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Our Kickboxing classes in polk county fl is perfect for anyone who wants a fun, proven workout that has a unique touch to every class. Never boring, always challenging with proven results! Our Lakeland kickboxing fitness program provides body weight training, cardiovascular, and circuit training all while teaching you realistic kickboxing techniques with new friends and focus mitts!

– Lakeland Kickboxing classes butt kicking results that Burn Calories!
– Fast effective full body workout.
– No experience needed.
– ALL Levels welcome.
– Each class is engaging and Fun.
– Dedicated personal fitness trainers.

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Lakeland Kickboxing Classes & Group Fitness Bootcamps, We have everything you need to reach your goals!  Lakeland Kickboxing Classes in Lakeland Florida, check out our group fitness classes at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sifu Och Wing Chun Lakeland Kickboxing classes has everything you need. We provide a full body workout that is effective, fast, and fun. We have personal trainers for you and with their experience and your dedication to your training and goals. From exercise and nutritional choices you can reach your goals.
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Combination Kickboxing

Fitness Bootcamp

“I love training here! You will get a great workout in the Kickboxing class without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated because everyone is supportive and encouraging!”

— Betsy O.,

(Student for 4+ Years)

Meet Our Kickboxing Instructors

(Check out our dedicated team of instructors, coaches, and advanced level students who teach and assist in classes on a weekly basis! Click on their image to read their bio and see what they have to say about their experience with wing chun!)

Sifu Justin Och

(Chief Instructor in Wing Chun & Kickboxing)

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Sifu G. Brumfield

(Instructor in Wing Chun & Kickboxing)

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Timothy K.

(Coach Level in Wing Chun & Kickboxing)

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Elizabeth O.

(Instructor in Wing Chun, Kickboxing, & Yoga)

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Justin C.

(Instructor in Wing Chun & Kickboxing)

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Neckodemos D.

(Instructor in Wing Chun & Self Defense)

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“Excellent location to train and get in shape, instructors are helpful and patient in helping you grow into your best self. We LOVE Sifu Och!”

— Kathrine G.,

(Student for 1+ Years)

Group Kickboxing and Personal Fitness Classes

Team Training really helps.  Have you been bored with the gym, need motivation?  Want to make some new friends, Sifu Och Lakeland Kickboxing can help.  Whether you overweight, need to lose a few pounds, gain strength, want to tone up, or learn something new, we can help you.  Group kickboxing classes in lakeland florida we can help you.

WE CAN HELP YOU! You could go it alone in an exercise facility or gym, even hire a personal trainer, but team training mixed with personal assistance by our trained professional instructors will make sure that you’re performing each movement and kickboxing activity in a way that really gives you the workout you need to get in better shape and be your best.

About the Studio

Kickboxing classes in Lakeland Florida

Our Lakeland FL Kickboxing Classes are unique (and pretty special) because they teach new combinations every week.  With fun and exciting self defense that you will be able to use and treasure for the rest of your life. The more kickboxing classes and training you do with us, the better your skills will be.  Tone up and get great confidence and strength.  Grow in your physical fitness and achieve your health goals.

We have one of the best Kickboxing classes in lakeland FL.  You will get tone, lose excess weight with our downtown kickboxing classes.  With an effective combination of new techniques every week, fun and engaging results all while making new friends.

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Co-ed Lakeland Kickboxing Classes

Our professional lakeland kickboxing trainers at our school will help drive you to your limits.  Working to strengthen and tone your body and help you burn fat and truly be your best. We’re sure you have your own reasons for wanting to use kickboxing as a workout program.  Though If your looking for results you found the right place to train. This kickboxing boot camp gives you everything you need to burn fat, get in shape, and—most importantly—get results!

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Co-Ed & Train At Your Own Pace!

Our classes have about 75% women in our co-ed lakeland kickboxing classes.  You’ll quickly achieve your results as you are encouraged by both classmates, friends and your personal training instructors. Our combination of physical fitness, martial arts, Lakeland Kickboxing, and kung fu combinations that are extremely fun—and extremely effective. Stop by and gives us a chance to show you a new way to train as a team to achieve your results.

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“Sifu Och is one of the best individuals to study wing chun under. I feel more confident in being able to protect myself. everyone I’ve worked with has been so kind and helpful!”

— Tiffany C,

(student for 1+ year)

Kickboxing Fitness with Personal Trainers

Join our classes, you will learn all types of lakeland kickboxing combinations, in a fun, creative, forgetting your also getting in shape.  We work with you to get results! There are some distinct advantages and expected results you can hope to achieve with regular attendance in one of our Lakeland kickboxing classes and programs.  If you’re looking for a kickboxing program in Lakeland, FL, you owe it to yourself to come on down (or give us a call)!

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Beginner Lakeland Kickboxing Classes – No Experience Necessary

Our kickboxing classes, boot camps, and workouts are all geared towards your pace—we’ll just encourage and aid you in getting stronger, faster, and growing your endurance. What started as a basic “warm-up” routine to our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes quickly grew into its own kickboxing class. Still, you don’t need to be fit as a fiddle in order to become fit as a fiddle. We’ll teach you the moves as well as the correct posture, stance, motions, and sequences to get you up to speed on any of the class activities you’re likely to encounter.

During this time, it’s not important if you do the same number of movements as the person next to you.  We’ll focus on honing your technique so that every movement is contributing towards your physical fitness goals.

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Tone up, Burn Fat, Get in Shape with our Kickboxing classes in Lakeland Fl

Exciting New daily Kickboxing Combinations, Increase your willpower, steadiness, and skill that is available throughout the week.  Enrolling in one of our kickboxing classes will have you. Our Lakeland kickboxing classes are up to 60 minutes long and available throughout the week.

Learn as you go, and have fun at the same time—our Lakeland kickboxing classes and boot camps are designed for people of all skill levels.  We touch upon aspects of power training, cardio plans, and martial arts—all in our air conditioned facility in downtown Lakeland, Florida.

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Check out our dedicated team of instructors, coaches, and advanced level students who teach wing chun martial arts and kickboxing in our Lakeland FL studio location. Click on their image to read their bio and see what they have to say about their experience with wing chun kung fu.

Sarah F.


I really love the Kickboxing class I take there. It is a very professional environment and everyone there is super friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone…

Kate M.


Holy intense kickboxing… in a great way! After only one week of kickboxing and Wing Chun classes, I already feel stronger and better about my abilities to defend…



Where do I begin with Sifu Och Wing Chun? I think I’ll start with the atmosphere. When you walk in you immediately feel welcome, as if you’ve come home…

Tommy S.


One word comes to mind when it comes to Sifu Och and the amazing family he’s managed to built over the years : “passion”. I know it might sound…

Megan T.


Awesome place! Friendly, amazing instructors. I love to go and I enjoy every class while getting a good workout and working my butt off.

Dee S.


My first time visiting this location was this past weekend for a self defense workshop, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. SIFU Justin OCH and Liz were very knowledgeable,…

Jenny L.


Having gone to other martial arts in the area, once we saw and practiced at our first class of Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Self Defense, the only…

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We focus on real-world results while encouraging kids, adults, families, and individuals through both group and private lessons. Dedicated students interested in learning the entire system of Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defense, cardio kickboxing, kids martial arts, after school pickup programs, and no-gi Jiujitsu are welcome to join any one of our many programs. We are one big martial arts family—training, socializing, and making friends of all ages.

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