Learning Ground Game Tactics in Wing Chun

Many, if not the majority, of traditional martial arts systems (Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do, Karate, Wing Chun, etc.) are designed primarily for stand-up attacking and defensive situations. Without question, these stand-up techniques are invaluable to the student. However, what is the practitioner to do if they have only trained in a stand-up martial arts system and the fight is suddenly taken to the ground? Learning ground game tactics in Wing Chun is imperative to success in these situations.

Learning Ground Game Tactics

No matter how prepared or how many years the martial arts student has been in training, if they have only been taught to attack and defend from an upright position, they may find themselves in a very dangerous situation once they go to the ground. Once there, they may find themselves in a situation where they are at a loss about how to proceed. The panic of being taken out of the stand-up comfort zone in a real fight to having to deal with ground game tactics will be intimidating enough, but not knowing what technique to use or how to defend themselves could be deadly. Learning ground game tactics and techniques suddenly begins to make sense.

By learning some Jiu-Jitsu techniques (be they Brazilian, American, or Combat) the traditional martial artist will be better prepared for a fight if it goes to the ground. Coincidentally, we integrate these ground game tactics in our Wing Chun training. Being trained in defenses against guillotine and rear-naked chokes; escapes from being on one’s back, prone, or side positions; and how to submit an attacker by putting him into an armbar, leg lock, or choke will be great additions to any martial artist’s skill set. Learning ground game tactics in Wing Chun can make all the difference in whether you ever get the chance to walk away from an encounter victorious.

If you are interested in enhancing your martial arts experience in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu or ground techniques, then please contact Sifu Och Wing Chun at 863-800-0171 to set up an appointment to visit the school. We will be happy to show you around the studio and meet Sifu Justin Och in person.


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