Private Wing Chun Classes in Lakeland, FL

If you’re looking for private Wing Chun classes in Lakeland, personal one-on-one training sessions, or you simply want a more personalized approach to your training, Sifu Och Wing Chun has what you need! You can train under Master instructor Sifu Justin Och himself and learn anything from beginner, intermediate, to advanced techniques. What you’ll get:

– Personalized Instructor Attention
– Correct information and training
– Affordable customized private lessons
– Work on what you need to improve
– Explanations that go at your pace
– Tailor made training just for you
– Few distractions and intensive training
– Increase student confidence

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Lakeland Personal Training & Private Lessons

There are a number of reasons people take private self defense classes with Master Sifu Justin Och.  Master Sifu Justin Och can personally guide you and train you each step of the way, crafting a training schedule and style that maximizes your ability to learn and progress quickly.

One option is to receive personal training that is unmatched and impossible with larger groups. To focus in on personalized strengths and weaknesses to get a training regime specifically tailored to you.

About Our Studio

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Many students want to work on particular skills or help overcome obstacles that may have been hindering them from progressing as quickly as they would like in their training. Others want the ability to have consistent time with Master Sifu Justin Och to deliver training in a more personal way. Personal training is a great way to take you that extra step to boost your training and help you overcome any potential obstacles or difficulties.

Many of our students taking our advanced Wing Chun classes use private lessons to boost their skill and knowledge.  It’s also an excellent solution for ensuring your technique is honed and your skills are maximized for the most effectiveness in a real-world application.

“Sifu genuinely cares about his students and the type of instruction we are given. The instructors are incredible and work very hard to insure we as students learn.”

— Danny P.,

(Student for 1+ year)

Expert One-On-One Training with Master Sifu Justin Och

When you take private classes in our Lakeland studio, you are trained independently by Sifu Justin Och himself, and also have access to our collection of instructors should you want to mix things up or get a different perspective in training! Private classes deliver precise feedback and instruction so that the techniques you’re learning and practicing are performed correctly.

Since every private Wing Chun class is instructed by Sifu Och personally, you’re being trained in the best way possible for your particular learning style and needs.

About Sifu Och


Tiffany C.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I truly believe that someone who chooses to train in Wing Chun will also gain confidence, security and peace of mind.  As a woman, I believe it is the…

Hùng N.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

The training here is amazing, both strictly cardio speaking and Martial Arts. There’s good people, that are always willing to help. Over-all I would say that you will love…

Bernard B.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Awesome school, Sifu and staff are great at what they do! Expect to get a great workout here! Instructors are very hands on, if you have questions they are…

Donnie E.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I would not of been able to lead a family with confidence or protect them when the worst happens. Over the last year and a half, 3 things have…

Betsy O.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I love training here! You will get a great workout in the Kickboxing class without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated because everyone is supportive and encouraging! Wing Chun Kung Fu…

Tony P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Wing Chun originally was just something I did for fun, but after truly beginning to learn about it and what kind of mindset I must have, For the first…

Isabele H.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Without the caring support of Sifu and my Sihings I wouldn’t be where I am now. They have been, and still are, an indispensable source of encouragement. How many…

Chris P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I really enjoy training in Wing Chun. It has challenged me physically and mentally. The class is a wonderful new experience, everyone here is like a big family helping…

Brian H.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Years in the Marine Corps infantry, military martial arts training including MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Hand to Hand field combat… On day one, I full contact sparred and wanted…

Tom R.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I trained in Taekwondo in college over 20 years ago and recently I started Wing Chun a few months ago with my son. My son wanted to learn how…

Timothy K.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

EXTREMELY effective combat system to protect yourself! Takes a LOT OF HARD WORK but it pays of! Sifu Och’s Knowledege is incredible! Definitely worth investing your time and money…

Andrew C.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Sifu Och is someone who truly wants you to succeed. Its not about the money with him… How ever it is certainly money well spent! If you are looking…

Taylor D.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Sifu Och is extremely professional and takes his time to make sure you understand what you are doing and it’s correct. Amazing with people of ALL ages. I always…

Edwardo A.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I have trained in brazilian jiujitsu, kickboxing, karate and muay thai for years, but in my first class, I realized there was so much I could gain from Wing…

Sifu G. Brumfield

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Elizabeth O.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Find the Right Option For You!

All of our private lessons take place in our Downtown Lakeland martial arts studio (our kwoon). This is an air conditioned, fully equipped facility outfitted to maximize your training. Many of our students taking private Wing Chun classes also take part in our kickboxing classes and fitness boot camps to keep themselves in top physical shape.

We also do some of our training outdoors, taking advantage of the great Florida weather and the beautiful parks available in Downtown Lakeland. From a climate controlled 2600 sq. ft. facility to sunny Lakeland’s Munn Park in the Downtown square, we train where the training is best! Contact us to schedule your own private Wing Chun classes today!

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We focus on real-world results while encouraging kids, adults, families, and individuals through both group and private lessons. Dedicated students interested in learning the entire system of Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defense, cardio kickboxing, kids martial arts, and after school pickup programs are welcome to join any one of our many programs. We are one big martial arts family—training, socializing, and making friends of all ages.

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