Wing Chun – Common sense self defense

 Wing Chun is “common sense self defense.”

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) Wing Chun is “common sense self defense.”  Adaptation to overcome the chaos of the situation.  Wing Chun trains from practical reaction.  You would not attack with an elbow if the opponent was at arm’s length.  Nor would you attempt a centerline punch against an opponent at kicking distance.  You will always use the most effective and practical techniques in a straight direct chain of attacks that would use not only your Wing Chun, but your environment to your advantage. Wing chun use the common sense self defense techniques. Using your hands to elbow, chain punch, push, chop or strike aggressively, and as the opponent falls back or to the sides follow up with kicks until your distance is close enough for strikes with the hands once more.

Wing Chun has no jumping techniques, no flips, no flash. Wing Chun is the practical theory of direct action to opposed reaction.  It keeps the feet on the ground and the foundation rooted in simple movements that can be quickly executed and easily directed. Common sense self defense is a very useful parts of self defense. Since Wing Chun avoids the use of big or flowery movements, it focuses on economic use of motion, shortest distance with maximum force coupled with last moment impact.

We also know that we can always get better.  We are always students looking to shed light on something deeper that has not yet been touched on.  Some of us are also reclusive with our techniques at times seeing them as precious pieces of gold only to be shown and traded with those we feel will honor our lineage, forefathers and the lives and blood they shed to understand and raise up this art.  Though once you are seen as a honorable and respectful  man/woman you are treated like family.  Our hearts and doors open to you with the knowledge we have gained and what has been shared with us as well.  We want you to understand and be able to use the techniques we share, to their fullest because by doing so you give honor back to those lineage forefathers that taught it to us and to honor them we seek to make you great.

When you show humbleness and respect to those who have made you, you are also respected in return.  That is why we strive not to create new fancy moves and theories or new beautiful looking techniques. We know that knowledge without proven application is just a theory.  The principle of Wing Chun theory is the creation of an idea that comes from reality and combat.

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