lose weight fast & healthy – OX DIET

lose weight fast & healthy – OX DIET

We at Sifu Och Wing Chun created the OX Diet which is basically eating clean and lean all day.  Lose weight fast and healthy with this premise… you fuel your body by consuming good leans meats, good fats, and vegetables for fiber, vitamins and carbs.  By only taking in these things your body can lose weight and help you keep it off.

WARNING – THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  DON’T USE IT. I am not a medical doctor, this is based on opinion only.  Seek out your personal western doctors opinion first.  Before listening or doing anything in this article. 

Now with that WARNING out of the way let us continue.

  • For some people calorie restriction really works and it gives you a healthy way to get in your cheat foods and lose some weight.  Though Fad diets have you bouncing with weight on and off by throwing your body into loops.
  • If you like your sugars and breads and don’t have much will power to deny them, then go calorie restrictive, you will still be able to lose weight but you may gain it back too, you also might not have the best potential for ramping up your metabolism.  Though you will get to eat cake more often, so tough choices.
  • Active and Athletic individuals of ANY AGE who want to ramp up their metabolism and keep a clean and lean body, eat clean and well 5-6 times a day and make working out a priority to their health and happiness.  By feeding the body good food consistently, you show it isn’t going to starve so instead of storing fat, it burns fat and builds muscle. If you won’t give yourself the time to lose weight, workout, make your food, and yourself a priority then go the calorie restrictive diet and don’t stay on this page. 

Which diet is best for you? If you have good will power, continue reading.

If you starve your body then your body may lower your metabolism and stores fat to keep you alive.  If you want the fat gone you need to train your body to know you won’t starve it.   Instead you are going to feed it the right food and fuel so it knows it won’t starve and can start getting rid of that excess stored energy and fat around your body.


So you have decided to eat clean, often, and healthy throughout the day eating only meat and vegetables to start lose weight fast. 

Take a weekend to go out and buy meats and vegetables you will enjoy.  Get a bunch of seasonings that you can place on your meat and vegetables before cooking.  Some people like less salt in their seasonings, honestly for this as long as it is flavored without sugar, carbs, or dairy your doing well.

Now I usually bake some and grill the rest, but the choice is up to you.  Buy enough food for the month, then go home and spend the day cooking with friends or family.  After all you meat and vegetables have been grilled, baked, boiled its time to cut them up.  Once cut up in to bite size pieces, mix them together and place them into zip lock bags, stack them and freeze them.

This is your fuel for the month, you will eat when ever hungry and will not starve yourself.  Instead you are training your body to know it can boost its metabolism and not worry about going into starvation mode.

STEP 2 – Hunger and Water

Eat when your hungry and drink plenty of water.  Don’t starve yourself, you should eat when your hungry. Since your eating the right foods and healthy foods your going to do just fine.  You have meal prepped and the food is ready to go so eat it when your hungry.  Make sure you drink plenty of tea and water throughout the day.

“Eating poorly is a habit, so is eating healthy.”

Lose weight fast and healthy by eating grilled, boiled, or baked vegetables and lean meats every day.  If your already fit add in non-processed carbs like brown rice, oats, and earth made carbs.  If your not fit and looking to lose weight then only vegetables and lean meats for you.   You must cut out all sugars, carbs that don’t come from your vegetables, bread and milk products.

What do I drink? 
Without sugar or artificial sweeteners you can drink tea, BCAA flavored drinks, water, and coffee.  If you must flavor your drinks use natural sweeteners like stevia.


You can take a body and colon cleanse at any time in the beginning of the diet or when you hit a plateau.  When cleaning out your body I prefer something that is gentle, doesn’t contain senna, and also rids the body of parasites and micro-organisms.   After this its a good time to take some probiotics and revitalize your immune system.


Weigh yourself once a week and keep it up.  To lose weight fast & healthy on the OX DIET you have to have a strong will and stay away from temptation.  When you start seeing those results don’t celebrate yet.  Keep it up and push through till you get everything you wanted in your weight and body needs.


Cardio is great but you need to lift weights as well.  So as you lose weight, lift weight.  Find a martial art class, or kickboxing, find a gym where you will keep pushing each week to reach your goals.


You don’t eat for 16 hours and then eat all your food in a 8 hour window.   Intermittent fast means you eat all your food and calories for the day in a 8 hour period and then only drink tea, coffee, and water for the rest of the day.   You can pick what ever 8 hours during the day is good for you.  Though remember once your time starts you can’t break up that 8 hours.  Its 8 hours straight of time to eat your healthy meats and veggies and then only tea, coffee, and water.


So you lose weight fast but what happens when you get to your goal weight?  At that point you should be adding in more carbs from oats, brown rice, fruit, and earth made carbohydrates.  Giving yourself a cheat day once a week is also a great Idea.  This helps to throw your body off and gives you a break to eat foods that give your life pleasure and you work off later!


Vegetables have a bunch of sugar and carbohydrates already in them, check out this link https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/food/vegetables/carbohydrate.  Which means your food should contain all you need.

Vegetables also have tons of vitamins in them check out this link https://www.lenntech.com/fruit-vegetable-vitamin-content.htm

So don’t fret about not taking in those sugary drinks, candies, cakes, fruits, chips, and dairy products your going to do great.  So remember no sugar, no dairy, no carbs that don’t come from vegetables and no bread.

So if your worried you won’t get in enough sugar, carbs, or vitamins on the diet you are going to do just fine.

NO YOU can’t HAVE IT on the – OX DIET

If you haven’t reached your goal weight, you can’t have the below at all.

  • no sugar at all (not even fruit in until your goal weight is reached.)
  • no carbs at all (unless from vegetables until your goal weight loss is reached.)
  • no dairy at all
  • no bread at all

If you want to lose weight fast, First you will lose weight fast if you stop taking in sugar (yes even from fruit), carbs from non-vegetable sources, bread and calorie drink products.

So why do diets restrict your calorie intact, make you feel like your starving while body builders eat 6-9 times a day and look like Demi-gods?  Calories are the fuel or gas of your body, so if your wanting to have your metabolism run at full tilt you need fuel.  Though there is a huge difference in what kind of fuel.

My Diet is hard, you can lose weight fast but it will test your will power and you will want to cheat.  Those who don’t cheat get the prize of great weight loss and a healthier body, those who do cheat (yes, even a little now and again) before they get their goal weight will not attain everything they are after.

If you want a rocky up and down fad diet this isn’t for you.  If you would rather do something easier that won’t test your will power pick another diet and come back when your really ready.

WARNING – I am not a doctor.  consult your doctor before doing this diet.  THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This diet is not forever, you will lose weight and then train yourself to eat in moderation.  Eating without heavy amounts of carbs, sugar, and dairy in your life. 

Cardio, Lifting, and Martial Arts

It should come as no surprise that cardio and weightlifting can both greatly improve your abilities as a martial artist. People have been using cardio and weightlifting to supplement their martial arts for as long as martial arts itself. The health benefits they provide are beneficial to every aspect of life, but what do they do specifically for the martial artist?

Cardiovascular Exercise

Treadmill vs Sparring

Doing any martial art will include a good amount of cardiovascular exercise. In fact, one study showed that performing martial art kata’s and engaging in sparring increased heart rate to a higher level than that of running on a treadmill (Iide et al., 2008). This is mostly due to the fact that kata’s and sparring engage the upper body in more dynamic movements than running does. That’s not to say that running on a treadmill doesn’t add its own benefits to martial arts, because it does. The cardio performed while practicing martial arts is usually in short bursts, ranging from less than a minute to about three minutes on average. And while this (quasi-interval training) has its own benefits, the endurance gained from long distance running takes martial artists to the next level. It allows them to excel during prolonged testing periods and back-to-back sparring matches.

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Martial arts instructors are particularly known for pushing student’s bodies to the limit in class. They want not only for you to build muscle, but also to have the ability to keep pushing even when your body wants to quit. Cardiovascular exercise after a workout can help remove some of the toxins built up in your bloodstream during that workout. Effectively reducing the muscle soreness sure to come in the days to follow (Clark, 2015). And for no other reason, if you do need to use your training in a real street scenario you have no idea hard long you will need to engage your enemy. 


Adding Power

There have been countless studies done on the benefits of weightlifting, however, very few in regards to martial arts. One such study found that weightlifting has the ability to “increase punching and kicking speed, or power” (Iide et al., 2008). This same study suggests adding in twisting crunches to increase torque power behind the hip rotations so common in martial arts. Has an instructor ever told you to put more hip behind your strike? In addition, incorporating cleans and snatches could help in generating more explosive leg power for kicks and structure.

Strength Down to the Bone

But weightlifting goes beyond additional speed and power, affecting our bodies down to bone. Other studies show that lifting can improve bone density. “Not only can weigh training increase bone density, it can improve muscle mass, balance and connective tissue strength” (Seltzer, 2013). With all of these factors combined, the risk of injury in martial arts is greatly reduced. Think about all the times that you have been hit or thrown to the ground. Improved balance and connective tissue strength could make the difference between a fall and a serious injury.

Adding cardio and weightlifting will provide numerous benefits not only to your martial arts training, but also to your overall health. And if you are looking to combine cardio, weightlifting, and martial arts, consider making our kickboxing classes a part of your training regimen. Sifu Och personally explains some of our training in his article “Muscle Conditioning With Kung Fu”.

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Iide, K., Imamura, H., Yoshimura, Y., Yamashita, A., Miyahara, K., Miyamoto, N., & Moriwaki, C. (2008). Phsiological responses of simulated karate sparring matches in young men and boys. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)22(3), 839-844.

Seltzer, C. (2013, December 11). Can weight lifting improve bone density?. In Builtlean. Retrieved June 13, 2017, from https://www.builtlean.com/2013/12/11/weight-lifting-bone-density/#fn-20788-3


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