Building Striking Power with Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a war-like art as well as a combat system born in Southern China. While this art was planned by a woman and is actually aimed for small people to attack larger people, building striking power is quite important to be effective. Apart from strengthening muscles as well as making one effective using normal body weight, this “warfare sport” inculcates precious skillfulness in children which can be applied all throughout one’s life. Building power to effectively manage a confrontation is imperative in progressing in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Building Striking Power to Enhance Balance and Eye-hand Coordination

You can quickly build up balance and eye-hand coordination by practicing kata—otherwise known as Kung Fu kicks. This conventional kung fu practice focuses on flexibility and stretching (also good for holistic muscle development). It also serves to build striking power—even when practiced at a young age.

It Takes Time to Build Striking Power

Building striking power takes time, but not as much as you may think. Building power to oppose another’s force during a confrontation can be done by practicing with an opponent. While this assumes the lively application of training with an partner—you can also train your body through resistance training with objects, training your muscles with free weights or body weight exercises. You can employ hanging bags, speed bags, rice bags, wooden dummies, focus mitts, and anything else that builds knockout power from repetitive blows.

You can further build striking power by doing pushups, or even striking one thousand times a day at a focus mitt. Make use of anything and everything that is accessible so as to build your muscles as well as your endurance. Nothing is useless as long as it can be used to build striking power. Try your hands at lifting or even benching for focused periods of time. This type of exercising will prove to be very useful later on when you start combating in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Bear in mind that, in terms of effectiveness, using a 25 lb weight in both hands and punching fifty times will not be as useful as punching 1000 times with 5-8 lb weights in each hand.

Using a Partner

Finally your power build-up will be best built-up when using a partner. Remember—you may have power, but it will prove to be useless if you are not able to land the hit in the right place. Use a partner, and your training will be increased exponentially.

Knockout Power

Whenever you practice for control, velocity, endurance, intention as well as accuracy, knockout power is created. The ability to deliver power as a steady flow lets you execute and release a perfect build up of power against an opponent. Working towards a flawless execution style isn’t enough. Aptness of speed with a deficiency of power means that even if you hit a person with a hundred chain punches it will be devoid of power. You punches will simply “tail off”. Conversely, raw power will also not result in fully useful strikes unless coupled with proper velocity, control, accuracy, precision, and aim.


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