Different Wing Chun Lineages "expanding skill"

Different Wing Chun Lineages “expanding skill”

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) There are many types of different Wing Chun lineages and Kung Fu styles that are taught today.  Different wing chun lineages teachers that can help all types of students attain their personal goals.  Some instructors focus on the forms for years moving centimeters a second perfecting each forward movement as they train with a secondary focus on the combat approach.  Different wing chun lineages Wing Chun lineages take a more aggressive approach teaching and training in sparring, fighting application’s and sensitivity training from day one with a secondary focus on form understanding.  It is very difficult for a instructor to pick both as their isn’t enough time in the day to train both as a primary for a prospective student or practitioner.  With work schedules, family life, bills and trying to have a social life making a practitioner extremely good takes sniper precision and a primary target of focus.

Not every instructor teaches combative techniques instead they teach the Yin internal softness of the forms for years building upon this structural understanding and muscular strength.  Maybe you love Wing Chun forms, the thought of Chi Sau, Wooden Dummy and the flow that allows both practitioner’s to “feel” the energy of one another.  Though you love Wing Chun for these portions you don’t want to have to fight, get hit, aggressive, deal with the fear and stress of combat.

While others believe that the forms are great for understanding but that fighting application, combinations and stress training Wing Chun under pressure is the only way you will react with it to its full potential.  For us Wing Chun is known as a combat martial art yet it also known as a art of well-being including the internal and external health of the practitioner.

Make sure you find the instructor that best suits your needs, but do not mistake a Yin Instructor with a Yang Instructor.   A high ranking instructor in Wing Chun can choose to seek to become both as years pass and time is not as much of a factor but almost every instructor I have ever met has one or the other as their primary.

Finding a great instructor who can demonstrate power, speed and skill while instilling that in their students is a grand find.  See what the highest level students within that school train on and what is the primary focus they are constantly working on.  Do they speak about fighting or about forms? Do they talk about flowing or striking? Do they talk about theories or what they last reacted to and did?  Watch the instructors elder students, if you wish to emulate them, how they act and react, how they move and what comes out of them then train there as you will become like them in the years to come.

What do you want for your future and what are you goals?  Seek a school that teaches and constantly seeks to have each of its students attain those goals.  Our school wants you to know and learn for realistic self defense.  We want you to learn how to actually USE everything within the Wing Chun system.  Everything out of the forms, the wooden dummy, chi sau, and fighting combinations should be useful in practical self defense.  Knowing is half of the battle, applying is the other half.  To learn about different lineages, their differing instruction and perspectives, to expand your skills and knowledge within the combat martial arts and Wing Chun under the Ip Man Wing Chun system contact us at; https://sifuochwingchun.com/contact-sifu-och/

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