Proven Wing Chun Self Defense Part 2

We teach people from day one that the proven Wing Chun self defense can make a difference. We the our students how to use their blocking and attacking simultaneously as a reflex. Doing this, we are giving them a foundation on which ever other technique should fall. If it doesn’t, we’ll work on getting it there.

The first couple of months of training will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They will reference back to that information throughout their lives as everything else builds and is stacked upon this foundation.  This beginning time is very important in the growth and mindset of a student.

Proved Self Defense; Wing Chun
Are you willing to put in the hard work, time, and dedication? Will you travel, research, or waste time with a close school

If the majority of our training is Yin and instills Yin, you will become a Yin student.  Have that student face a situation on the street or against another practitioner that has been training for sparring, direct contact, mobility, speed and power, all of the things that Wing Chun represents and who do you think is going to win?  Think of the greats in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Yip Man (Ip Man), Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, Simon Lau, etc.  Wing chun have proved self defense. They were all fighters, they spoke and trained for fighting with Wing Chun (ving tsun).  Sure they used Yin but they knocked out with Yang.

What traits do you want to instill in a new Wing Chun student?  How about hard work, time, dedication and becoming quick, powerful, direct, and not wasting time.

Getting to the heart of the issue to maintain perseverance in the face of impossible odds.  What about pushing past your own limitations and the limits others try to place on you?  This is the foundation of Kung Fu, the heart of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Many years ago before I started my Wing Chun training, I had trained in other styles and was trained to believe that I could Master the martial arts without medium to heavy sparring against team mates and other styles. You also can get proved self defense from wing chun. Within my first 6 months of Wing Chun I quickly changed my mind.  Where do practitioners get their speed, endurance, technique and power, and how could they react to everything I did and was thinking about doing before I even got to do it?

I realized that direct confrontation with a moving, active, thinking opponent was completely different than my mirror and forms provided. Proved self defense martial arts is provided by wing chun. I realized that this was where Wing Chun (ving tsun) Kung Fu reigned and if I wanted this elusive martial art as my own I was going to have to push myself in dedication.

Win or lose I would be the one gaining all the benefits and true understanding of those secrets deep within Wing Chun.

butterfly-swords-bart-jarm-do-bot-jaam-do-butterfly-knives-sifu och wing chun florida
Win or Lose educated dedication is rewarded
train under the best to become the best.. BUT
first you have to find the best to train there.

This is where I started looking into the different techniques, combinations and movements that were being given to me.  Over the years I have continued looking deeper into the body mechanics of Wing Chun and how slight adjustments for my body size and those around me could increase not only my power but the effectiveness of ever technique I executed.

Techniques that I thought I could never use in a combat application became more than possible as my strength, understanding and ability increased.  Wing Chun truly is a complete system it emulates its name “everlasting spring time” or “ever changing spring time”.  It has an answer for any situation.  It is a progressive and modern martial art.  Wing Chun’s number one rule is “your closest weapon to your opponent’s closes vital”.

That means that whatever is the most direct attack do it.  Don’t think about it.  Just attack the next closest vital, keep your root strong, your footwork  correct and allow your whole body to become a weapon.

Always choosing the closest “weapon” to the closest “vital or target”, this is the essence of direct reaction.  Though all reactions are different, the key is to use whatever hand, foot or body part is closest to defend and attack an opponent.  If your hands are tied up; head butt, if your legs can’t kick or knee, then punch, elbow, biu jee “thrusting fingers”, palm or chop.

You always have options, but the question is, have you attained a level that you can use them as reactions?

Wing Chun; proven self defense – (part 1) – to start reading article

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