Wing Chun Lakeland FL for Real World Self Defense

For those who love the martial arts—myself included—the Wing Chun form has always amazed with its sheer richness of form and brutal effectiveness. For use as a real world self defense method, Wing Chun is better than most due to its aggressive style and “block while attacking” techniques. Despite the growing popularity of martial arts worldwide (particularly Kung Fu), Wing Chun is not nearly as popular and widely recognized. It is, however, one of the most dangerous and effective styles in getting an edge over your opponent since it was originally designed for self defense. If you’re looking for a martial art style that puts you in a position to temporarily or permanently harm or disable your attacker, then Wing Chun is for you.

Real World Self Defense Training

Our goal at Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland FL is to bring you exciting real world self defense classes where we teach you how to keep your body and mind fit while being alert and ready to defend yourself when the need arises. For self defense we feel that you need to learn the form but also be physically fit enough to benefit from the training. Our Wing Chun classes are conducted in downtown Lakeland Florida and are one of the best that a martial arts enthusiast can hope for. We believe in imparting the values of excellence and accuracy to our energetic students. Once enrolled in our real world self defense classes, you quickly learn the skills you need, and home those skills until you have the precision and focus needed to use them effectively.

Our team of professionals could well be the best you’ll find in the city. Our years of experience and expertise are a result of our combined perseverance and determination—qualities that they effectively teach their students. Our unique and engaging style of teaching is sure to keep you hooked and will leave you wanting for more at the end of a practice session. You can only grow and prosper under their guidance. If credibility and efficiency are your primary concerns, you are welcome to verify our authenticity and expertise.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Taking Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at our Lakeland Florida facility is one of the best places to improve your physical fitness and overall health while learning martial arts and self defense. It’s our promise to groom enthusiastic, strong and skilled Wing Chun Kung Fu experts. We not only teach you the glamorous side of Kung Fu, but focus on the core Kung Fu principles and help you grow into a proficient and lifelong Wing Chun Kung Fu student.


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