READER QUESTION – Wing Chun Sparring tips

Every week we get questions from readers about our program or Wing Chun training in general. This week we got a question from Alex B. regarding Wing Chun sparring tips and decided the best way to answer would be to pen a brief article about what we think are some best practices when sparring.

Hello Sifu Och,

I came across one of your online articles about Wing Chun today which I found very convincing on a number of arguments you were making.  I was particularly interested in your remarks which call Wing Chun practitioners to spar against people from other fighting styles in order to become more adaptive in combat.  I want to help cultivate my Wing Chun in this manner but I have run into problems in the past when I try to spar against other styles.

The main issue I experience when sparring is that I have a lot of difficulty harnessing the fluid and automatic actions/reactions that are often second nature when I practice Chi Sao with another Wing Chun practitioner. When it comes to Wing Chun sparring tips, trapping and elbow techniques you’ll find a lot of footage where everyone is 100% out of range.  As a result, I am painfully aware that I am not sparring using Wing Chun but instead I am performing a rather clumsy manner of boxing that has only a loose relation to good Wing Chun movement and form.  Despite sparring on countless occasions with martial artists from a large variety of styles, I have been unable to correct this problem.  In fact, the only time that I ever recall using even halfway decent Wing Chun against a different style was when I sparred against a Kenpo fighter on one occasion a few years back.  Is there any incite or advice you can provide to help me bridge the gap I am experiencing with these different applications of Wing-chun training?  Thank you very much in advance Si-fu.This POst is Provide a good Wing Chun Sparring Tips.

Alex B******

P.S. I would love the chance to visit your school and learn under you but that is unfortunately outside of my means because I live in Oregon.

if you have any questions that I may be able to help with let me know.  – Sifu Justin Och

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