Learn These Three Moves For Self Defense

Throughout martial art history there has always been a quest for the final move. The ultimate takedown of any opponent no matter the size. Unfortunately, such a technique does not exist. Nor is there an art that is the end all to other arts. However, within one’s art there can exist techniques which can provide simple answers to complicated questions. Since Wing Chun is about being direct and simple we should always seek the most efficient choice. We also don’t want to leave ourselves open to Wing Chun weaknesses. I only had a weekend to show you three techniques, these are what I would choose. They are simple enough to learn within that weekend but they are also effective enough to make a big difference. So you must learn these three moves: Intercepting Fist, Jum Sao, and the Inside Low Shadow Kick.

Learn these Three Moves

Intercepting Fist



The Intercepting Fist does exactly what it’s name implies: it intercepts a strike instead of blocking. With the proper timing there is no need to block and then attack which makes this a very dangerous technique. Firing off the Wing Chun centerline with a shift of the body it is powerful and effective. It uses the forearm to deflect an oncoming strike off the line. When deflected it allows the fist to continue on it’s course to the intended target. This strike is used mainly against attacks coming down the middle in a straight line. Curved attacks need something else, bringing me to the next move.

Jum Sao



Jum Sao, one of the most versatile techniques in all of Wing Chun. It can be used against almost any initial strike. Driving from the elbow with a reverse L shape it can be used to deflect straight punches (jabs and crosses etc), uppercuts, and even front kicks. When doubled up, two Jum Saos simultaneously, it can be used to block outside kicks: Roundhouses Etc. It can even be used to assist in takedown defense! Not only does it stop the straight attacks but it can be used against wild hooks (not tight hooks) as a last resort. With it’s wide range of uses the Jum is a must for the Wing Chun practitioner!

Inside Low Shadow Kick




To finish off the trio I want to present the Inside Low Shadow Kick. Comparable to a stomp, it can be used to stop other kicks, blow out knees, and break ankles. Since it is kept low it is hard to see coming and can be used very quickly off the front foot. The foot turned away from the body it uses the heel to drive through the intended target. The most common target is the inside or outside of the knee. When combined with a deflection or strike it is near impossible to avoid or stop.


So there you have it! Intercepting Fist, Jum Sao, and Inside Low Shadow Kick. Wing Chun’s knowledge goes deep; there are many effective and powerful techniques. However these three standout due to their simplicity. Learn these three moves and your Wing Chun will have a solid base. Be simple, direct, and devastating!

Is There a Difference Between Ip Man Kung Fu and Sifu Och Wing Chun?

Frequently, the question is raised as to whether a difference between Ip Man kung fu and Sifu Och Wing Chun exists. The short answer remains no. There is, however, a difference in Wing Chun Sifu’s and what they know, understand or can apply from Ip Man. My personal goal includes understanding, training, and certification under, these different lineages from Ip Man. I do this to get a greater understanding of the Wing Chun system. It has taken to this point in my life so far, but I am now appointed the position of Southeastern USA Regional Director of the World Ving Tsun Association for the America’s.

Genuine Sifu Lineages in Wing Chun

I’m also certified as a Black Gold Sash Sifu by Masters under Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simin Lau and Moy Yat. All of these great men trained directly with Ip Man. Over the past 4 years I have made efforts to train under Grandmasters and Master’s from the Wong Shun Leung Lineage of Ip Man Wing Chun. This includes Grandmaster David Peterson who has helped me make great strides in this area.

So, no, there’s no appreciable difference between Ip Man kung fu and modern Wing Chun under a well-trained Sifu. For me, it’s about fully understanding Ip Man’s vision. It works with what he left, through all of the eyes and experiences of those he taught most. That is my goal and the goal I have for teaching my Wing Chun students. I want a fuller understanding of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu. I find that I can draw this from each branch that came from this amazing man. This way I can better appreciate and practice his dedication to the art. I hope to reflect his vision and teachings through each student and person that I teach and pass along these skills along to others.


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