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A live performance lion dance is a great way to spice up any social event. We would love to help you add something unique and fun to your special events or engagement! Contact us now to schedule a Chinese Lion Dance entertainment team for your next special event, wedding, or birthday party in Florida.

Our Florida Chinese Lion Dance Team and Dragon Dance entertainment group performances can include live traditional lion dance music done by professional musicians with Chinese drums, gong, and cymbals. For events such as:

– Corporate Entertainment Events
– Weddings
– Black Tie Affairs
– Birthday parties
– Business Openings

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Lion Dance Entertainment for Your Next Special Event

The tradition of the Chinese Lion Dance dates back over 2000 years and is rooted in a rich history of ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese Lion Dance or Dragon Dance is historically a very symbolic ceremonial performance that was said to bring good luck, joy, happiness, and great fortune to all who witness the dance. Spectators would also participate by “feeding” the lion red envelopes to spread the joy and happiness of great fortune throughout the entire event!

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Our seasoned performers will make the Chinese Lion Dance comes to life at your event using playful reactions and antics, while a staff practitioner leads the lions will excite your guests with amazing acrobatic movements and techniques! Our tailored choreographed live entertainment will help take your event to a new level. Lifelike and fun, this entertaining and acrobatic performance will never be repeated! Custom packages and programs are available to bring the most to your special event, wedding, birthday, or Chinese New Year celebration. We offer packages that include multiple lions, dragon dances, and live musicians as well!

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“The team was so friendly and they really felt like they were happy to be working with you. They all put in so much energy and were both fun and professional! Thank you Sifu Justin Och!”

— Sandra L.,

The Legend of the Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese New Year & Good Luck

We honor the ancient tradition of the lion dance with our performances! Our team is dedicated to presenting an authentic Chinese Lion Dance experience and maintains respect for the culture and history.

Though there are various versions of the Chinese Lion Dance or Dragon Dance, the most popular story starts with the emperor of China. On many nights, the emperor envisioned himself running from death and demons. These dreams were so realistic that when the emperor awoke from them he could not tell the difference between reality and his dream-like state.

It wasn’t until one night that a “guardian” lion or dragon flew out of the sky and rescued the emperor from his misery. In respect for this creature and in appreciation of his newfound love, joy, good luck, and happiness, the emperor had his people now celebrate this sacred animal.

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Our Traditional Chinese Lion Dances are performed both outside and indoors, for large scale festival events or professional corporate sumits, weddings, or grand openings! We have years of experience performing in cities all over Florida and would love to add a memorable experience to your special event! Our team is dedicated to providing the best Lion Dance experience for your events!

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