Wing Chun Real Self Defense

A real self defense system needs to be based in a rich and proven heritage. Wing Chun, one of the primordial fighting arts of the Chinese, actually developed from quite a lot of other fighting styles approximately 360 years ago—following the end of the Ming Dynasty. The objective was to build up a very efficient fighting system which could produce competent warriors within a very short span of time so as to protect against the foreign policies and affronts of the Qing Dynasty.

Born from this was the very real self defense system of Wing Chun. Anticipating responses as well as taking into account body placement and leverage, the Wing Chun combatant assaults while maintaining self-protection. From the beginning, students of Wing Chun are trained in a very advanced approach that involves a plan of attack. At the same time, they will be able to control the attack of the opponent, turning however strong an initial attack into a less effective effort.

Trained to face situationS WITH real self defense wing chun

The students of Wing Chun are trained to meet every option that could perhaps come about in a real self defense Wing Chun situation. The concurrent use and working of hands, arms, and legs are exercised at the most basic and direct level. Using your eyes and quickly reading the actions of an opponent also forms a fundamental part of the Wing Chun response. A very significant feature of Wing Chun as part of a real self defense program is the timely and accurate perception of your opponent’s response. Students of Wing Chun, even at the very beginning, are taught to interpret precise attacks, right up to real contact. This is how Wing Chun lets you work your entire body as a single unit, helping to conclude a defensive situation in a jiffy.

Become experts in real self defense wing chun

Students of Wing Chun are provided training so they can become experts in self-defense from all remoteness. In fact, the physical requirements for the real self defense style of Wing Chun plays only an inferior role. By means of the greatly formulated sensibilities trained via Chi Sao (that is, binding arms), Wing Chun combatants can instantaneously acclimatize to any potential attack. The principal rule in Wing Chun, in addition to the objective of the training, is not to linger “sticking” in place. Consequently, a student can perfect the execution of each single movement—metamorphosing the Wing Chun pupil into an individual who is extremely efficient and able to defend himself/herself with tremendous agility. With the real self defense tactics of Wing Chun, all elements of the body—as well the mind—respond instantly and independently of each other in short time. This is because the path of the information flow is cut down, helping you to react very quickly. They’re able to consider the level of danger in front of them and react accordingly—and quickly.

Win a Street Fight Using Wing Chun

No one can argue that Bruce Lee possessed a powerful and muscular physique. Along with that, most people admire him because of the fighting styles he has shown—both in movies and in real life. Like so many martial artists, Bruce Lee trained in boxing, jujitsu, karate, judo and Greco-roman wrestling just to name a few. The most popular fighting style he used for his demonstrations of street fighting, however, was Wing Chun. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Bruce Lee to win a street fight using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Originating from the Shaolin monks of China, Wing Chun is a hard-hitting combat fighting style where the goal is to take the opponent down as quickly as possible. To win a street fight using Wing Chun you have to train, push, and gain real ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. To compare Wing Chun with other types of martial arts, you see that the idea behind Wing Chun is to attack the center portion of the body while striking the vital areas. This breaks the opponent’s balance. To win a street fight using Wing Chun you learn to absorb strikes, which deflects an attacker’s energy.

Hand Movements

Most martial arts teach individuals two movements: the offense and the defense. However, Sifu Och Wing Chun (and indeed, Wing Chun in general) combines these two movements into one. That means you can block attacks and strike at your opponent at the same time. Unlike boxing, however, the strike doesn’t have to involve more power—although you can do real damage if everything is done correctly. In general, to win a street fight using Wing Chun you need to perfect and grow your speed, balance, technique, and efficiency.


More of manual combative technique, Wing Chun instructors can also teach their students to handle traditional weapons such as the dragon pole and the butterfly knives. These weapons could seriously hack down an opponent, so in the training session a wooden dummy is used to boost strength during actual combat.

Win a Street Fight Using Wing Chun in Actual Combat

Mastering the principles of Wing Chun takes time, but it’s a powerful self-defense system when learned correctly and practiced in depth. When perfected, Wing Chun can be used effectively to defeat a much larger opponent. There is no time limit in an actual street fight, but you can’t exactly tell an attacker to “wait for a minute” because you’re tired. The more prepared and fit you are, the better you’ll fare. As a form of self-defense, wining a street fight using Wing Chun is absolutely likely—particularly with its techniques to end an encounter quickly and effectively. Most street fights only last a short period of time. As a street fighter, it is important to be familiar with different martial arts like Wing Chun.

To sum it all up, learning Wing Chun fro Sifu Och requires both effort and determination. Yet, the highest degree of learning can be achieved through the careful tutelage of a professional Wing Chun instructor. It was way back in the 1950s when the modernization of this martial art has begun to earn popularity…and it continues to grow in both popularity and recognition.

Today, Wing Chun practitioners can be seen all over the world. Even in the United States, and particularly in Florida, there are schools like Sifu Och Wing Chun that accept students who are willing to learn this type of self-defense. If you are live in the central Florida, Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland FL may be the best and most accessible option for you.

The Science of Wing Chun Self Defense

Every classic and modern combat system is based in science. It may not be up-front and obvious, but all fighting styles utilize movements, systems, and methodologies that can be broken down into force, leverage, inertia, angles, and power. If that’s not science—well, we don’t know what is. So it makes perfect sense that we’d want to break down the science of Wing Chun to see what exactly is going on when you throw a tan zhao punch or counter an opponent’s leg. Wing Chun is most certainly a realistic as well as scientific arrangement of combat. So how much of science does Wing Chun contain?

How scientific is Wing Chun Self Defense

From the human anatomy point of view, Wing Chun observes that the groin, throat, eyes and many of our other key susceptible targets all perch down the centerline of our body. Due to this and several other causes we invariably assault and oppose all attacks along the middle.

Follows Geometry axiom

An adage in geometry states “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  It’s for exactly this reason that Wing Chun practitioners forever strike as well as defend directly in front of, and all along, the center. As an alternative of parrying first and then striking back, a Wing Chun student will concurrently block as well as a hit—even when the opponent is mid-strike.

Physics in wing chun self defense

A law of physics states that “two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.” With this in mind, the science of Wing Chun self defense, at all times, aims to constantly engage the center line with punches in addition to kicks, conceding to and redirecting all obstructions. It also persistently substitutes the arms back transversely via the center line. As soon as you are able to control the center in Wing Chun, you can feel as well as take advantage of your challenger’s under- and over-committals by means of sticky legs or hands sensitivity.

Follows triangle or pyramid in structure

The triangle or pyramid is the firmest shape in nature. Realizing this, Wing Chun frequently applies in its arrangement as well as movements in triangles in addition to 45/60 degree angles. For instance, when training, Wing Chun has you stand somewhat pigeon-toed with knees curved in and with both arms pulled out—creating 3 triangles by means the our arms, legs, and feet.

45 or 60 degree angle to deflect

When parrying or even attacking, Wing Chun makes use of the control of 45 or 60 degree angles to ward off, pass on and cut across an opponent’s defenses. If substantial force is aimed at at the centerline, then Wing Chun “triangle evades” and moves forward at 45/60 degrees, letting you move beyond your initial location by means of not brute power or muscle, but merely the control of angles.

The SCIENCE OF Wing Chun IS truly a science of self-defense

There are quite a lot of other examples in addition to the reasons why Wing Chun really is the science of self-defense. It’s sufficient to say that by taking into consideration characteristics of anatomy, geometry, kinesiology, and physics, Wing Chun self defense is more of a martial science than an art. In fact, the application (along with the workouts and training forms) is the “art” part of the martial art, while the “science” is subconscious in addition to second-nature, implanting the muscle-memory, memorizing to control the opponent’s power, thereby productively expressing yours.

Wing Chun Weaknesses and Limitations

Is Wing Chun unstoppable? Of course not—no martial arts style is perfect. On top of that, it’s not necessarily the style that wins a fight, but the dedication and fitness of the practitioner who wields it. Still, there are some Wing Chun weaknesses that we can discuss freely and with openness to the style’s apparent limitations. Every line of attack in Wing Chun has a minimum of four lines of weakness that the form uses to disrupt the original speed and direction. Thus, slap blocking or parrying an attack by pressing it inward and upward, or outward and downward, causes the assailant to lose both power and structure. This is done primarily through redirection and loss of energy. When a Wing Chun practitioner reacts correctly and quickly to the strike of an assailant, he no longer has to deal with the original equation of net force and vector sums in a one-directional response.

Wing Chun has historically, however, focused on a close-combat range, focused on an area between the actual striking range and a grapple. Because many schools fail to train using tosses and grappling during sparring—or fail to do much sparring at all—strikes are often trained in response to a contact initiation (someone throws a punch). Long-range fighting skills as well as ground techniques and grappling may be left untouched—at least for many years. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we combat these tendencies by emphasizing sparring, grappling, and ground techniques for all of  our Advanced Wing Chun classes and students.

Without sufficient training and sparring practice and techniques being mastered, Wing Chun can be vulnerable to less conventional fighting styles like wrestling or more common professional boxing. If you’re learning Wing Chun you simply must spar and ensure that you’re not simply learning programmed responses to predictable attacks. Those who fail to do so may find themselves unable to adequately defend themselves in a street fighting scenario.

Multiple Styles Incorporated Into Wing Chun

For schools like Sifu Och Wing Chun that emphasize sparring and the integration of multiple techniques, there are less issues for those working on their techniques to develop sufficient skill and reaction time. Integrating techniques and styles from kickboxing or even MMA can really advance students in how to deal with non-traditional and long range attacks. Sparring against a wide range of potential styles and offensive techniques is a great way to reduce what might be considered Wing Chun weaknesses. When you are well-practiced and your defensive styles become natural and reflexive, you’l be in much betters ape when addressing what are otherwise considered Wing Chun weaknesses.

Where Wing Chun really shines is in its ability to deflect stronger attacks with both precision and speed. If, for example, a truck tries to derail a train by driving directly down the track, it loses. This is because it has to deal with the full momentum and force of not only the fist or front of the train but every “cargo section” that has built speed, weight and momentum behind it. A truck striking the side of a train has a much greater chance of derailing the intended target as it only deals with a small portion of the overall power and momentum built within the vehicle.

Another example is attacking the opponent’s attack.  This can be done in multiple ways.  Using the intercepting fist or turning punch, and striking or hitting the opponent’s strike from an outside angle.  Though the assailant may strike first, your angled deflection takes an inward and upward angle that meets only a fraction of its energy, to divert its intended destination point.

This first uses “live hand” which is using your arm on top of the opponent’s. As the opponent punches, you punch at their centerline, staying on top of your opponent’s punch, while keeping your elbow slightly bent, thus redirecting their strike as you hit their center.  This allows you to strike last but arrive first, with your assailant’s attempt redirected and your strike reaching its intended target, by blocking and attacking simultaneously.

Other examples of this type of redirection are the Jum Sau, also known as forearm block, Biu Gee, also known as thrusting fingers which can block and slip in an attack at the same time by keeping the fingers and arm forward and the elbow slightly down. A Bong Sau, also known as a wing arm block, that uses the angle of the forearm and the height of the elbow and shifting to redirect the opponents attack upward or to the side.

Want to eliminate the potential weakness of Wing Chun? Practice against multiple techniques, drill to perfection, and ensure you’re engaging in real sparring that exposes you to non-traditional attack methods.

Zombies Versus Wing Chun

Sadly, there have been several recent reports of various attackers fighting off zombie attacks. Just today, I read a report of a youth who was running home when three or four zombies struck him. He arrived in the doctor’s facility with a nibble wound…whereby specialists then observed him until he converted. It’s clearly beneficial to consider how well you’re equipped to manage these scenarios as well as have some kind of plan all set in case you get yourself into such a situation. From our perspective, if the worst hits, in our circles it’s going to come down to zombies versus Wing Chun students. Here are some tips

Zombies are Best to avoid

Without any doubt, your best strategy is to avoid zombies. But, as as one engaging in a Zombies versus Wing Chun Kung Fu all-out war, I would recommend situational cognizance empowers you to observe when zombie scenarios are improving so you can escape without needing to contact. Assuming that you perceive early enough, you can move far from damage by altering your direction or even by crossing the road. You can physically position yourself at favorable element by putting parked autos or different hindrances between you in addition to the dawdling moving danger.

Out of sight means out of mind

Keep in mind that out of sight is equivalent to being out of mind. The sooner you uproot yourself from the zombies’ field of vision, the better. Dodging a strike is best done from a distance. Once the hole between you and them has shut and they have you set up, the scenario is much dicier with a zombies versus Wing Chun scenario. There is a typical way in which the body or frame is integral to the Wing Chun form. Tragically, this doesn’t work whatsoever with zombies—at least not well. Some self-preservation types claim they’ve got the mystery equation for stopping zombies using verbal methods instead of hand-to-hand combat, however they don’t. When the predators complete their prey-choice process, nothing you say will dissuade them. You may be slanted to verbally engage them, particularly those you may have once known. Directly, I would prefer not to be joined with them; I need to withdraw totally.

Wing Chun Helps

The Zombies versus Wing Chun professionals that have survived an attack by the Zombie push into the top side above giving them a cheerful way out as the swarm presses its development. As his catch up strikes cuts into the neck and the neckline bone with the butterfly sword. Hacking, Kicking and Knocking the things back while like Spartans Fossi and Kaseem get long shafts striking advance and splitting skulls like to perfect pros. As the press in Fossi clears out the leg of a zombie as it liberates itself from the glass as well as runs at him. Smacking to the ground Kaseem finalizes it with speedy descending strikes to the head, face and figure. Huge Garret and Tom are laying the smack down their sheer size, speed and power drop the zombies such as flies. Thank God they had outfitted on as the zombies attempt to nibble into the clenched hands hitting into them as they just have it covered. Hence the war ends as well as proving that Wing Chun is A to B right?

Wing Chun Countering Energies

Newton’s law addresses countering energies, essentially saying that they provide an upward and forward counteracting force versus the opposing forces of gravity and rooting (the inertia caused by planting your feet correctly). Because of the principles in Wing Chun countering, we always train students to always press forward and downward—even when traveling backwards. Tension and compression are all acting forces that either push or pull objects at rest together or apart. These countering acting energies become even stronger as they work together and off of one another.

Wing Chun Countering Energies Increased with Two

Two partners working together can also generate increased strength and stability that they may have not been able to reach alone.  The point of balance between the two objects is called the center of mass, and this is the center of structural stability within this created dynamic. As the strength of one Wing Chun practitioner pushes through the lines of strength of the other, these Wing Chun countering energies and supporting forces create a balance point. Wing Chun works off of triangles found throughout the entire structure. This creates stability because at least one of the connective parts of a triangle is always pointing in the opposite direction of any force being applied. If this triangle or position is broken by leaning, over-committing, or otherwise losing your balance or power, then the triangle will dissolve into another shape and no longer have the structural integrity it once did.

This is why, in Wing Chun, having proper form is everything.

Countering Energies Through Practicing Continuous Flows

Depending on your lineage line, you may have attacks and drills that involve continuous flowing chains of offensive and defensive attacks and counters (like ours). Wing Chun is unique in these types of stand up reactive drills and even a third form that trains techniques for surviving and escaping a multiple attacker situation. This type of practical, repetitive training is exclusive to Wing Chun. No other martial art has these types of reaction drills.

A similar energy flow and sensitivity to balance and structure exists within Tai Chi push hands, and this is seen within Chi Sau. Wing Chun adds aggressive attack reactions into the mix. Wrist versus wrist doesn’t follow predetermined movements but is rather a constant barrage of attacks and reactions at extreme close-quarters. Wing Chun has kept this wrist against wrist tactic in order to keep both practitioners within striking range. Without this constraint, it’s easy for a student to start to run away or create huge distance between them and the assailant. This is a more realistic practice for dealing with a car assault, home invasion, bar or restaurant attack as the space, chairs, tables, and individuals surrounding you don’t allow for large, flowing movements. You must deal with what comes and survive or fail based on your training.

Car Assault Example
In the example of a car assault scenario, you are parked next to another vehicle, and you place your child in their seat. By opening the door you have cut off your only means of escape, and the assailant is upon you (plus you potentially have a child to protect). You have no space and no time—only room for a quick reaction. If we move this scenario to nighttime in your home or office, the lights are dim and the attack is on. Wing Chun asks “what if” questions and trains practitioners blindfolded so the only thing you can rely on are the skills instilled in you by your instructor and training. By having even one hand on your assailant in a low light you can “feel” where they are likely to attack (Ex. If the shoulder on one side moves in and down then the other is likely lifting and pulling back to hook punch.)

Precise Fighting applications with Wing Chun

Most people chamber the center torso when attacking with kicks or punches and so, by touching one side of the body, you can determine what the other person is likely to do. This reactive force of pulling back to strike forward can be sensed by the practitioner versus their opponent and can give them a pre-indication of the assailant’s next intentions. Nothing is foolproof, but if advanced drilling and training in this improves your effectiveness in low light fighting scenarios even a little bit, you can only gain.

Wing Chun’s small movements and properly timed attacks are used to defeat much larger and stronger attackers. Through proper power, speed, balance, and body structure, a small amount of force can be precisely applied. You not only deflect powerful attacks but expose the opponent’s vitals momentarily to a devastating counter-attack. Instead of blocking and then attacking as two separate movements, a Wing Chun practitioner will block and attack high and low at the same time. Techniques such as the Intercepting Fist “Cutting Arm” otherwise known as “Turning Punch” can cut into and disrupt the structure and attack of an opponent while allowing the Wing Chun practitioner to overtake and re-root any resistance. Through proven positions of power, the Wing Chun practitioner opens a pathway to the core vitals of their opponent both inside and outside of the assailant. These techniques automatically deflect while a countering attack, punch, and/or kick is delivered.

Benefits of After School Martial Arts Programs

Learning martial arts, whether it’s Wing Chun or Jujitsu, offers a lot of advantages for students. While it’s possible to learn martial arts irrespective of age, the benefits of after school martial arts programs are numerous. children tend to learn and absorb techniques, combinations, and skills more swiftly and with greater ease. Continue reading “Benefits of After School Martial Arts Programs”

Training Wing Chun Kung Fu Beginners

Training Wing Chun Kung Fu beginners starts right in with the hand to hand intelligent close combat system. Each technique is trained to be extremely effective—and that just takes repetition, dedication, and time. For self-confidence and self defense our program at Sifu Och Wing Chun in Downtown Lakeland florida is an amazing system. Wing Chun Kung Fu, while very well known as a great addition to any martial artist, is also a great system for beginners and those who’ve never taken a martial arts course before. Many people are joining a martial arts program so they can learn self-defensive techniques, but few understand the difference in the different systems. When training Wing Chun Kung Fu beginners we drill each technique thoroughly until it’s extremely effective.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Beginners CAN BE Any Age

Students of any age can learn Wing Chun Kung Fu because it is very easy to learn. It’s therefore possible to move into Wing Chun if you are coming from any another martial arts system. You just need to understand some of the fundamental differences in shifting and footwork in addition to centering your body in the proper position. Rather than assuming Wing Chun Kung Fu beginners are kids, the reality is that many are adults—and some have even trained in other martial arts for many years.

Benefits Wing Chun Kung Fu BEGINNERS CAN EXPECT

Benefit 1: Often, the primary purpose of joining a Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts program is to learn real self-defense. Besides this, however, are other reasons for joining and learning Wing Chun Kung Fu as a beginner. This includes building your self-confidence, physical fitness, and growing in (and focusing) strength. A good Wing Chun Sifu (instructor) will train you in such a way that you can grow and really focus your abilities. As a result you will be able to achieve your goals more quickly.

Benefit 2: The next benefit is improving your body’s reflex power. By practicing Wing Chun daily, you will be able to improve your body reflexes along with reaction time and power. Basically, Wing Chun Kung Fu Beginners grow in how quickly they can react to a punch, kick, or dangerous situation.

Benefit 3: Discipline is yet another factor which can help you grow with the help of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Nowadays, discipline is lacking in most people’s lives. Wing Chun will truly help you build the power of self-discipline and self-control through consistent practices and meditations.

Benefit 4: Through learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, students can develop better relationships and even social skills (through a higer level of self-confidence).

Benefit 5: Wing Chun Kung Fu can really and truly reduce stress. Because both Wing Chun Kung Fu beginners and advanced students spend a good amount of time learning control and practicing focused combinations, the result is that you tend to reduce your body’s stress levels by keeping it relaxed and controlled.

Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland Florida is simply the best school in the area for developing Wing Chun beginners and advanced students alike. Our training process, Sifu, and instructors are exceptional and care about your personal progress and goals.

Why I Love Wing Chun

Martial arts were something I never thought that I would be interested in. For the longest time I shuddered at the thought of exercise or fighting, but when my father died I looked at the idea in a new light. As a way to protect myself. I started Wing Chun Kung Fu on the suggestion of a friend. He’d told me that he was looking into the practice and that if I was looking into a martial art, that this would be a good place to start. Now I love Wing Chun, and I love Kung Fu.

With the everlasting flow of information on the internet I dove into tons of research on many different martial arts in the surrounding area before I decided to go check out the Wing Chun school that I lived near; and seeing as I’ve stuck with it for an entire year, I’d say it’s turned out pretty well.

I’ve never done any sort of other practice before, the only real experience I’ve had with martial arts prior to Wing Chun was a friend I had back when I was a kid, around the age of 11, who attended Tae Kwan Do classes. I remember seeing small children around the ages of six and seven and wondering how they could have such an advanced belt. Could they really use the techniques and throws correctly? I didn’t believe that a six year old girl can be on the verge of a black belt in a martial art. I don’t think a twelve year old could do it. That was only memorable experience I’ve had.

The World of Kung Fu

Now that I’ve drabbled into the world of Kung Fu I feel that it’s something that I’ll involve myself in in many years to come. Between the physical, mental, and social benefits I’ve gained from it, I find that Wing Chun Kung Fu will now be a permanent part of my life whether I’m living in Lakeland, Florida attending the original studio I learned from, or teaching in another state across the country. The things that I’ve experienced with my new Wing Chun family are ever increasing.

In this past year my confidence has greatly increased, along with my physical capabilities.

A year ago I would be surprised if I could run a mile or do one pull up without passing out but through a continuous work out cycle, courtesy of the boot camp I’m sure, I possess much more physical prowess than that of a year ago.

I feel confident in my abilities to adequately defend myself if the moment came to it which allows me to feel safer than I have been; and being a young female college student who will soon live on her own, I am quite grateful to have this confidence.

I Love Wing Chun Because It’s a Family

Though I think the most that I am grateful for that I have come to know in this past year is my Wing Chun family. The togetherness, bonding and friendships that have grown through the mutual practice of Wing Chun certainly is amazing. In fact, I believe that Wing Chun takes up a majority of my social life outside of school and work. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad yet, but so far I’m enjoying it.

I find myself more focused and driven than I was a year ago. Before Wing Chun I didn’t have the drive to achieve greater things. I had the potential sure, but never that smoldering drive that pushes me forward now, and now that I’ve had a taste I’m sure that I’ll continue pushing forward towards success and goals that I set out. Wing Chun has certainly made a difference.

Should You Fear Wing Chun or Wing Chun Training?

A lot of experienced and inexperience students come from various backgrounds, but should you fear Wing Chun training? We don’t think so at all…unless you’re an opponent ad you’re trained in another martial art that is! Fear comes in two forms: Fear generated by practiced Wing Chun, and fear of starting or engaging in a Wing Chun regimen. These are two very different things.

You Should Fear Wing Chun

Cause fear in your opponent, and they will lose their intention to harm. Striking an opponent hard, fast and effectively injuring them will cause fear. When your opponent learns to fear Wing Chun then you may gain a sizable advantage—or even win by default if your attacker runs away). Your goal is to unbalance your opponent’s foundation and ability to react against you effectively. Fear will have your opponent’s mind and body in a constant state of unbalance. They will fall back when you attack and second guess their strikes, thus cutting power to them (lack of confidence in a fight = lack of power and intent).  Fear is a tool, use it when necessary and know that your opponent may attempt to use this tactic as well. When the mind is distracted it loses power.  Whether through fear or distraction the mind is fragile and will fold under a greater pressure.  This is the essence of the fight or flight mentality. Fear in Wing Chun or any system of martial arts is natural and the more confident you become in your application the more this fear will melt away.

Remember that Wing Chun is a combative kung fu style based off of muscular/skeletal structure. It draws its power from the intent of controlled full body system muscular skeletal structures recruitment. Allowing the impact of the muscles, body structure and  impact points with resisting pressures reinforced by the muscular/skeletal connection with the rest of the body in relation to the ground. This must be attained while directing your strikes at specifically trained areas of the body.  Such as the throat, eyes, temple, collar bone, lower floating rib and  multiple points around the neck and jaw to name a few.  Training these fast twitch muscle fibers (fibers in your muscles responsible for muscle speed and strength) and not tensing those muscles that will hold back or give resistance to those striking structures, means relaxation and explosive power at the end of each strike.

You Should Not Fear Wing Chun Training

Learning and getting good at Wing Chun also means training consistently in drills and isolating specific muscle groups. Later training will include using the entire body as a weapon. We do not train for just any type of strike or hit wherever we can. We train for specific places and to achieve specific results. The good news, however, is that student at any level can progress—and students at any level can be effectively trained to eventually become adept at Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Competition Wing Chun Kung Fu

I am well aware this topic is somewhat touchy, but I’ll attempt to talk about it regardless. We’ll discuss it and then leave it to your judgment. Competition Wing Chun can expose you to different wing chun lineages, real self defense techniques, your own weaknesses, and general modern combat rules. Is it necessary to engage in competition Wing Chun in order to succeed with the style in learning self defense? Possibly not, but you do need to regularly engage in some form of contact sparring and active testing of your skills and drills with various partners and students.

Lately, for reasons that I’m not sure, Wing Chun Kung Fu has recently been brought into contests and competitions with the apparent objective of taking it to the masses and raising awareness. And really, taking any kind of martial art form to competitions will have some positive and negative effects on your training. You have to decide which is best for you and weigh the decision.

Always a staunch supporter of Wing Chun Kung Fu, I feel that whatever kind of martial art you practice, you need to decide what it is you want to attain overall. Aside from this general concept, first and foremost we have to ask what Wing Chun is—and why are you taking it. Ask and answer the following questions:

  • Is Wing Chun Kung Fu a technique of getting fit? There’s no doubt it will make you fit, however robustness is for the most part a side-effect of the action and is not the solitary reason for learning.
  • Does Wing Chun Kung Fu lead to a “path of spiritual clarification”? Even as there are many different religious philosophies, this typically isn’t the main goal a person being trained in this art form will seek.
  • Is Wing Chun Kung Fu a system for learning self defense? Of course it is, and I feel that this is the primary objective of the martial art. The sheer soul of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to teach you to be competent, efficient, and—at the same time—learn to handle realistic self-defense situations.

Competition Wing Chun Kung Fu Benefits

  • Wing Chun is for fighting and real self defense it is key and what Wing Chun aims to do so you could use this in competition continuous sparring (depending on rules)
  • Competition Wing Chun can expose you to different wing chun lineages, techniques, weaknesses, and rules of combat.
  • Encouragement of students to train and push themselves and increase skill versus other arts.

Competition Wing Chun Kung Fu negatives

  • It is competely subjective, the judges make decisions based off of what the “feel” wins, or thinks is good.
  • Even when you do exceptionally well you may not even place in your division
  • Usually costs about $120- $200+ dollars for entry, then add on travel, flight and food expenses (possible $200-700)

Competition wing chun can be good and bad depending on the rules, how your expected to react and every competiton is different tournaments you may find that it matches or is completely different from your current training.  Not to mention that it is not guarenteed that you will win even if you listen and try to do everything they tell you they want you to do.  So is it good, yes in some ways, is it bad, yes because you may not be training to actually use and execute what you would want to do in a real situation.

Competition Wing Chun Kung Fu – No Game.

So, now I can ask you – is Wing Chun Kung Fu a game? I can say positively no. The sort of states of affairs that a self defense arrangement manages cannot be repeated in the competitive field but can be attempted.  Reaction is key, striking and growing is essential.  Hence the philosophies, theories and the principles of such organizations do not intersect well. Since competition is not a part of the objective of this martial art, to bring in amendment of such qualities merely for the sake of competition is to wonder if you are bringing the best or worse part of the art itself.

Is it feasible to crop up with a stunning competition featuring wing chun which would turn out to be motivating for contemporary society, yes and they do it in China.  Can you envision a Competition wing chun where competitors execute pushing workouts and attempting to follow all the rules, yes but every school is different and every competition is different and requires different rules.  Will your school be able to follow these rules or will it hinder your growth.  Will you rise to new challenges or will it restrict your growth?

Are you all the same ready to compete? No matter your position at some point you will have to use and apply your Wing Chun in realistic self defense.  Every Wing Chun scholar has to carry out fighting under the scrutiny of their teacher to truly know if they can use what they know. It can be in the school or outside of it.  It is a check to measure one’s Wing Chun awareness in addition to skills, speed, power and the truest sense of Wing Chun is combat application.

As you can tell I am giving you both sides, no official opinion as I want to hear yours.  Tell us what you think.

Prevent Bullying With Kids Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bullying is a big deal in school these days. Often, parents don’t know how to deal with it or how to really enable their children to get to a place where they’re not “victims” in their own schools and playgrounds. The truth is, parents can help prevent bullying with kids Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Bullying is actually a very great source of anxiety to parents in addition to the effect it has on a child. The terror bullying induces can cause reclusive behavior, result in poor self-image and self-body reflection, and kids can feel unloved and wanted. Unfortunately, most don’t even ask for help from their parents. We love to involve parents in the progress our kids make in Sifu Och’s Wing Chun kung fu classes. The smile on the faces of parents watching their kids excel is priceless.

It is a simple fact: kids do love working hard. Because of this, kids also love Wing Chun Kung Fu training since it also means they get plenty of hard work that results in visible progress. Don’t be surprised when the same enthusiasm demonstrated by these kids in the classroom leaks out into other environments where excellent behavior and discipline is called for.

Bullying – A Great Concern to Parents

Unfortunately, efforts to prevent bullying has become a 24/7 problem, and the anonymity of the Internet makes it more difficult to identify and punish bullies. But programs in which schools and the community work together to prevent bullying and reduce disruptive behavior can make a difference.

The benefits that a child gets out of Wing Chun Kung Fu are numerous and self-defense in only a tiny aspect of the same. Instead of making your kid a couch potato you can send them to a Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts class as well as notice the following changes in them over time:

  • Increase Social interactivity
  • They talk with Self Confidence
  • They are able to form opinions
  • Never fear to confess when they are wrong
  • Willingness to reveal their latest skills to the entire class
  • Better alertness with regard to health as well as fitness
  • Their concentration powers also increase
  • Hence they are confident to put these derived capabilities into their studies as well.
  • Unfortunately, Prevent Bullying has become a 24/7 problem, and the anonymity of the Internet makes it more difficult to identify and punish bullies

Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy Lakeland Fl
Wing Chun Kung Fu school
116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Best at Lakeland Florida

Are you a fan of Kung Fu? Do you stay stuck to the television when the movies of martial arts are on air? Do you wish only if you too could have trained or learnt any styles of Kung Fu?  Do you find it difficult to compete with your friends who are trained in boxing or other forms of martial arts?Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Best at Lakeland Florida. Do you wish that you had same kind of agility and fitness as that of the martial artists? If answer to any of the above questions is yes, then perhaps it is time that you get trained in Kung Fu. And not just any style, but Wing Chun Kung Fu.

more about Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is one of the simplest but most effective styles of Kung Fu which originated in South China. Initially it was not much known or practiced but with time Wing Chun gained popularity all over the world. It was developed as a mechanism to survive on the streets and hence practicality is its very essence.  If you have watched movies of Bruce Lee and Ip Man, then you know the kind of martial arts we are talking about. It does not involve any indirect, graceful movements but clean and instant combat strikes which are effective by all means. Now the question is where can you learn Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu at Sifu Och in Lakeland Florida

Located at downtown Lakeland Florida, Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the best and most popular schools of Wing Chun. Our school provides different types of classes, from beginning Wing Chun classes to Advanced Wing Chun Techniques. Some of other programs offered at Sifu Och Wing Chun include Kickboxing and Boot Camps to after school martial arts programs for students. So while Wing Chun is our most popular class, we offer classes for literally every walk of life—from men & women, to students, to college & young professionals. We’ve also got our share of athletes who have enrolled in our Sifu Och Wing Chun classes in our downtown Lakeland Florida studio.

Learn from the best at Lakeland Florida

Wing Chun style is a no-nonsense martial art, and our Lakeland Florida program is headed by none other than Sifu Justin Och. Sifu Och is a renowned Black and Gold Sash practitioner in the Wing Chun style. Having trained under the masters from all over the world, he has been recognized as a Leader in Combative Wing Chun Kung Fu and is also a national instructor of the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Close Combat systems.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Training for Quick Reactions

Wing Chun doesn’t emphasize elegance, points, or have a sports-oriented mentality. Its only interest is simplicity and using the most highly effective and proficient techniques. Your understanding and ability are based off of your teacher’s ability and your willingness to learn and practice. If they have it, and can teach it, you’ll be able to learn…if you train. Refining the taught applications can not only build strength, it will make you faster. When you get faster, you not only move more quickly into your “block while attacking” movements, you develop quick reactions and response times to attacks from your opponent. We believe in conveying real-world training. I’ve heard all too often about students who have studied under instructors and have been led on for over a decade being told that “One day they will release ALL of the REAL information to them if they just stick around.” These same students have come down and—in one afternoon—seen and participated in more effective techniques than they have done in the past ten years—no questions, no tricks, just survival.

Fighting is Chaotic, train reaction and calculated action.

Fighting can be unpredictable and chaotic unless you have trained to respond accordingly to the movements and actions of your assailant.  Wing Chun’s applicable reaction should never be pre-calculated or preconceived.  How can you decide how a fight will start or end before it has begun?  You are not reproducing techniques but rather building a direct response.Refining applications, trained as reactions in kung fu training.  Responding to an opponent’s attack and training combinations that teach flowing response and are continuously  interchangeable.

You cannot think faster than an unpredictable attack yet you can train to react appropriately and be extremely effective. Reaction is an innate survival response in every creation, only human’s can train in various levels, weapons, styles and degrees of response depending on the situation.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Training in Lakeland FL

You must train the body to naturally respond to any situation even if you have never faced it before. Wrist against wrist, Chi Sau, Don Chi Sau, and Bong Lop are all examples of Wing Chun training for a natural response. Two partners get together with the goal of assisting the other to develop rooting structure, weed out errors, and have a constant forward energy without leaning or giving up the centerline. Since both practitioners are seeking to train the center offense and defense, a meeting forward energy cancels each other out. By rooting, a Wing Chun practitioner takes the partner’s energy and roots it through the body then this energy is pressed back from the ground through the practitioner and into the partner once again. By placing and meeting energy, a practitioner can feel and calculate the next position of the partner before they reach their destination.  This also means they can diffuse a large portion of the partner’s force as long as proper body structure is maintained (aka don’t lean, stop keeping the arms out from the body, completely relax, or stiffen up and attempt to overpower the partner)

Self Defense as an Essential Skill

With the rise in violent crime seen over the last decades, it is becoming an increasingly canny idea to invest in some training in self-defense. Even the most innocent stumble from the bar to the late-night kebab shop or burger joint can be fraught with danger for the unwary and unprepared.  Professional training in martial arts and self-defense, such as that on offer at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, could not only make all the difference next time you’re confronted by such a situation, but can also lead to a whole host of benefits for the body and mind.

self defense is a concept developed and taught at schools like the Wing Chun School, which will enable you to avoid or effectively deal with any aggressive situation that may arise. The martial art courses at Wing Chun School will teach you invaluable techniques to aid you in spotting trouble before you walk into it, putting-off potential attackers through your demeanour, and – as a last resort – neutralizing an attack in a manner that has little chance of leading to a full scale brawl or landing you in trouble with the authorities.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Courses on offer at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy provide comprehensive training in the Wing Chun system, developed over 300 years ago and passed down through many generations, blending the techniques of several masters. With branches worldwide all offering top level tuition and access to state-of-the-art training equipment, signing up for a course in your local area could mean you never have to worry about being the victim of an unwarranted act of aggression again.

self defense is all about learning to use techniques that are simple enough to learn quickly and do not require you to have the lightning-fast reflexes (or choreographed partner) or Bruce Lee. self defense teaches real techniques that can be used when the sidewalk is your arena and the aggression coming at you is very real. Through taking a course like those provided by Wing Chun Academy, you will learn that self defense does not necessarily involve fighting at all, but can be as much about remaining calm, relaxed and hard to upset, exuding confidence so as to avoid being drawn into a fight in the first place. The martial arts techniques taught by Wing Chun instructors will allow you to remain unruffled in the face of an aggressive onslaught and you never know who you might end up impressing with your James Bond-cool attitude.

Knowledge of self defense is a real asset in modern society and you can’t get a better grounding than that offered by the Wing Chun School – so why not check out the website to find your nearest Kuen and set out down the road to becoming an imperturbable master of the arts now?

Written by Wing Chun Fans of Sifu Och

Wing Chun Lakeland FL for Real World Self Defense

For those who love the martial arts—myself included—the Wing Chun form has always amazed with its sheer richness of form and brutal effectiveness. For use as a real world self defense method, Wing Chun is better than most due to its aggressive style and “block while attacking” techniques. Despite the growing popularity of martial arts worldwide (particularly Kung Fu), Wing Chun is not nearly as popular and widely recognized. It is, however, one of the most dangerous and effective styles in getting an edge over your opponent since it was originally designed for self defense. If you’re looking for a martial art style that puts you in a position to temporarily or permanently harm or disable your attacker, then Wing Chun is for you.

Real World Self Defense Training

Our goal at Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland FL is to bring you exciting real world self defense classes where we teach you how to keep your body and mind fit while being alert and ready to defend yourself when the need arises. For self defense we feel that you need to learn the form but also be physically fit enough to benefit from the training. Our Wing Chun classes are conducted in downtown Lakeland Florida and are one of the best that a martial arts enthusiast can hope for. We believe in imparting the values of excellence and accuracy to our energetic students. Once enrolled in our real world self defense classes, you quickly learn the skills you need, and home those skills until you have the precision and focus needed to use them effectively.

Our team of professionals could well be the best you’ll find in the city. Our years of experience and expertise are a result of our combined perseverance and determination—qualities that they effectively teach their students. Our unique and engaging style of teaching is sure to keep you hooked and will leave you wanting for more at the end of a practice session. You can only grow and prosper under their guidance. If credibility and efficiency are your primary concerns, you are welcome to verify our authenticity and expertise.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Taking Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at our Lakeland Florida facility is one of the best places to improve your physical fitness and overall health while learning martial arts and self defense. It’s our promise to groom enthusiastic, strong and skilled Wing Chun Kung Fu experts. We not only teach you the glamorous side of Kung Fu, but focus on the core Kung Fu principles and help you grow into a proficient and lifelong Wing Chun Kung Fu student.

6th Dan Taekwondo Master, Now WING CHUN!!!

6th Dan Taekwondo Master, Now WING CHUN!!!

I had 28 years training and achieving in Taekwondo, a Master in my own right as a 6th Dan.

I was very impressed with Sifu Och’s Now Wing Chun from day one, you will be too.

Taekwondo Master chooses Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland Florida

I trained to be able to defend and protect myself and my loved ones.  I know you’ll hear the so called EXPERTS and MASTERS talk about how you train to (not fight) whatever that is suppose to mean, but its not reality.  Yes you should avoid any and all conflicts but if you can’t avoid them then you should be able to devastate your attacker or attackers.

My last 2 to 3 years in Taekwondo was very unfulfilling I felt inadequate in fighting, think about that 28 years training and felling inadequate and I had trained under some real masters and experts.  I was in a martial art that had very little contact.  Most kicks and punches were done in the air with no contact.  There was never any force or power.  Classes were one hour, which didn’t leave a lot of time to work on (in my opinion) real fighting.  After all, this was the reason I wanted to do the martial arts, why I wanted.  To be able to defend and protect my loved ones, so I decided to  look else where.

I was told about Now Wing Chun through another Taekwondo instructor that had gone looking for something more realistic then what we had trained, he led me to Sifu Och Now Wing Chun.  I was very impressed with Sifu Och’s Wing Chun from day one.  This was what I was looking for. Now Wing Chun is a lot different than any other art.  I feel better with just one year so far of training in Wing Chun than I did with 28 years in Taekwondo.  I’ve even become more focused and more capable in my fighting.  It hasn’t been easy to ROOT, keeping your elbows in, and straight line punching but I see the benefit and the simplicity  of Wing Chun. But it’s hard to break a lifetime of bad habits but I will keep on trying.

SIFU JUSTIN OCH is very good at teaching and explaining every aspect of why a technique works or won’t work. I have learned a lot since I’ve been in Wing Chun.  But I have a lot further to go to be where I want to be.

Furthering my Testimonial to Sifu Och Wing Chun

My punches are more controlled, powerful, my body is more rooted, and I’m not (as much) off balance any more.  My power has increased and my speed is better now then it has ever been before.  I have gotten into better shape, just from Wing Chun and the blocks, punches and training.  Chain punching by the way is fantastic at building muscle mass in the arms and chest. I have lost about 10-12 lbs in one year just from working out in Wing Chun blocking and attacking.  My endurance and cardio has improved greatly.  I still have a long way to go. I would like to be able if a fight breaks out, I just want to end the fight very quickly.  I also want to be able to be good enough to not be hit that easily.

My endurance, power, speed and cardio has improved greatly but I still have a long way to go.

James Frazier
Lakeland Now Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy
116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida

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Pressure Points in Martial Arts Self Defense

Some forms and styles of kung fu fighting, including Wing Chun, include the study and use of pressure points. When applied properly, pressure to particular areas of the body produces excruciating pain. This weakness or susceptibility in the human body can help you achieve victory over an assailant or attacker.

Pressure Points Defined: A pressure point is literally a “tender spot” whose entomology can be traced back to the meridian points in traditional Chinese medicine and ancient martial arts. A pressure point is any area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effect (for example, movement in a particular direction) when pressed, squeezed, or touched in a certain way.

We have many classes that teach the valuable Wing Chun techniques associated with finding and exploiting pressure points, and even our summer after school programs touch upon these to a point. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we emphasize self defense as a means to get away from an attacker through any means possible. While we teach respect, discipline, and self-control, when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, teaching and training in the aspect of applying and exploiting key pressure points in the human body is something we don’t shy away from.

Some Particular Pressure Points

  1. Very vulnerable areas: The eyes, the testicles, the shins, etc.
  2. Forehead: Striking the flat of the forehead forces the head back with little resistance. Beginners should use the heel of their palm.
  3. Shoulder: Look for the collar bone and once located jab fingers behind bone and force to the ground.
  4. Throat: The easiest way to strike is probably with a knife hand turned upside down.
  5. Under the jaw: Grab the neck on the front and reach under the jaw and squeeze while pressing upward.

For those of you thinking that learning about pressure points is way too much for a summer camp in Lakeland, FL (or even an adult class), we tend to ask two questions: “What would you do to keep your kids safe?” and “If you weren’t there, what would you want your child to do to keep him or herself safe?” If your child is grabbed, assaulted, or taken by a 200 lb adult, we want to instill some simple skills to even the playing field and give them the skills to escape a potentially dangerous situation. It’s hard enough for a full-grown adult to stop another adult, so what self-defense skills do you want your child learning? We can teach them and do so in a responsible and respectful manner.

Wing Chun Stances and Rooting as Foundation

More than bent knees and wide stances, Wing Chun stances and rooting provide the basis for the strength and force of each offensive and defensive move. Take, for instance, a “duck stance”—most people walk and stand with the toes pointing out from the heels and centerline. When this happens, your center of gravity changes from being underneath you to behind you. When the toes point out and your heels point in, your center is drawn behind you. Though you could bend your knees, widen your stance, or think about rooting, it would not improve your dynamic structure if you are attacked.

Your center of gravity within the various Wing Chun stances and rooting is more than just bending the knees and getting a wider stance. It’s also more than simply visualizing yourself “sinking” into the ground. As my Tai Chi Grandmaster would say: “these are all great tools, but you’re still cheating”—cheating in the sense that anyone can widen their stance or bend their knees to gain this kind of rooting.

The Source of Good Wing Chun Stances and Rooting

So where does great rooting come in? First you must question and test your current understanding and abilities in rooting and moving. Wing Chun stances will undoubtedly alter your preconceived ideas about these positions.

Rooting without dynamic movement is useless stance work and impractical. When you practice static rooting or stances without movement it has no purpose or ability against a striking, multi-ranged assailant.

There are many tools and drills we use to check every level of Wing Chun stances and rooting from the arms, chest, hip, and legs into the ground.  Rooting downward and striking forward is a mystery to some. I remember learning other styles where the Master would tell us to bend the knees and “feel” yourself rooting. This is like saying knowing “of” and “feeling” out your A, B, C’s is like knowing, reading, and understanding the ‘Freedom From Fear’ by David M. Kennedy.  It isn’t the same and you will always question if your rooting could be better and what you might gain if it was.

Great Wing Chun Stances and Rooting Questions

What does wing chun stances rooting mean if it isn’t just bending the knee’s or widening the stance?
Is rooting for your school of Wing Chun shock value rooting?
Can you do it if you’re standing in a bar, restaurant or home or does it need preparation? 
Is it too close or too far apart? 
Does your rooting hold up when caught off guard and someone attacks with something you didn’t expect? 
Someone comes and pushes you can your rooting recover quickly or do you lose balance easily?
Is your stance tested and practiced reflex, or is it more of induced movement attached to a sequence of responses? 

Can you, while attacking in a fast or vicious manner, maintain this chosen rooting, wide stance, or structure at all times, or do you notice it changing? Choosing a stance that maintains your rooting, structural reinforcement of all of your techniques while keeping and increasing your ability to be dynamic within your footwork are all key.

Wing Chun Stances disagreements

wing chun stances wing chun rooting sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida martial arts gung fu class
wing chun stances wing chun rooting sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida martial arts gung fu class

Even within Wing Chun there is a disagreement of structure, Wing Chun stances, rooting, distance of footwork, knee positions, and even weight distribution. I have visited many different schools and heard the arguments and justifications of each thought. Some very well known instructors keep the knees in, almost touching each other in order to protect the groin.  Other well known teachers have stances that keep 80% of their weight on the front and 100% of their weight on the back foot. Still other teachers claim there is no set stance—just foot work that is used dynamically. The key is whether their students can use it for fighting. If so, then the explaination is backed by the beautiful and sweet music of practical application.

If your foot work can move dynamically; be used practically and under the tenants of pressure, shock, and surprise; and can still hold up and reinforce every attack and block you have, than you are doing your art justice. It’s easy to use the strikes and footwork of another art but to dive deeper within your own and find the truth and practicality in it preserves the art into the next generation.

We have our own ways of testing our downward rooting while pressing forward in and out of the dynamic representation of Wing Chun. That’s not to say we are not always students of this amazing art and that we have it perfect—we don’t. We are always improving, gaining, growing, and seeing new light that Wing Chun has to help us in every aspect of our self defense. Ask the questions, test yourself, and grow within each day as new skills are both discovered and revealed. If you have questions about our footwork and structure, please feel free to ask us. We would love to continue this discussion.

David Peterson WSL Ving Tsun

David Peterson WSL Ving Tsun

No matter your lineage you come from you will find David Peterson WSL Ving Tsun enlightening, detail oriented, filled with knowledge and friends from every walk of life.  You may start your journey with research, David Peterson’s dvd’s, but this won’t come close to the information he, his instructors, and classes have to offer. There are details that are deep within the forms, chi sau, single hand chi sau and quick combat close range fighting.

David Peterson Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Academy
Justin Och, Jason Gowan, John Smith, David Peterson
Wong Shun Leung Ving Tusn Kung Fu Seminar

David Peterson WSL Ving Tsun seeks to improve the understanding, details and applications of every wing chun kung fu practitioner.   I would highly recommend training with his Wong Shun Leung instructors.  They take their training seriously but are amazingly fun guys to hang around with, a family that wants you to truly understand Wing Chun.

I started speaking with David Peterson back in 2011 and 2012 but it was in May 2013 when I traveled to London, England to attend David Peterson’s Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu seminar.  I went to train under the Wong Shun Leung lineage system and understand where this great fighter, mentor, and instructor of the Ip Man system wanted to take his students and future generations. The seminar was a meeting place for practitioners from every lineage, level and walk of life.  David Peterson was joined by many faithful instructors from John Smith, Ged Kennerk and Jason Gowan as well as many more. After a fun filled weekend filled with techinques, details and laughter I was invited by David Peterson to join him for his Odense Denmark Seminar, which I made plans, flight and scheduling at the last moment to take advantage of this learning opportunity.

David Peterson Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Academy
Morten Ibsen, John Smith, Justin Och, David Peterson,. Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Seminar

Catching a flight from London, England I flew into Copenhagen, Denmark and then took a 2+ hour train into Odense Denmark where I joined the Denmark Wing Chun David Peterson WSL group under Morten Ibsen. Morten Ibsen, John Smith, his wife and students were all extremely welcoming during the Denmark seminar.  A great group that led there way, helping, and training practitioners from all over Denmark.  I then took a flight with David Peterson, his wife, John Smith and his wife into Manchester England to participate in all of the David Peterson Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun seminars.  Focusing on specific drills, training, footwork and applicable close-fighting techniques.

David Peterson has a refreshing approach and attitude about the advancement of the Wing Chun system.  His approach takes the details of each and every section, form and purpose behind each technique, drill and strike.  His instructors are open, welcoming and honest wanting those that have real dedication and perseverance to get what they have to offer.

It was a pleasure meet and train with David Peterson, John Smith, Jason Gowan, Ged Kennerk, Morten Ibsen and everyone of the instructors and students that I met.  Each of them took their personal time to answer any questions and even train personally with me to give and go over the details.  It was also an great honor to hear David Peterson say “When you get back, tell all of your students Welcome to the Wong Shun Leung family”.  I intend on continuing this training for as long as David Peterson and his Wong Shun Leung instructors will have me.

Sincerely, Justin Och
116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida

For more info watch this videos

Jeet Kune Lakeland Florida

Jeet Kune Do is a fighting style originally developed by Bruce Lee, the world renowned actor and martial arts prodigy. It is known for its fluid movements and simple, yet potent techniques to accommodate various real-life scenarios. The style combines the best moves found in Wing Chun Kung Fu, boxing and fencing. To find Jeet Kune Lakeland classes, all you need to do is visit Sifu Och Wing Chun, a school that incorporates the best of Jeet Kune Do into a modernized fighting combat style.

Elements of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Jeet Kune Lakeland Classes

Bruce Lee studied a form of Kung Fu known as Wing Chun Kung Fu from a very young age. In fact, the majority of videos that have captured his training feature the famous martial artist practicing moves from that very same fighting style. With only three forms, the entire system gets together with a real partner for practical training and reaction.

Like most other Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun teaches a strict form, controlled movements, and attack patterns that react to the actions of your opponents. This proves to be highly effective in a controlled environment of martial arts competitions, but can become limiting and predictable when faced with a real danger of violence on the street.

Difference Between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune

Bruce Lee had perfected Wing Chun Kung Fu moves through years of training and regarded them highly, but also believed that they can be improved to better reflect the chaos and unpredictability of street fighting. In order to do that, he got rid of strict techniques in favor of quick and unpredictable moves that would have an element of surprise. The focus shifted from domination and control to flexibility and speed.

When you come to seek Jeet Kune Lakeland Florida classes, Sifu Och Wing Chun teaches the same principles that were originally envisioned by Bruce Lee when he referred to his invention as a “style with no style” and worked hard to make his movements “fluid like water”.

Jeet Kune Lakeland Fl Classes

  • Jeet Kune Do uses the simple moves of Wing Chun that achieve maximum possible effect.
  • Quick and elusive techniques taught that take your opponent by surprise.
  • Hitting multiple parts of the opponent’s body in close succession.
  • It borrows moves from different styles of martial arts and even some sports.
  • The moves consist primarily of kicking, punching, trapping and grappling.
  • Instead of controlled movement patterns, techniques flow smoothly and freely.
  • Jeet Kune Do uses Wing Chun tactics to disrupts engaged opponents as they are about to attack

Before you search for a place in Lakeland, Florida to learn Jeet Kune Do, consider the following facts about this style, and see if it will be suitable for your goals and your body. Some of them can also be taken as advice for those who are planning to start their training in the future.

  • Jeet Kune Do requires a lot of flexibility, which can be achieved through regular stretching exercises.
  • There can be no improvement without constant training, so involving someone else to train with you daily would be beneficial.
  • Remember that learning Jeet Kune Lakeland Florida classes take a lot of time and practice.
  • You won’t get to any of the advanced techniques unless you’re patient.

If you would like to find out more about learning this form of martial arts in Lakeland, Florida, contact us to get familiar with the specifics and requirements of Jeet Kune Do.

Anger and Wing Chun Don’t Mix

A angry mind full of stress, anxiety, and frustration will cloud the judgment of a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner—or any martial artist. Saying this and training for a clear mind are two different things, of course. You must make it a practice, so the body can relax and calm its breathing, heart, and mind when under duress.

Anger and Wing Chun Don’t Mix

siu nim tao gung fu in lakeland fl wing chun form anger sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida martial arts gung fu class
Siu nim tao gung fu being practice in our Downtown Lakeland Sifu Och Wing Chun studio

Anger management within the martial arts is extremely important. Anger and Wing Chun don’t mix. Not only is calming the mind important—restraint of primal anger during a confrontation keeps you from having a “fogged” perception. The mind needs to be clear in order to fulfill its full capability and goals.  Wing Chun Kung Fu demands a clear mind swept of anger in order to be filled with purpose, skill and drive.  Though anger can have a drive of its own if not tempered it can run rampant in our lives and destroy that which is built and postive.

Wing Chun Kung Fu strikes such as chops, punches, palms, elbows, head butts, kicks, and knees are coupled with simultaneous blocks, traps, redirects, countering measures, and changing body movements and timing. If you succumb to anger, you won’t have the mental discipline to remember, let alone execute, the required movements to keep you safe. Stand up strikes require extremely fast targeting, and you need to keep your strikes along the centerline principle of the body. The centerline of the body contains most of the vital areas, pressure points and weaknesses.  Though when Wing Chun Gung Fu strikes these points it is concerned with the hitting of fists, elbows and knees into these areas.

Though there are few grappling techniques or holds within Wing Chun Gung Fu as it is seen as a waste to hold when you could be striking.  There is in fact the use of quick Chi Na (wrist and joint lock applications) that are taught widely within this system of self defense.

The discipline of Wing Chun teaches many other techniques such as gun defense, stick and knife defense as well as ground defense training.  Schools like Sifu Justin Och also teach no-gi ju-jitsu as a addition to in-depth Wing Chun Gung Fu instruction.  This addition of no-gi ju-jitsu for ground training and fighting teaches a practitioner that whether stand up or ground Sifu Justin Och students are covered.

Wing Chun Gung Fu is one of the fastest martial arts known, by striking the human bodies vital areas you can shut an assailant down quickly.  Whereas a Wing Chun Gung Fu stylist learns to protect these areas.  The centerline is the most vital battleground and tactic available to a practitioner.  It is the source by which all techniques seek to attain and strike.

All attacks, deflections, redirections, blocks are tools to attack and devastate the centerline vitals such as the throat, knees, groin, eyes, temples, joints, Xiphoid, collar bone and many other areas that can’t be built up.

Gung Fu in Lakeland Florida

combat wing chun fighting resistance focus mitts lakeland florida martial arts sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida martial arts gung fu class
Combat Wing Chun fighting resistance practice with focus mitts in our Lakeland Florida Wing Chun martial arts studio.

The battle ground and warrior tactics within Wing Chun Gung Fu emphasize the short distance between two points is a straight line.  Wing Chun Gung Fu teaches you to strike directly instead of indirectly.  This aims every attack at this centerline.  Wing Chun Gung Fu spends alot of its time training and learning how to direct force, precision and power against this centerline while getting any and all defenses down.

Striking any one of the vitals found along the centerline can end a assailants capability to harm the Wing Chun Gung Fu practitioner.  A powerful blow to the throat, collar bone, eyes, groin, knee or joints could very well shut them down.  This is why Wing Chun Gung Fu has so many tactics from extremely fast chain punches to turning punches that involve the full momentum of the body, hip, torque, weight and speed.  Only one blow is needed but Wing Chun trains for many strikes to ensure increased success for its practitioners.

If above all you want real self defense for you and your family, choose Wing Chun Gung Fu.

Sifu Justin Och is in downtown lakeland florida and has classes that can give you and your family exactly what you need.   A Black and Gold Sash instructor under multiple proven Masters of the system of Wing Chun Gung Fu.  Sifu Justin Och is also recognized internationally as a amazing instructor that looks after his students and trains them to the highest capabilities they can and are willing to achieve.  A hard but fair Sifu in the world reknowned system of Wing Chun Gung Fu.



Universal Wing Chun Applications

universal applicaiton sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida self defense
Sifu Och teaches universal Wing Chun applications that apply to men, women, children, and the elderly.

Wing Chun asks a lot of questions. For example, even if you’re strong now, what happens when you’re attacked and are sick, weakened, have aged, or have incurred an injury? Can you still kick the same, use the same technique, punch the same? Can you struggle for as long, throw the same punches, or use what you have learned from now until the end of your days? What if the person across from you is a violent attacker? We try to teach universal Wing Chun applications that can stand the test of time and continue to work as you age and change.

There are many ways and many martial arts applications that can be used to answer a single situation—and no one martial art or form is perfect. The real answer is that you wan to find a style that can be used universally. A good way to identify a style like that is to see if the techniques and movements can be taught universally to women, children, and men. Removing ego and asking the hard truth, the universal Wing Chun application asks the question: Are you teaching to survive?

Universal Wing Chun applications are trained into quick and natural reactions and responses that will train your body (over time) to build the synapses and muscular reactions necessary for survival. The more time you practice, and the more patience you have to continue, the better you will get. A good technique will become a skilled reaction. Skill is an evolution of understanding, application, applied knowledge, and the ability to adapt.

Sifu Och Teaches Universal Wing Chun Kung Fu IN lakeland fl

As you start to understand the technique you gain a vital piece of the puzzle. You may not be able to use the technique yet in fast fighting, but you can see its benefit—and you want it.  Second, is application which is the ability to have the body mimic the movement of a technique.  During this stage the body doesn’t yet react under stress in order to apply it as the synapses and muscle memory are still being developed.

Applied knowledge means you are now applying the knowledge under stress as a reaction whether through conscience or unconscious application while under pressure. Last is the ability to adapt under pressure and stress using applied knowledge as a reactionary solution. Bringing this adaptation into the chaos of combat while maintaining your Wing Chun and changing your actions and reactions according to the situation is one of the highest levels of any martial art—especially Universal Wing Chun Kung fu.

For your ability to go through the first three stages takes time and has to be done with each technique you are taught. This is like learning and reacting with a different weapon perfectly. Think of all the different weapons, the differing weights their uses and situational expertise. With each individual technique it takes time and dedication to use, perfect and bring them to a high level of unconscious skill and reaction. The addition of the fourth step means that you can integrate it seamlessly with any of the previous techniques that have made it to the fourth stage. The fourth stage is the accumulation of all your applied knowledge that is capable of adapting, changing and integrating with any other fourth stage skill. Allowing you to bring reactionary control and momentary order under the chaos of combat.

Realistic Self Defense right in Lakeland Fl

Ip Man brought Wing Chun Kung Fu out from private instruction and into the public eye, teaching great practitioners and fighters like Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, Simon Lau, Moy Yat and of course his two sons Ip Ching and Ip Chun. Train and follow a path of traditional martial arts and shaolin kung fu that is unmatched by its depth into realistic self defense right in Lakeland Florida.

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Style

Bruce Lee and lakeland florida Jeet Kune Do

The Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do style didn’t start anywhere near Lakeland, Florida. But although it began in China, the heart and soul of Jeet Kune Do, or Wing Chun Gung Fu (Wing Chun Kung Fu to us Westerners) is alive and kicking. Without the full understanding of Wing Chun Kung Fu, practitioners of Jeet Kune Do-like Bruce Lee-only have a piece of the puzzle. Bruce Lee was constantly improving his understanding of a system he believed and trained in, Wing Chun. But there’s more to the story. While Wing Chun is the engine by which Jeet Kune Do and all other techniques within its system follow within principle and technique.   Bruce Lee as a teen without full understanding of the Wing Chun system work to fill in the gaps of what he missed when he moved to the USA.  Bruce Lee worked hard, trained hard and fought hard.  Bruce Lee was a warrior for Wing Chun and for himself in Jeet Kune Do.

With all of the techniques within Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee himself only ever had two instructors. The first was Grandmaster of Wing Chun Ip Man, and the other was Master of Wing Chun Wong Shun Leung who learned Wing Chun Gung Fu under Grandmaster Ip Man.

jkd lakeland jeet kune do florida sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida martial arts gung fu class
Master Dr. Nelson Rios teaching San Da, Wing Chun Kung Fu and combat applications at Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland, Florida.

Both of these amazing fighters and teachers brought Bruce Lee up in the Wing Chun arts. At the beginning of his life he learned under Ip Man and then moved to America. As he developed his fighting prowess, he created Jeet Kune Do for his students. Then, as Bruce Lee’s movie career skyrocketed, he traveled to China once more-supposedly asking Wong Shun Leung to be in his movie The Game of Death. Wong Shun Leung said Wing Chun did not look good for movies as it was a fighting martial art. Though he declined, Wong Shun Leung would go on to teach Bruce Lee the remaining system of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Until the very turn of the twentieth century, Wing Chun was almost unknown to the western world. Bruce Lee helped with this by letting others know of its power and combative fighting capabilities. At Sifu Och Wing Chun’s Lakeland Florida martial arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu is practiced, and training can reach the highest levels. The concepts of Jeet Kune Do that were instilled are as true today as they were when Bruce Lee was alive. Though many of the concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu were lost from one instructor of Jeet Kune Do to the next, even without the complete understanding of the only system, Bruce Lee came back to Wing Chun Kung Fu…twice.

Wing Chun… Bruce Lee approved!  ;-)

The Story of Yim Wing-Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu certainly didn’t start in Lakeland Florida. It actually has the fascinating legend of being a form invented by two women. The story of Yim Wing-Chun goes that a woman named Yim Wing-Chun was desired by a local warlord. As she rebuffed his advances, she finally challenged him to a martial arts match. If he won, she would be his bride. Not being very adept at martial arts, Yim Wing-Chun sought training from a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. The nun developed a form of martial art specially for Yim Wing-Chun which was born of watching a crane battle a snake. The young woman beat the warlord, and the new kung fu form was passed on by Yim Wing-Chun and her eventual husband Leung Bac-Chou, to be known as Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The story of Yim Wing-Chun is inspiring, and it’s also inspired the training of people as legendary as Bruce Lee and Ip Man. Are in Lakeland Florida, Sifu Och Wing Chun carries on that fascination and inspiration, offering numerous summer camp programs in Wing Chun Kung Fu. The basis of the Wing Chun martial art roots itself in the belief that the better fighter is the one with a better body form, so practitioners are taught body and movement awareness, to perceive one’s own senses as orienting from various parts of the body. In fact, Wing Chun Kung Fu stresses softness of tension and relaxation prior to the strike. The Story of Yim Wing-Chun lives on with each and every student trained in our Wing Chun classes or after school martial arts programs. In our summer camp programs students learn not only the benefit of the fighting form of Wing Chun but the beneficial body and mind effects of techniques to reduce unwanted muscle tension. Wing Chun seeks to overcome strength in an opponent by conserving energy and using looseness of movement to exhaust the opponent’s energy.

If you follow the Story of Yim Wing-Chun, you don’t go far before you understand that the style was first popularized by Bruce Lee, who actually never learned the entire technique. Instead, he incorporated what he learned of it into his own form, the Jeet Kune Do style. More recently, Robert Downey Jr has credited Wing Chun Kung Fu with changing his life, making him healthier and more able to focus. The self-defense benefits of Wing Chun are valuable for both men and women, teaching how to overcome an opponent by directing energy to opportunities to punch and kick and releasing energy when the opponent grabs or tries to restrict your movement, by loosening your body into fluid movements of detachment.

NASA afterschool science program

NASA afterschool science program

Afterschool Science Program; NASA
NASA afterschool science program, summer camp science program, guest speaker engineer from NASA

This week we brought in a guest speaker from NASA, a engineer that has worked with the NASA space program at the Kennedy Space Center for most of his life!
Talking with our lakeland fl afterschool science program about the upcoming possibilities of space travel and its effect on our lives here on planet earth.

Our afterschool program here in Lakeland Fl takes into account every aspect of our community.  Building life skills and great contacts that Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu and Just Dance fine arts use to help out each and everyone of our afterschool kids.

Kid improvement masters have as far back as anyone can remember built that kids who have experienced early adolescence training projects of fabulous quality later show much better execution in school. Indeed from the Kindergarten level, they demonstrate dialect aptitudes and social abilities that are more created, score much higher in tests for school status, and show less issues in conduct. These youngsters are seen as great understudies who are solid book lovers and who have disguised a long haul love for learning. They are predicted to have a higher probability of succeeding in their scholarly future.

On the off chance that you lean toward a Christian office for your childcare, you may need to consider bringing your tyke to A Brighter Future Child Development and Learning Center in Carrollwood, Tampa, 33625. It is a childcare focus that acknowledges kids from the age of 6 weeks to 11 years of age. A Brighter Future Child Development and Learning Center joins the Voluntary Pre Kindergarten Program in its program for youngsters from four years of age. What’s more, it likewise has after school tyke improvement programs for youngsters in K1, K2, K3, and K4. This guarantees that the brilliant establishment given through the VPK Program is followed in the succeeding after school kid advancement programs. What better childcare would you need?

Our guest NASA speaker brought in a ton of video footage and spoke with the kids in depth about the science programs available.

The NASA Engineer works with multiple companies and corporations, and has brought the wonder and science to our afterschool science program.

Sifu Justin Och
Wing Chun Black and Gold Sash
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Wing Chun Fighter Mindset – lakeland fl kung fu

Wing Chun Fighter Mindset – lakeland fl kung fu

Don’t Beat yourself up, with the right training, the right instructor, you will achieve! – Sifu Justin Och

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission granted to share link only) With respect to all arts, watch a well versed Ju-jitsu Black Belt on the ground, they no longer struggle, but relax, they seek the openings that their assailant makes available.  They work each position with intelligence and resolve and should be respected.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.

This is the same stand up mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter, working each angle with precision, timing, control,, resolve and intelligence.  Enjoying the fight, the reaction, and taking the advantage or adjusting as the reaction of the situation dictates.  A Wing Chun Fighter is reactionary knockout speed, power and dynamic flow.   A well versed and trained practitioner flows continuously with each counter and reaction their assailant throws letting the assailant show and tell the practitioner where there vital areas are open and exposed.  A Wing Chun Fighter Mindset is trained, forged and made into a great piece of internal and external manifested art that flows within time and reaction adapting to each environmental change.

“The assailant will show you how to defeat them, each time they move they open up one door by closing another.  Each moment a opportunity opens, a vital opens, a counter attack is available and when taken the assailant will attempt to close that opening, always being one step behind the mindset of a Wing Chun fighter, always playing catchup.  The Wing Chun fighter creates a new opportunity else where within there gate and takes it. ” – Sifu Justin Och

Wing Chun Fighter Mindset
sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu downtown self defense

The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.  Just knowing the techniques and what to do is not enough you cannot allow distractions to waive your resolve.  You are calm but alert, ever ready in your response.  You are aware of everything around you and you are allowing your mind and body to take in what is and calculate your responses accordingly. You are not attached to the circumstance but rather you are a part of the whole controlling the flow of every action and the creature in front of you is not your enemy but your prey.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    They are not human because a human of purpose and good will would have stopped to consider all the individuals they would hurt by hurting you.  A human without conscience has no thought of anyone else but themselves. They are selfish, thoughtless, and beasts of burden.

sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu
sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu

These predators will take from you, rob and kill you for the $5 in your pocket, rape or beat you.  These types of humans are nothing more than a loaded gun looking to harm any and all who don’t give them what they desire when they desire it.  The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter calls for rapid simultaneous offensive and defensive strikes because one gun shot or one stab could end your life.  Minimize as much damage to you and those you love as possible.  No Martial Art is perfect or can claim perfection.  As martial artists we seek to minimize the damage these types of individuals cause.  Thus we seek perfection, peace and long life within the mind, body and spirit, doing our best to support and protect our families and communities.

Wing Chun Kung Fu (Sifu Och, lakeland fl kung fu) seeks all of the appropriated logical and most effective possibilities of counter-attacks and counter measures by an opponent.  Wing Chun always attempts to place the opponent’s body in structurally weak position’s that are increasingly more advantageous to the Wing Chun practitioner.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    This is the goal, but getting there takes practice, honing ones skill and utilizing these techniques, concepts and drill them into application.  Mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu means complete combat application of gate theory, angling, stepping inward, around and backward while attacking and countering.  It means mastering many different approaches and solutions to a single problem, so you keep your opponents guessing while taking advantage of centerline structure, speed and power.   It means sparring and applying your knowledge against a multitude of styles and scenarios.  Reaction, power and speed of both hands and feet depend on the attack, attacker and the situation at hand.  A series of jabs and crosses will allow some practitioners to move in quickly taking advantage of the forward knee that the opponent presents with each jab and cross.  Taking out this knee, hip or ribs when exposed will have the opponent’s body and mind off balance as you continue pressing inward with forward strikes.  This same attack may be seen from another practitioner’s perspective as an opportunity to stay farther away.  Biding time while the Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner analyzes the opponent’s tactics allowing the practitioner to strike and injury.  The opponent’s arms, legs and other weapons as they present themselves within the fight.  This may be done to weaken a stronger opponent, while frustrating them into making mistakes or moving in a direction that has been set up by the Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner.

sifu och downtown lakeland florida kung fu self defense
blood is NOT REQUIRED to become a Wing Chun Fighter, just determination, and Sifu Och in downtown lakeland florida has the kung fu self defense for next level application… Though at Sifu Och Wing Chun… you may bleed and bruise

Everything we have discussed thus far and have yet to discuss is all within the mindset of a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner within my school.  I make sure of it.  Your protection is a lifetime of achievement.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    It is invaluable to you, your loved ones, and every single person you may touch in a positive way throughout your life.  PROTECT THAT, because the person attacking you doesn’t care about your future, doesn’t care about your loved ones, or about what you have done for your community or your children.  The person attacking you only cares about themselves.  They have no conscience. If they did, they never would’ve attacked you and all those who care for you in the first place.

Everything is wishful thinking Every theory, every drill and every application spoken about or shown is only wishful thinking until you make it your own.  Don’t live in just the understanding of concept but the conceptualization of proof and reaction.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    We cannot live on the stories of our Master’s or our Great Grandmaster’s but rather prove their training and applications through our own existence and application.  So we can prove and honor the existence they lived for to teach us.  The existence they strived for and gave to us.  It is truly a power for the protection of others, when we seek to uplift those that uplift others.  Through friendship, love and honor, I look forward to each practitioner I meet that wishes to welcome each other as family under our love for real self defense.

I’m sure reading this article has left you questions about my way of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland Florida.  I have begun writing these thoughts and perspectives from my travels, practitioners, Masters and Grandmaster’s I have met that have touched and changed my thoughts on Wing Chun Kung Fu and how Ip Man evolved within this amazing system known as Wing Chun.   Our Lakeland Fl Kung Fu, our Wing Chun is a system of concept, purpose and drive, in a sense a pure love for Wing Chun Kung Fu.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.

This website is only a brief anthology of my experience and thoughts. Thus there is so much more I can show and teach in person. Come and visit our Wing Chun kung fu school in lakeland, fl.   I would love to continue this discussion and thank you for your reading.

Sifu Justin Och
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Kung Fu in Downtown Lakeland fl

Kung Fu in Downtown Lakeland fl

Historically, the terminology “Kung Fu” has not been present in any of the ancient texts found in Asia, China or surrounding regions. The phrase “Kung Fu” was actually first coined by Jean Joseph Marie Amiot a Frenchman and missionary who lived during the 18th Century.  He used this term “Kung Fu” to reference all of chinese martial arts. Kung Fu in Asian cultures and Chinese history is also known as Wushu, Gong Fu, Gung Fu, or Kuoshu and originally bestows the name of expertise in any specific life skills, profession and rising towards a greatness of self, personal and community.

A brief hisotry traces the ancient Chinese texts speaking of the philosophy, martial art training, practice, mentality, and concepts of Kung Fu is traced back to the Dao De Jing, Zhuang Zi, and Sun Zi Bing Fa (written by Sun Zi this is the Art of War), all of these ancient Chinese texts were written and documented between 1111-255 BC. The Dao De Jing, Zhuang Zi, and Sun Zi Bing Fa (written by Sun Zi this is the Art of War) relate and detail the philosophical practice, mentality and principles of Chinese martial arts both combative and passive aggressive.  The history of Chinese Martial arts, their complexity, depth and culture influence is deeper then most may understand.

kung fu wing chun sifu och lakeland florida usa kung fu
kung fu wing chun sifu och lakeland florida usa kung fu

The difference in Kung Fu systems is not clear to many westerns though to Kung Fu practitioners it is as vast and deep as the sea itself   There are those techniques used for fancy application, motion and movement and those used and forged in war.   Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu in lakeland florida for instance teaches the forged war like survival tactics of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which was modernized by Shaolin Monks for a new era of combat.  There are those who know a little Wing Chun or a little Kung Fu claiming to teach and know mulitple systems, styles and techniques, but the terminology of Kung Fu is greatness and expertise above and beyond.  Sifu Och’s Kung Fu school in downtown lakeland florida is a prime example, though it is a place to rise above limitations on the mind and body.

There are theories on Kung Fu and its written history suggesting that the Yellow Emperor (reigning from 2698 BC) may have wrote the very first treatise on Chinese martial arts in ancient times. Though others say Taoist monks introduced the art form we known that looks similar to Tai Chi around the era of 500 BC. Though in 39-92 AD Pan Ku created the “Six Chapters of Hand Fighting” in a thesis documented history on Han dynasty (Han Shu). Hua T’uo physician wrote a book entitled, “Five Animals Play” in 220 AD during the progress of popularity within the martial arts grew.

By the late 1960’s the word Kung Fu had become common enough that most individuals in western society new its name and reference to chinese martial arts. Made popular by Bruce Lee  and many popular martial art movies, TV programs, posters and emerging schools.  Western society is emersed in Chinese Martial Arts with figures like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Robert Downey Jr., Nicholas Cage, and the all Chinese Airline flight attendants and stuartists must train for anti-terrorism using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The concept and basic principles of the Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu surround themselves around life skill principles such as self-motivation a self motivated student and practitioner should want to learn and push as much as they want to breath.  In a world where advertisments and commercials attempt to motivate you long enough to buy, Kung Fu and real martial arts wants more.  It wants more for you then just the moment because Kung Fu means greatness and achievement for a life time.  Personal self discipline is something of a rarity today a person disciplined enough not to let the excuses of the world weigh on them and derail their personal self discipline and goals.  Lastly Time, it takes time to learn real martial arts, to get it as a skill and to beable to truly understand and use every aspect of what you are taught under pressure.  Real motivation behind learning, wanting and pushing yourself in Kung Fu gives you daily inspiration and is not a forced motivation but a focused one.  You should crave greatness and development of the mind and body to something greater than what others limit you to.  Motivation is a driving force a fuel unlike any other and we can gain it from many sources, competition, life threatening experiences or lack.    There is no fast food way of learning, you can be shown all of Kung Fu all of Wing Chun, all the combinations, all the forms, all the techniques in a short time but understanding, applying, using and cultivating that power, that skill, that understanding and reaction against all signs and types of pressure and stress without hesitation is a life time of Discipline, Motivation and Time.  The only question is will you give yourself an excuse today as to why you can’t or will you give yourself every excuse to conquer and achieve?

The real motivation behind learning Kung Fu is inspiration and not force, which should come from an inner craving to learn and develop the mind and body. Motivation here is the fundamental driving force. There is no external or worldly gain for the learner, and the only reward is that of knowledge, skill, strength and wisdom.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for teaches us that self discipline complements motivation as discipline movtivates us over time to greater skill, action and deeds.  You must dominate the mind and excuses to not train before you can dominate the body to rise above your own limitations.

sifu och justin och lakeland self defense kung fu wing chun
sifu och justin och lakeland self defense kung fu wing chun

Most people don’t make the effort because it takes effort, most will speak about the deeds and things they want to achieve without giving the effort, discipline and time needed to gain a better life.  Their minds are dormant and they wait for someone else to “give them” the chance, or the time, or the money.  There will never be a perfect time to join, there will never be enough money in this mindset because you will always see another bill.  Instead make the leap, join and train and you will find that the money will come, the perfect time is now and the results are coming!

Kung Fu is like a seed, you plant the seed by joining, the seed once sown begins to grow but so many look at the surface and yell out, “see this doesn’t work, where is it?” but it is about to emerge, the skill is building, the time is coming, the discipline and motivation are there just have faith.  If you do then the seen will break the surface and you will start to see the tree grow but have doubt and stop training and see the seed fade, never breaking the surface.

To become a red wood you must reach towards the sun, some people are moss and fungis looking for what scraps are near them a red wood has higher aspirations.

A Kung Fu practitioner doesn’t have time or the privilege to waste time, indulge in wasteful fruitless, and idle activities.  A self motivated and disciplined practitioner reflects a person that others are inspired by and want to become.

Sifu Och – Wing Chun Kung Fu
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Variants and Styles: With the passage of time, numerous variants and styles have come up in martial arts, or Kung Fu. Some of the more popular ones include Karate, Escrima, Wing Chun, Jujitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin, White Crane, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and Bagua Zhang.



Wing Chun Forms

The concept of Wing Chun forms isn’t difficult to grasp, but it is multifaceted in both nature and structure. Wing Chun Forms and fighting combinations are based on three basic principles: Practicality, Efficiency and Economy of Motion.

Wing Chun’s Real Practicality

Blocking and attacking is key in any realistic and practical self defense system. In Wing Chun, techniques like a Tan Sau punch (or “Palm lifting towards the heavens”) both stops an incoming strike and hits the practitioner at the same time. Crane Kung Fu movements such as Wing Chun’s Bong Sau or Wing Arm application deflect strikes along the centerline and expose the outside of the assailant’s body for follow up attacks. Paak Sau’s such as the Slap Hand or quick press are used to redirect an assailant’s incoming strike while allowing the Wing Chun fighter to remain quick and nimble. These are just a few of the techniques used. Wing Chun Forms is designed to maim, tear, strike, and injure some of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Areas that are sensitive to strikes and cannot be built up such as the eyes, groin, joints, throat, temple, spine, and much more. Though all of the techniques within Wing Chun forms are strictly used in a life threatening situation where you have done what ever possible to not use such extreme self defense for you and your family.

Wing Chun Forms Efficiency

With all the martial arts out there, Wing Chun forms are rare because they don’t simply use force against force. Many other arts talk about this, but few can demonstrate this against a struggling assailant that is striking or kicking. Using Wing Chun forms allows you to manipulate the body’s torque, momentum, and energy to your benefit. With training, accurately timing, and appropriately positioned techniques, you can master attacks and counter-attacks that manipulate an assailant’s own force against himself. The more contact you have with the assailant, the quicker your reflexes will develop—and you can gain more control with that contact and increase your awareness of how to best respond and react.

Wing Chun Forms Economy of Motion

When we talk about the economy of motion, we mean a linear concept where movements are based on a point “A” to point “B” without any inbetween movements that waste motion. This economy of motion attacks an imaginary line along the center line such as the spine. This center line (or centerline, central line, or mother line) contains the most abundant amount of vitals along a single point. All offensive and defensive movements are based on the centerline axis and are used to both protect and attack this concept while keeping with the economy of motion.

Wing Chun Forms

Empty Hand Standing Forms

There are three empty hand standing forms within Wing Chun. The first form is Sil Lum Tao or Siu Nim Tao which is the first young form or foundational form, the second Wing Chun form is Chum Kiu which focuses on movement, balance, hip rotation, torque, and rooting. The third and final Wing Chun form is called Biu Jee which is a Wing Chun form that breaks the principles and is taught with sweeps, emergency applications, escapes, short range hooks, beginner multiple attacker preparation, and extreme short range and long-range techniques and applications.

Weapon Forms

The 8′ (eight foot) long pole or Dragon Pole as well as the Bart Chum Dao or Butterfly Swords are two weapon forms and attacking combinations that are taught as extensions of Wing Chun. Though used as advanced training, many practitioners do not make it to this stage of combat weapon training—not for any other reason but lack of determination and persistence.

Wooden Dummy Form or Muk Yan Jong Form

This Wing Chun form uses a wooden device that orginally was used in the Shaolin Temple. The arms and leg represent attacking and blocking points on the human body whereas the “trunk” or middle section is the centerline of the assailant’s vitals. This device trains timing, perfection of technique, applications, angling, position, control, striking, and footwork.

Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu studio in Downtown Lakeland Florida is one of the best places to understand all of these concept’s.

Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu – kung fu lakeland florida

Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu – kung fu lakeland florida

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) A good technique can be used universally A skilled practitioner, instructor, Sifu, Master or Grandmaster can show you the power behind each technique instantly.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family  Thus you can see the benefit instantly.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.  In our school, a technique should show the benefits of practice in moments so that it can be valued as a necessity of training for years to come.  Like skill a good technique takes time to develop, instant use is a sign of a great technique.  But power, speed, timing and execution without thought but pure reaction takes time, patience and hard work.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family

Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu - kung fu lakeland florida
A universal martial art should prove its effectiveness through great and multiple students.  Sifu Och’s lakeland kung fu instructors, students and self defense classes in lakleland florida prove this daily.

A good technique works or doesn’t work, that is all.  It doesn’t have to be forced or imposed.  Do not imagine a new technique you create, see or even have been trained in, will work.  It must be proven to have merit and not fit a dogmatic principle set upon the instructor or student.  For my part, I do not believe in fancy technique or training that does not have an extreme survival purpose.  It gives no life protection and is more about “play” then reality.  From the beginning there have been two types of schools.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.  For me, martial arts is about survival.  Once force or pressure is placed on a bad or fancy technique, no matter how much you want it to be good or work, it will fail.

A good technique works because it is good and because it is a direct solution to the issue at hand.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.  Place pressure, stress and resistance at your best laid techniques and find the truth within them.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family  Think outside of the world within your Kwoon, Dojo or even your art and ask constantly what would someone else do to stop me and stop this application.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Lakeland Kung Fu, Realistic Self Defense

A quick example; A bear hug for instance is  a typical technique that is shared amongst every style of martial arts.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family When someone grabs you from behind and holds down both of your arms and squeezes tight, we are taught many answers.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.  Some are taught to lift the arms, but upon lifting why doesn’t someone choke you out?  What if they grabbed your hair and start to strike the back of your neck as they pull at you? Why don’t they just squeeze harder into your chest as you attempt to lift and smash you into a wall or sharp object?  Does your training involve this as part of the bear hug, or does the person just lift their arms with your motion and stand there for counter-attacks?Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family

During a bear hug does your school train to grab the leg between yours and attempt to pull the assailant down?  If so, then do you also practice to have the assailant move their foot and plant your face and body’s momentum into concrete, since that is where you are headed since your reaching downward toward the ground which breaks your structure and base?Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family

sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida 33801 self defense
sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida 33801 self defense

If your art shows to grab the side of the person and bring them to the ground, are you a master practitioner in ground fighting?Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival. I ask because as you throw anyone they have a tendency to hold onto and attempt to take down the practitioner with them.  Also, if your assailant is bigger than you which is usually the case, when you are bear hugged can all of the women, children and men you teach take out someone on the cold asphalt of broken glass, oil and harsh reality of the ground?

A technique to be taught universally has to work universally to every size against every size.  Wing Chun asks this of every application and technique taught  It is up to the practitioner or instructor to ignore or take in these facts.  If you are a 210lbs male then almost any reaction, technique or struggle will probably work for you. As no matter what your martial art is, you already have power and strength.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.  Yet Wing Chun and our school asks you, If a 120lbs woman or child used that same technique would it work against a violent 210lb male with the intent of huge physical harm and control on the victim in question.  Search within your heart and ask “what are the major flaws of this and how would I counter-attack to kill, harm or bring violence upon this person”.

Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire family.Keep reading, but more importantly come down to the Sifu Och Wing Chun Universal Kung Fu academy in downtown lakeland fl, where individuals all over lakeland and central florida travel for realistic self defense, kung fu classes, and street self defense for the entire familyThose who use “show” techniques, and those who fight for survival.

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Sifu Justin Och Fishing Trip

Sifu Justin Och took a trip to the skyway fishing pier with a small group of his Wing Chun Kung Fu students.  Gathering together for fishing, crab hunting and a great burn under the sun the team of students and Sifu traveled west to have a great fishing trip together. Though hard to believe, there is more to life than just Wing Chun. We believe in building friendship, unity, and a family of amazing Wing Chun martial artists growing together here in central Florida.

sifu justin och fishing trip wing chun kung fu trip
Some of our Wing Chun students took a short retreat to do some fishing in sunny Florida. Sifu Och Wing Chun is more than just a kwoon–we’re a family!

More than just a school, the Sifu Justin Och crew is an extended family to all those who are dedicated to this amazing close combat system known as Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sifu Justin Och Fishing Trip met up with his students looking to have under the sun as a group taking a break from rigorous training from the kwoon in downtown lakeland florida.

From crab traps to fishing lines, this Wing Chun school does more than just training they have fun with each other, taking in life and living every moment.

Assembling for angling, crab chasing and an extraordinary retreat under the hot Florida sun, the group of understudies and Sifu Justin Och built fellowship, solidarity, and camaraderie. From kwoon to excursion, we like to think that-as a family-Sifu Och Wing Chun is about buiding relationships, enjoying life together, and helping each other grow together and learn from each other.

Thank you, Sifu Justin Och for having a Wing Chun school that looks beyond just training and self defense to a place where both friendship and fun come together.


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