the Shaolin Monks and their powerful martial arts systems most martial arts became outlawed and Wing Chun was no different, it went underground and was only passed from family member to family member.  Originally developed by the Shaolin Temple to provide a new way to overthrow this invasive Dynasty by training rebel Chinese fighters.  As time went on chinese martial arts forms became more aggressive and Wing Chun developed into a system of extreme aggressive close quarter combat that could be used by men, women and even children for personal protection.    It was in the 1960’s when Ip Man, who is now considered the Grandmaster of Wing Chun, revived this art and brought it out into the public eye.  The Hollywood legend Bruce lee is a famed student of his, Bruce Lee touted Ip Man as a amazing combat practitioner and teacher of the art.

Therefore, for all those of you looking for realistic self defense know that the system trained by rebels, created by Shaolin Monks that was passed down through family generations.  Due to its extreme capability in close range combat it is now required training for all stuarists and flight attendents for terrorist self defense on China Airlines is available for your training and personal protection

Ip Man has been credited as the greatest Kung Fu Master of the century by many famed magazines and top practitioners of our time.

You should make it a point to be trained at a place where there is a direct link to the Ip Man lineage, our center is just that place. Call today for more information on the Wing Chun Kung Fu system under the Great Grandmaster Ip Man 863.800.0171.


Lakeland Ledger – Lion Dance at the Museum

Lion Dance at the Museum – Chinese Lion Dancing

The Lion Dance team under Sifu Och does charity performance for the Families of Polk County and The Polk Musem of Art!!  The Lakeland, Florida Wing Chun Martial Arts and Lion Dance Team were featured in the Lakeland Ledger! We love seeing the Polk News feature the main contenders at these events. Traditional Chinese Lion Dancing brings culture, good luck and great fun to any special event!

The Traditional Chinese Lion Dance is an integral part of Southern Kung Fu training as well as an important traditional aspect of Asian and Chinese Culture. Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu professionals show their strength, endurance, flexibility, and stamina. Most Lion Dance teams charge any where from $495-899 for local work and $999-$2800 dollars for out of town shows. Pricing depends on the size and venue, how many performers are needed and how far the venue is.

This is live entertainment! An all inclusive live performance brought to you and shown to an average of 35-400 people the cost is amazing!  Clients fortunate enough to tie the Sifu Och Lion Dance team down in Florida for an event are treated like VIP. The Sifu Och Lion Dance team in Florida beats almost all competitors prices and their team customizes shows based off the clients requests (within reason of course!) Truly bringing an enlightened and fun experience for all.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Lion Dance Team under Sifu Och, Lakeland Lion Dance team is one of the most enjoyable and active lion dance teams in Florida. The Florida Lion Dance Team under Sifu Och has performed all over the state for numerous Asian Weddings from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Kissimmee, and Brandon. We have opened for asian culture events all over florida and have performed for Museums in Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Lakeland and all the way to Jacksonville!!!  Art and cultural exchange events and Asian American Society special events.

The Sifu Och Wing Chun Florida Lion Dance Team places on public demonstrations and celebrations all throughout the year. The Chinese New Year Cultural event and New Year’s celebrations for various restaurants and organizations. Our Florida Lion Dance Team performs year round and favored by businesses, school events, children’s birthday parties!

Do You Want us at Your Next Event?

For more information about booking the Sifu Och Wing Chun Martial Arts Florida Lion Dance Team for your next event text us or call 863.800.0171

For more info watch our Lion Dance videos.

Is Wing Chun Beginner Kung Fu?

Some are concerned about how our society is getting rougher, and situations may arise where you need to engage in self defense to protect yourself or your family. If you’re interested or involved in martial arts for self defense, studying Wing Chun gives you skills for both self-protection and general physical fitness. It’s not that this craft is all about battling; but when we’re asked the question: Is Wing Chun Beginner Kung Fu? we have to honestly answer—absolutely not! While Wing Chun is accessible, the genuine craft of Wing Chun is to study ‘The Way of Life’. In short, if you want to excel in Wing Chun, you’re in for the long haul.

Is Wing Chun great for physical exercise? Yes. Is it attainable to study at both young and old ages? Absolutely. But is Wing Chun beginner kung fu? No, because it’s flexible and extensible enough to produce amazing, real-world combative techniques and results.

Give me an opportunity to acquaint you with why you hear the phrase Wing Chun Beginner Kung-Fu – it’s simply an excellent style to jump into at any stage. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in kids kung fu to help with your child deal with bullying in a mature manner or you have experience and want advanced Wing Chun training, thus form can always advance you further. The Wing Chun style is possibly the best you can study. We like to say that it “joins the Yin & Yang together” to help you cut your adversary down from close quarters as fast as you can. Wing Chun is a close-range fighting system, made for self-preservation in the city to help a smaller, and potentially weaker, individual successfully combat a stronger, larger attacker. This style doesn’t use any ornate or fancy movements, just the most economic. Frequently, Wing Chun style takes the straightest way to the target, breaking the adversary’s structure as fast as can reasonably be expected. Mastering Wing Chun can help you overcome dangerous situations peacefully as well as shrewdly. Even a Wing Chun beginner begins to find useful and practical applications within a few classes.

After Studying Multiple Forms, Wing Chun covered everything

Throughout my 16 years of preparing and instructing Wing Chun Beginner Kung-Fu, I considered Wing Chun, in my notion, covers everything that I need; Self-Defense  due to which I am able to adapt to any issues in the city, Chi-Kung that is the usage of Inner Energy to enhance my health, mental in addition to physical energy, Meditation to rewind from the daily schedule, or help with bad circulation or even bad posture, enhance my levels of serenity, sharpness and cognizance, Body Conditioning & Fitness  that is reinforce the form, to enhance fitness and stamina, pick up self-assurance, etc. The most imperative of all is self-discipline & self inspiration. Let Wing Chun Kung-Fu represent itself with no issue, as this workmanship has been passed down from era to era for countless years and as of recently made numerous celebrated Grandmasters and Masters. I adore this workmanship.

New students grouped in pairs

All new students will be grouped into two and they will be trained on how to experience each other’s power gaining augmented understanding which helps students assault and defy a challenger’s movements exactly, rapidly, and relate the suitable technique to boost your pace, time, reaction and authority.  If the adversary tries to pull out or convey the hand, the learner follows, frequently by means of the movement to help trapping in addition to striking simultaneously, ad infinitum to the rival’s weakest spots.

Travel the distance and try out our classes, there is only one way to know and that is to join.

Muscle Conditioning with Kung Fu

Muscle conditioning with King Fu is a great way to build strength, endurance, and power. After all, great Chinese military craftsman and combative experts prepared and honed their bodies for hundreds of years using Wing Chun or similar techniques. Muscle conditioning increases the capacity of your body to withstand blows as well as build strength and endurance. At Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland, FL we build muscle conditioning right into our training. Wing Chun Kung Fu trains you by using different muscle conditioning drills and breathing forms throughout your training. We have specific techniques and strategies to help you improve your muscle conditioning while picking up force, versatility, and improving your self-defense skills and techniques.

Muscle Conditioning Under Different Names

Various people name muscle conditioning by numerous distinctive names, Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate calls it Tui-te. Some martial craftsmen use maki wara sheets through which you consistently hit it and advance calluses on your knuckles, same as hardening the dermis on the heels of your foot and your hands. Muscle Conditioning Kung Fu wing chun have different names in florida. Indeed, without muscle conditioning Wing Chun gives strategies, for example eye dents, palm hits, elbows, hits and dribbles to the knee, crotch as well as ribs. Bear in mind that muscle conditioning is not a substitute for practical training as well as battle experience.

Muscle conditioning Kung Fu and endurance building

General body molding and building genuine perseverance is a great efficient preparing technique; it improves all parts of a soldier as well as Chinese martial art professional. We realize that the human figure is made to mend as well as reconstruct any region that is stressed or inflicted wounds. When endeavoring any sort of muscle conditioning, first I prescribe you prepare under an expert. In spite of the fact that muscle molding is not new to the field of science any more or hand to hand fighting, not simply everyone knows the correct and most secure route of conditioning your physique. Muscle Conditioning Kung Fu and Endurance Buiding kung Fu is in lakeland Florida As I said first you need a martial art specialist to prepare and show you, preparing on your own without the correct guideline could be risky, you may not be conditioning but merely murdering your nerve ends.

Power for anyone

One of my semi-expert boxer who battled in the ring constantly came into my Wing Chun class and was inquisitive about the wall sacks and kung fu, he saw the Wing Chun students hitting the packs viciously with chain punches, turning punches, elbows, and palms. As a boxer he said that must be pretty simple and lots of fun, I’d jump at the chance to give it a shot. But after mere 3 punches he pulled out with an ache in his knuckles, hands and wrist. After many years that same boxer contacted me and stated that the preparation and footwork he was given had enhanced his ring battling so strikingly that after sessions his opponent was asking what he was doing and what he was preparing in. He said he felt extremely blessed to have prepared in Wing Chun and that his Kung Fu preparing had touched his existence both professionally and directly. This is the motivation behind Wing Chun, of Kung Fu, to enhance your existence entirely.

Wing Chun Muscle Conditioning Lakeland FL
Sifu Och Wing Chun Lakeland Florida
116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida



Lose Weight with our Weight Loss Bootcamps

When it comes to losing weight and getting into shape, victory is achieved by a combination of willpower, consistency, and responsibility. If you’re resolved, unwavering, and are responsible for what you eat and how you move, you can achieve your objectives and get noticeable results. It just takes some essential building blocks to get to this victory. Finding the best possible weight reduction center, assembling all organic weight reduction supplements, engaging in cardio molding, and putting together a proper diet could be more than a little challenging. Weight loss bootcamps are another alternative for losing weight in a healthy manner – one that you’ll enjoy – and where you’ll learn some valuable skills in the process!

weight loss bootcamps Burn fat to get in shape

Using Wing Chun Kung Fu and kickboxing as well as other martial arts, our kung fu family can work out four times a week ranging from 40 minutes to almost an hour. This weight loss boot camp get the results any weight loss program can accomplish. From power training, to equilibrium and even cardio plans and survival actions, you get all of this in an air conditioned facility in downtown Lakeland, Florida. The trainers at Sifu Och Wing Chun will drive you to your limits to get your very best.

Team training helps You Lose Weight Quickly

With the team training with you and assisting you with each exercise, you’ll achieve the results you’re looking for at the same time you’re incited and urged on by what you see happening over time. With our Lakeland Florida weight loss boot camps you get to train in our completely equipped large downtown facility.

Join even if you don’t know any exercises

The weight loss boot camp workouts at Sifu Och Wing Chun are dependent on your own pace. You don’t need to be fit as a fiddle to become fit as a fiddle. Since the greater part of the activities are dependent upon the time you put in – anyone can get good results! For example, you may do only 10 crunches in 40 seconds, but another person might do 30 during the same time. Both will experience gains over time. In this way, ALL levels of people can do this work, and everyone will see results!

weight loss bootcamps with Kung Fu and Kickboxing 

Kung Fu is well-known for its suppleness as well as fitness. Wing Chun Kung Fu, in particular, uses movements that are perfect for weight loss. Additionally, kickboxing uses conventional as well as proven modern scientific techniques that deliver quick results in addition to body sculpting. Lots of places might provide kung fu boot camps, but they may provide only a single alternative (a boot camp class, or maybe a kickboxing class, or even a self-defense class, etc.) Sifu Och Wing Chun’s weight loss bootcamps give you something more. We give you all of these options together with some very helpful kung fu and kickboxing training.

Chi Gerk Wing Chun Leg Fighting

One of the most well-known and misinterpreted martial arts, Ving tsun kuen (more commonly written as Wing Chun) has baffled many as a style that involves simple and direct footwork. For many Kung Fu systems, complex footwork has always been a normal thing, but Wing Chun breaks that mold—believing in simple and direct movements for attack and evasion. Relying on quick footwork without large movements, one of the most important components of Wing Chun Leg fighting is Chi Gerk. When the standards and principles of Chi Gerk Wing Chun leg fighting are mastered by the fighter, it becomes automatic in his conscience. Chi Gerk training involves approximately 5 stages:

Stage 1: ROOTING

It is necessary to understand the significance of a strong stance (rooting) to begin any formal training on Chi Gerk Wing Chun leg fighting. The power of the stance is essential for chi sao as well  i.e, the fight to have control over your body’s  central line, sticking your hands and using it for defense and retaliating in a series of successive attacks.


The primary stage commences with the practice of siu nim tau on one leg. At least for an hour, the fighter alternates his legs until he tires himself out.  This ensures his balance, flexibility and power. When siu nim tau becomes natural for the fighter, the next step is to practice many alternating front and side kicks to balance your central line and the journey of your leg.


The third stage in Chi Gerk Wing Chun leg fighting involves the understanding of the art of sensitivity. Adopting  single leg stances, two men are driven to grasp each other’s forearms. This is followed by a kick initiated by one of them to which an immediate defense strategy should be employed by the defender. This strategy should be quick and can involve either blocking or trapping. When the active leg loses balance, the other leg must take over and position itself to get into attack mode. This change must be detected by the partner and he must control the change by crashing down on the leg and pinning it down. As the fighter gains proficiency, he must learn to free himself from the grasp of the forearm.


In this stage, both Chi Sao and Chi Gerk are deployed in unison. While tying up the fighter’s hands, leg style and techniques or when a fighter identifies a weak stance of his opponent.


This stage makes the fighter take out one big factor (and what drives most of their techniques to this point): eyesight. The techniques that the fighter has learned so far would be administered under blindfold. This allows his senses to take over and lets him see through his sense of touch and hearing. This becomes a benefit for the fighter during unfortunate circumstances such as home invasions or a dark parking lot in low lit areas. At later stages, the fighter uses the gerk jong (the kicking dummy) to streamline his positions and techniques. This makes the fighter more sensitive and prepared to meet the brute strength of his opponent.

One should always remember that, in addition to having strength and discipline, a true Chi Gerk Wing Chun leg fighter should never utilize his knowledge to showcase his superiority. The process of gaining vast knowledge of Wing Chun always begins with humility.

MMA vs Wing Chun Similarity and Differences

The Wing Chun style has long been acknowledged as being illogical for MMA on the grounds that striking doesn’t occur until your opponent first strikes—making it a largely defensive technique. The assumption continues, stating that passive moves that “cause no harm” are executed in a sort of kickboxing system while your opponent attempts to deliver knockout blows. For those who aren’t aware of Wing Chun in its true form and to its fullest extent, it can seem reactionary when compared to the advanced craft of MMA. When you take a close look at Wing Chun and actually understand the system and style, you quickly realize this isn’t the case. Knowing there’s a lot of misconceptions out there, the question of MMA vs Wing Chun and which is better for your defense and protection seems a worthwhile place to spend some time.

MMA lead jab pawing

While aggressive and notoriously offensively-focused, MMA contenders also normally “check or paw jab” with their hands so as to check distance as well as the limits of their adversaries’ movements. In one movement or technique, putting one’s lead hand on the outside of the adversaries lead hand successfully repels their lead strike preemptively. Truth be told, a majority of accidental eye-jabs that happen in the arena or ring occur because of this attempt to determine an opponent’s range of motion. With the lead arm pawing with an open hand towards an unlucky rival who is closing the distance, you’re going to run into something unpleasant.

Looking For THE Wing Chun EDGE

In the wake of mastering the MMA basics like Maui Thai, and wrestling, new competitive fighters are always looking for more advanced combative technique for an edge. For instance a 22-year-old warrior, Jon Jones, routinely tosses diagonal kicks from Wing Chun, direct punches to the face, turning sidekicks, plus an innovative take on the back elbow.

Veteran MMA contenders have also started to stray from their wrestling base so as to use front leg sidekicks—an oft dismissed technique in MMA. Is it accurate to say that we are entering a period in the sport’s advancement in which accepted crafts like Wing Chun will make a comeback? This remains to be seen, but it’s evident that whoever integrates new techniques successfully will radically advance the genre and gain a competitive edge. Several MMA fighters routinely utilize an adaptation of man sau in their stand-up styles, and this opens the way for Wing Chun counters to be very advantageous. For instance, a counter to the stick strike from muai Thai could be accomplished by a sensitive combatant by essentially throwing a straight left hook when he feels his opponent’s hand descending. Being within a line, his straight punch will either overpower his rivals or deflect it far from its planned target.

Wing Chun and Evolving MMA

Whether or not Wing Chun trapping evolves into an element of MMA fights styles, it is clear that MMA is advancing quickly as a sport, and there are profound debates regarding which combative techniques are the best. While a definitive demonstrating ground is still a down to business road battle, MMA is a magnificent discussion in which accepted hand to hand fighting could be push tried and demonstrated of service and it is clear that such analyses will just come to be more pervasive as the game develops and the pool of capable fighters expands.

Wing Chun is modern close quarter combat at its best, MMA is a testing ground to bring the best that Wing Chun can be and evolve into. It’s great to have something to compete against and have a standard that has evolved to make your Wing Chun evolve that much more.

Building Striking Power with Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a war-like art as well as a combat system born in Southern China. While this art was planned by a woman and is actually aimed for small people to attack larger people, building striking power is quite important to be effective. Apart from strengthening muscles as well as making one effective using normal body weight, this “warfare sport” inculcates precious skillfulness in children which can be applied all throughout one’s life. Building power to effectively manage a confrontation is imperative in progressing in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Building Striking Power to Enhance Balance and Eye-hand Coordination

You can quickly build up balance and eye-hand coordination by practicing kata—otherwise known as Kung Fu kicks. This conventional kung fu practice focuses on flexibility and stretching (also good for holistic muscle development). It also serves to build striking power—even when practiced at a young age.

It Takes Time to Build Striking Power

Building striking power takes time, but not as much as you may think. Building power to oppose another’s force during a confrontation can be done by practicing with an opponent. While this assumes the lively application of training with an partner—you can also train your body through resistance training with objects, training your muscles with free weights or body weight exercises. You can employ hanging bags, speed bags, rice bags, wooden dummies, focus mitts, and anything else that builds knockout power from repetitive blows.

You can further build striking power by doing pushups, or even striking one thousand times a day at a focus mitt. Make use of anything and everything that is accessible so as to build your muscles as well as your endurance. Nothing is useless as long as it can be used to build striking power. Try your hands at lifting or even benching for focused periods of time. This type of exercising will prove to be very useful later on when you start combating in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Bear in mind that, in terms of effectiveness, using a 25 lb weight in both hands and punching fifty times will not be as useful as punching 1000 times with 5-8 lb weights in each hand.

Using a Partner

Finally your power build-up will be best built-up when using a partner. Remember—you may have power, but it will prove to be useless if you are not able to land the hit in the right place. Use a partner, and your training will be increased exponentially.

Knockout Power

Whenever you practice for control, velocity, endurance, intention as well as accuracy, knockout power is created. The ability to deliver power as a steady flow lets you execute and release a perfect build up of power against an opponent. Working towards a flawless execution style isn’t enough. Aptness of speed with a deficiency of power means that even if you hit a person with a hundred chain punches it will be devoid of power. You punches will simply “tail off”. Conversely, raw power will also not result in fully useful strikes unless coupled with proper velocity, control, accuracy, precision, and aim.

Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu Dragon Pole

The dragon pole used in modern wing Chun Kung Fu is most commonly built out of a single piece of hardwood. While there’s a legitimate concern for ensuring the pole doesn’t break, you also want to combine the advantages of using a good structural weapon with excellent technique. Believe it or not, having good breathing techniques in addition to possessing a proper mental state allows the Wing Chun expert to develop a solid and reliable 9′ long Dragon Pole technique.

Modern Dragon Pole

The Dragon Pole used in modern Wing Chun Kung Fu may be made out of Purpleheart wood (or peltogyne), giving it extraordinary weight, quality, and adaptability. Its history connects it to the long shafts utilized by boatmen within China who used it to guide and control loaded watercrafts in the shallow streams of old China. Wing Chun dragon pole turned into an modification of the age old shaft fighting and training techniques handed down from master to student through the Shaolin styles.

Modern Wing Chun Pole actions

It didn’t take long before the shaft movements were merged into the existing Wing Chun framework. Indeed, today one of the training techniques for the dragon pole includes moving around sections of wood floating on the surface of a pool or body of water. Dragon pole movements have a tendency to copy the open hand use of Wing Chun, they are immediate, compelling no-nonsense movements planned with the snappy and savage elements of combat. Current modern Wing Chun techniques hone advances the Dragon Pole less for its provision as a weapon and progressively for its immaculate supplement to the strengthening and the progress of structural power.The Dragon Pole used in modern wing Chun Kung Fu for combat  is commonly built out of a solitary bit of hard wood.

Pun Sao drills

Modern power training of Wing Chun power is sustained farther by applying the Pun Sao practice and finally exercising the Baat Jaam Do. The Pun Sao drill is a variant of the fundamental Qi Sao training, and as in Qi Sao starts with the arms interlaced in addition to the legs placed in an exercise stance. In Pun Sao the objective is to study how to outfit and apply structural power in Qi Sao, this is achieved by an accentuations on the sitting as well as moving power as force is employed to the adversaries centerline.The Dragon Pole used in modern wing Chun Kung Fu for combat  is commonly built out of a solitary bit of hard wood.

Wing Chun adapted as modern combat

Wing Chun not just reflects the characteristics of an exclusive expectation accepted Chinese military craft, additionally adjusts as a feature of the updating advanced combat symbolizations. It is the custom of structure, thoughts in addition to the abilities of Wing Chun that outlines its absolute entirety, and holds the trustworthiness of its hypothesis and control setup.The Dragon Pole used in modern wing Chun Kung Fu for combat  is commonly built out of a solitary bit of hard wood. Towards this end in mind the objective of the Masters is that the entirety of Wing Chun is to be passed down to the next era, that the heart as well as the soul is contemporary Wing Chun’s exact power as well as a legacy.The Dragon Pole used in modern wing Chun Kung Fu for combat  is commonly built out of a solitary bit of hard wood.

By a Modern Wing Chun fan of Sifu Och Wing Chun

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In Street Fighting Wing Chun Reduces Mistakes

We all live in a less than ideal world. In street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of an opponent (or opponents). Fights should be the last resort to resolving any conflict, but unfortunately, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to fight. Street fighting is the most common situation you’ll find yourself in, and without any training, it’s not easy to escape without some injuries.

At Sifu Och Wing Chun, you learn traditional Wing Chun. But what a lot of people may not know is that there are specialized courses, which teach you to fight in the modern world. With street fighting Wing Chun is one of the more practical techniques that seeks to diffuse the advantage of any opponents – big or small. The Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu style teaches techniques that you can implement in the modern world.

Our Wing Chun real world self defense classes and Advanced Wing Chun classes are courses designed for all ages. In fact, we wish (and even recommended) that Polk County schools teach parts of this course to students, getting them started at an early age. With street fighting, Wing Chun techniques work to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. While there are certainly instant advantages, trained over time, these techniques can have a real impact in the lives of your children.

Common Mistakes Made in Street Fighting

There are few big mistakes that people often make in street fighting. We teach our kids and adults to avoid these in our Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu classes. It has saved many a kid from getting seriously injured. In particular, the face is the most susceptible region for any person. Wen street fighting, people don’t protect their face – and get hurt quickly as a result. Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques seek to diffuse any advantage of an opponents while protecting the face and neck. A hit to the neck, eye or nose, can cause serious damage, or at least cause you to stagger and/or fall. In a street fight a fall can result in more injuries – for one, your head could bang against something hard, or your attcker could decide to continue the fight when you’re on the ground.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Teaches Real World Self Defense Techniques

The real world techniques taught by Sifu Och Wing Chun involve sparring with a live opponent, using constant-forward force. This more closely simulates street fighting as opposed to drilling alone. When you can’t have a live opponent we also tech you how to practice solo and continue your training on your own when class isn’t in session. Our Wing Chun practice techniques also utilize a wooden dummy and practices called “Chi Sau” or “Sticky Hands” meant solely for this purpose.

Even if an opponent is bigger and more muscular, they should not have a significant advantage with someone well-trained in Wing Chun. The force for sparring and attacks come from distinct stances taught in Wing Chun. Those with smaller stature can easily counter much bigger assailants and escape with little harm.

Wing Chun does not train to fight only with honor, it trains to fight when required and escape.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. The idea is to incur the least amount of damage. This is the truth of street fights. Rarely are street fights about honor. They are mostly about people ganging up.

Kids and bullies in the schools of Polk County, like most other schools, generally rely on the pack mentality, to harass or attack someone. Critical blows can lead to the hospitalization of the child.

The techniques taught by Wing Chun Kung Fu academy can help to avoid such injuries.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. Special courses for kids in schools of Polk County are provided, under the banner of Sifu Och Wing Chun to fight in street fights, and against difficult odds.

Enroll your child in a course. Attend the some sessions at the Academy free of cost.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. The accomplished teachers at the Wing Chun Kung Fu academy will be more than happy to guide with personalised training.  – by Wing Chun fans of Sifu Justin Och

Remember, aggression knows no age, colour or sex. Small street fights can end with dire consequences. Act today to avoid such situations.

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Krav Maga vs Wing Chun – Which is Better?

It seems that every week I her someone ask the question: Krav Maga vs Wing Chun – Which is better? The other day I was watching an episode of Human Weapon on TV. Krav Maga was the martial arts style that was spotlighted. Krav Maga uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial arts forms together into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense. From the perspective of a Wing Chun practitioner, I was especially interested in the explosion of Krav Maga as a self defense technique against a descending knife thrust. My friends and I were awestruck—none of us had never witnessed this kind of resistance in any martial art. But lo and behold, this defensive move was taken right out of Wing Chun! Maybe this was Krav Maga Wing Chun we were watching?

Fak-Da of Wing Chun

In Wing Chun the kind of defense we witnessed is known as Fak-Da, and it’s performed by stepping into the attack. On the other hand the Krav Maga exploding defense is excellent when you have many attackers assaulting you at the same time. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense. The risk is that you need to crash the assailant with the hit on the throat or else he will just keep returning to you again.  But I find it interesting to blend Fak-Da with Jik-Tek by aiming at the knee of the assailant. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.

Method of Israeli warfare training

Krav Maga first originated as a method of Israeli warfare training, but is rapidly turning out to become very popular as a self defense method with both law enforcement as well as the civilians all over the globe. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.  Krav Maga mingles factors of Wing Chun, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, grappling, Judo, wrestling, and boxing together with fundamental street fighting talents into an exceptional but a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.

Fundamental principle of Krav Maga

The fundamental principle of Krav Maga is not standing and fighting, but to immobilize the assailant till you are able to escape.  Krav Maga can be picked up and applied by anybody.  In the US students as well as housewives are utilizing the working out to defend themselves, their associates as well as their families. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense. The self-confidence derived from Krav Maga instruction may perhaps, paradoxically, in fact assist to evade the want to employ it.  The training assists students distinguish and stay away from any potential situation which could turn out to be dangerous.  But, in case a student faces such a situation, then they are able to be calm as they are well aware that they can protect themselves. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.

My Vote is for Krav Maga Wing Chun Lakeland

Even though Krav Maga and Wing Chun has all the above positive merits, I would vote for krav maga wing chun Lakeland.

There is quite a lot of reasons for this and the most important one among them is that Wing Chun includes all levels of internal and external discipline, self defense, and an all level systematic soft and hard real combat defense. There are alot of situations that cause for real self defense being used and Wing Chun covers some of the best that Chinese Martial Arts has offered for over 5,000 years.krav maga wing chun? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.  For Modern combat Wing Chun prepares a person to face a real world combat situation. It prepares you to respond calculated reactions to everything without thinking.

Wing Chun provides quicker strikes as well as quicker counterattacks.  Wing Chun trains you to apply Qing or Ki which is the transmitting of energy from the practitioner’s legs by means of the power of the body. This helps in adding strength in addition to weight into the hits, thrusts as well as blocks. The Martial arts of Wing Chun is all concerning Ging, strength by itself is not adequate to fight. krav maga wing chun Lakeland? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.

Most importantly Wing Chun teaches you that POWER and STRENGTH alone without true understanding of structure, rooting, relaxation to tension and proper body mechanics is key.krav maga wing chun? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense.  Wing Chun teaches that using Power and Strength with speed, rooting and proper body mechanics will gain you the upper hand.

Not every school is equal

Just because you choose the “style or type” of martial art system you now want to study doesn’t mean your job is over and you should choose the closest one.  In fact now you have to visit every school and do every trial for at least a week or two each before you settle and officially start your training. krav maga wing chun? Krav uses factors of Wing Chun and other martial art forms together with into a useful arrangement of noncompetitive self defense. Measure twice cut once my grandfather once said to me, this goes for training as well.  If you pick the closest school you may find yourself years behind on training.  This is not to say that every Wing Chun school teaches you these lessons or that every Krav Maga school does either.  It is the teacher of the school that makes the difference in your outcome with the right teacher and instruction you will soar.

Our choice is Wing Chun, but you should try it out for yourself every school is different and the one that teaches you realistic self defense should be the choice you take.

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Chinese Lion Dance Team at the Polk Museum of Art

lion dance teamThe Lakeland Polk Museum of Art held a free annual open house that was great fun for all ages!  The first 750 school-age children received a free goodie bag of art supplies! More than that, however, they got to see the Lakeland Chinese Lion Dance Team in action at the Polk Museum of Art.

People stood at the front of the Lakeland, Florida Polk Museum of Art. They heard there would be a Chinese Lion Dance performance here in Lakeland, Fl and the Museum was having a Family Day, so they couldn’t resist.  They waited and watched, looking for some clue of the Lakeland Chinese Lion Dance Team.

In the distance a drummer approached and laid down a large Chinese Lion Dance drum in front of the crowd outside the Polk Museum of Art.  Everyone was waiting to see what was about to happen as they lined up around the corner to get in to this once a year event. The Drummer lifted two large sticks into the air and broke the silence with an authoritative beat! The crowd looked and peered around the corner, something large and red was in the distance. The Chinese Lion Dance had begun!!!  The bright red lion danced among the crowd, jumping, dancing, prancing and cuddling up to each participant waiting for the doors to be opened so they could get the full performance!

The children played with and teased the lion, laughing and loving every moment of the performance.  Parents with huge smiles looked down at their children with the same wonder and amazement.  The Chinese Lion Dance drums thundered away with the height of the excitement!

The Chinese Lion Dance continued as the Chinese lion performers scratched at the door of the Polk Museum of Art, the performers sympathizing with the line of parents and kids waiting for the Family Day event to start!

Chinese and Asian traditions have an ancient culture with live Chinese Lion Dance performances that chase away bad luck, evil intent and instead bring good luck, prosperity and fortune for the coming years.  No matter how many times you have seen the Chinese Lion Dance as performed by Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu – Lakeland Lion Dance Performance Team it is always a memorable and exciting experience to say the least!

Contact Sifu Och to Schedule A Lion Dance Today!

Customized Chinese Lion Dance Team Event

The Lion Dance for Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Lakeland Lion Dance team does not perform traditional rituals and prayers.  Instead each performance is customized to the size and requests of the Bride and Groom, Business owner or purveyor of the event.

Red envelopes filled with paper money are fed to the Chinese Lion during the performance bringing back luck and good fortune to all.  Bok Choi is a leaf lettuce that can also be fed to the Chinese lion during the performance to add another wonderfully fun traditional feature.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Southern Kung Fu style and is taught by Sifu Och in Downtown Lakeland Florida.  Sifu Och teaches the Southern Lion Dance and performance which is characterized strong based stances, fast sharp movements and fun playful crowd pleasing antics.

The practice of Kung Fu requires strong training, dedication and an ability to know distance, and structure.  With the prowess and experience to test the limits of endurance and demonstrate a wonderful live performance using this rare Asian tradition.

The Lion Dance is extremely taxing on the performers and thus the practitioners are professionals with high trained endurance while developing and maintaining intense concentration.

Wedding, Special Event, or Birthday Party?

If you are interested in scheduling our Chinese lion dance at your Asian themed Wedding, special event, birthday party, restaurant, or Chinese New Year celebration.  Please click on the following link and complete the form and then text us at  863.800.0171.  Sifu Och will be in touch with you shortly to go over all the details and pricing information.   We travel and have done HUGE events to small private parties,  so do not be afraid to ask!

For more info watch our Chinese Lion Dance video:

Lakeland Wing Chun Combative Training

If you look up “combative” in Wikipedia, you get the following definition: “the United States Army’s term for hand-to-hand combat training and techniques”.  It’s a term that stems out of World War I and is now widely used in most close quarter fighting techniques. For Wing Chun combative training, we’re really differentiating the fact that our Wing Chun classes can and will train you to engage an attacker using aggressive self-defense techniques that will quickly end an altercation or assault.

Brutal combatives are the escalation of combatives that have one objective—to incapacitate your opponent quickly and effectively. Such fierce training can only be learned in the company of masters. Lakeland Wing Chun combative is a collection of training programs meant to achieve this goal.

Wing Chun, as a branch of Kung Fu, is among the Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) that sought to mold Kung Fu into an aggressive form. Kung Fu was initially conceived as more defensive than offensive.

When fighting in close quarters, and in disadvantaged positions, many practitioners over the years felt that a more aggressive approach was required to get out of a situation. Wing Chun Kung Fu trains a common person to be able to fight quickly and, yes, brutally. Our Lakeland Wing Chun combative classes and techniques are a carefully designed model that allows people of all ages to come and train together effectively.

With Sifu Och Wing Chun combative training, you’re given personalized advice. People of different ages, physical conditions, and goals, all come to train under the single banner of Wing Wing Chun combative. Our Sifu Och Wing Chun combative training includes a collection of courses. They’re targeted at varying physiques and ages. There is, for example, a distinct training that involves hand-to-hand training. Yet another training regimen is dedicated to honing your kicking techniques.

In all honesty, we’re hardly the mirror image of Bruce Lee, who made Kung Fu famous. We’re also unlikely to go up against some “evil warlord” in martial arts games. In all likelihood, we’re more apt to find ourselves in a street fight. This maybe to ward off an assailant or even thwart an assault.

Real life training is what’s essentially provided for exactly such situations under the Sifu Och Wing Chun brutal combatives banner. The idea of Wing Chun combative is to use your techniques and quickly incapacitate or disorient the assailant, thus giving you enough time to escape to safety.

Of course, if you’re a martial arts fan, you want to train with the best. You will find the most accomplished trainers at Sifu Och Wing Chun. The best part is that you don’t just meet the Sifu at some high level course only. Rather, your training—no matter at what level—is personally supervised by Sifu Justin Och. Personal attention is an every day thing for the Lakeland Wing Chun school in downtown.

Learning Wing Chun will require at least six months of practice before you can see and feel some results, just like learning to play the piano or learning a new language. Sifu Och Wing Chun combative is a modern series of effective requirements meant to produce quick and targeted results.

Maintaining Correct Fighting Ranges in Combat

Are you in or out of range? When training in Wing Chun you should never stay in mid-range during a fight. Mid-range is where both you and the assailant can strike, punch and kick at each other. Let’s put it this way—why would want to exchange blows or have your assailant be at their optimum when attacking? You wouldn’t. Wing Chun’s specialty is close-range combat. Your fighting ranges need to be tight to optimize all that Wing Chun has to offer. Because of this, you should either close the distance to be on the inside of “in-fighting” or stay out of the assailant’s range of attack. Maintaining correct fighting ranges in Wing Chun combative causes many great opportunities as the assailant is forced to fight on your timing. Making sure you’re in-range for fighting, but out of range to your opponent’s blows is key. As the assailant attempts to close distance, you want to close—just as quickly as you can. They will end up overshooting their intended target.

This overshoot of the assailant creates a close quarter combat situation which is ideal for the Wing Chun practitioner.  If the assailant decides to back up and create distance then the Wing Chun practitioner will attempt to destroy and cause damage to every limb thrown at them by the assailant by means of attack. After causing damage a Wing Chun practitioner will then close distance and “eat” their way into the assailant’s centerline vitals.

Some assailant’s—if knowledgeable about your skills—will keep backing up and will rarely attempt to throw strikes so that they do not get damaged. These assailant are attempting to escape your attacks and create their own timing. Don’t let this happen. Any control of any aspect of the fight is crucial to keeping the Wing Chun practitioner as safe as possible and maximizing the damage to the assailant. Very fast low to medium long range kicks to the ribs, organs, groin, ephemeral arteries and knee’s are employed to cause damage and hesitation in the assailants movements. This hesitation or pause is all a Wing Chun practitioner needs to take back control.

Close Quarter Fighting Ranges in Combat with Wing Chun

Never stay in mid-range. It’s purposeless. Instead, bait, time, and trap the assailant using close-quarter in-fighting combinations that trap, redirect, and allow you to end the fight decisively.

When the fight is no longer close-range make your assailant pay dearly for drawing out the fight by destroy and striking at areas that will cause the maximum amount of pain while maintaining the height of your defensive and offensive Wing Chun tactics.


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