Beginner Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes in Lakeland FL

Our Wing Chun Lakeland Kung Fu classes Florida Kung Fu classes are energetic, fast-paced, and train extremely effective techniques. These Wing Chun Lakeland classes are ideal for individuals that want reality-based training and fitness for their entire family. If you want a complete system that is based on keeping you and your loved ones safe.  In dangerous situations we aim to empower people with everyday.  Wing Chun Lakeland is your best choice in Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in Central Florida.

Only Florida school certified to teach 4 Ip Man Lineages
– Direct, effective, no fancy techniques
– No previous experience required to start
– Citizens & Former Military train with us
– Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
– Incredibly fastest reaction martial arts
– We provide no-nonsense realistic training

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Beginner Wing Chun Classes Available

Of course we have advanced classes as well! You want to get good Fundamentals down first in Close Range self defense.  That’s why we have Morning, Afternoon and Night classes are open!  Whether you have a huge background in the martial arts or no background at all, we will take you to the next level of training. Sifu Och Wing Chun Lakeland teaches reality-based Kung Fu martial arts classes that focus on adult scenarios and confrontations.

Over the years we have brought international Wing Chun knowledge and training to our top instructors and coaches. Making them the best Wing Chun Lakeland has to offer!  Not a “points martial arts system”, we teach former military, martial art Master Instructors, and citizens.  From beginner to advanced classes for almost all ages.

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“The classes have exceeded my expectations! They offer traditional Kung Fu training at an individualized pace. You can be a beginner to Martial Arts or have previous experience and you will receive personalized attention while he creates the optimal learning environment.”

— Robert G.,

(student for 1+ year)

In depth Ip Man Wing Chun INSIGHT and Training

Our Chief instructor Sifu Justin Och is the only Florida school tested, trained and certified to teach the entire Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system under all four lineages of Moy Yat, Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simon Lau.  Our Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och has personally traveled to over 14+ countries, trained with Grandmaster’s and Masters from all over.

Sifu Justin Och is also the Regional Director for the Southeastern USA World Ving Tsun Association.

World travelled and trained by Grandmasters and Instructors from all over the World.  Sifu Justin Och has been certified as a SiFu (high ranking Kung Fu instructor) 3 separate times by different Masters of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has trained and made Full Contact Sanda fighters and looks to teach the realistic application and combat behind Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes in Lakeland, FL

Our martial arts studio in Downtown Lakeland Florida will help you increase your power, cardio, and endurance. After all, it doesn’t do much good to learn techniques if your body can’t keep up with them during a confrontation.

Classes are also available in hardcore conditioning and fitness boot camps—and more than a few boot camp directors and triathletes in Lakeland have felt the results of our classes! Pace yourself—we have a lot to offer! We offer classes for all ages, experience levels, and cater to everyone’s fitness and self defense goals!

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“The training is clear and organized and does well at teaching effective martial arts and self defense. The people here care about how you are doing and work with you to make sure you learn the material and can actually apply it in a situation.”

— Zachary D,

(student for 6mo+)

Group Classes Wing Chun Lakeland fl

If you have previous martial arts experience you will find your skills and speed grow.  In this reality-based offensive system with each class making you better then the last. Wing Chun Kung Fu was Bruce Lee’s fighting system, taught to him by the legendary Ip Man in China. The more time and effort you put into your training, the better you’ll get — and every class can make you better than the last.

The more time and effort you put into your training, the better you’ll get — and every class can make you better than the last.

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Browse our Testimonials below and see what our students are saying about us!

Tiffany C.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I truly believe that someone who chooses to train in Wing Chun will also gain confidence, security and peace of mind.  As a woman, I believe it is the…

Marcus M.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Before Sifu Och I didn’t know much about Wing Chun; but I was looking into finding a place that could teach me realistic combat training. I looked into other…

Hùng N.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

The training here is amazing, both strictly cardio speaking and Martial Arts. There’s good people, that are always willing to help. Over-all I would say that you will love…

Jeff H

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Its been such a great experience, and I really feel confident about the training Ive recieved here at Sifu Och Wing Chun.

Bernard B.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Awesome school, Sifu and staff are great at what they do! Expect to get a great workout here! Instructors are very hands on, if you have questions they are…

Dixon K.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

As a student of Sifu Och, I am amazed at how everyone works with each other. Sifu is always there, ready to give precise explanations on techniques and why…

Joey M.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Awesome instructors! If you want to get in better shape this is the place. Sifu Justin really knows his stuff and takes the time to make sure you…

Danny P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

If you’re looking for a place to come learn new techniques to better defend yourself, you found it! What brought me here was Wing Chun, what keeps me coming…

Zach D.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I have truly enjoyed my time training at Sifu Och Wing Chun. The training is clear and organized and does well at teaching effective martial arts and self defense….

Jai C.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Sifu Och and family are great people who are willing to teach and share more than a punch and a kick.They provide traits like wisdom and camaraderie in their…

Robert G.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

When I was first introduced to Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu,
I was amazed at his credentials.
Sifu Och has trained directly with Ip Chun, eldest…

David N.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

If you are looking for a great way to stay in shape and learn self defense techniques you can believe in Wing Chun martial art training with Sifu Och…

Alex K.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I have been training for 18 years now & traveled all over the country participating in many events & trained with many very skilled instructors. My chance meeting with…

Fernandez G.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Flying in from Egypt, we came to Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Training Facility not knowing what to expect. We were greeted with enthusiasm and friendship from all who trained…

Maggie S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I had no experience before coming to the martial arts in downtown, I came here to learn to defend myself and so far I have gained experience and also…

Kevin W.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

This is the place to get in shape, lose weight, learn a skill, not get bored at the gym, do something amazing and find a bunch of people who…

Javier B.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Born in Queens, N.Y. (New York in Flushing) whether because of race or bullies the neighborhood I grew up in always had me fighting on the street. I never…

Greg S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I have been a Florida resident for over 22 years and a Financial Advisor at a national financial service companies. I began my Wing Chun Kung Fu training over…

Russel V.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I was a amateur boxer before I came to Sifu Och Wing Chun. Since training Wing Chun I have sparred other martial artists, a 2nd, 3rd and 5th degree…

James D.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Bullies at school were bragging they were taking MMA classes (mixed martial arts). I needed to stand up to these kids and defend myself one day and I got…

Carlos G.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Three year background in hardcore Judo and security officer for night clubs, hospitals, etc. I used my Judo regularly at the night clubs but in the process I would…

Tom W.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

At 41, I was a stressed out, overweight entrepreneur with very high blood pressure. I discovered Sifu Och’s Wing Chun after a job site altercation with a violent individual…

Larry W.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I’m 54 years old with no self defense training at all, a devout christian and I am and investor and contractor, I was introduced to the Wing Chun style…

Rich D.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I couldn’t have found a better place to train or a better teacher. I have have very high expectations from any martial arts teacher that had never been met…

Donnie E.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I would not of been able to lead a family with confidence or protect them when the worst happens. Over the last year and a half, 3 things have…

Betsy O.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I love training here! You will get a great workout in the Kickboxing class without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated because everyone is supportive and encouraging! Wing Chun Kung Fu…

Tony P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Wing Chun originally was just something I did for fun, but after truly beginning to learn about it and what kind of mindset I must have, For the first…

Shaun W.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Pass or fail, it’s not about the struggles or the pain, but pushing through it and making everything count. It’s never been about how many mistakes you’ve made because…

Soto G.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Wing Chun has taught me to make every single moment counts and meaningful while teaching me to take every punch and action slow enough to get it perfect. If…

Isabele H.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Without the caring support of Sifu and my Sihings I wouldn’t be where I am now. They have been, and still are, an indispensable source of encouragement. How many…

John S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Serious combat training, Sifu and my Wing Chun training partners have become family. Sifu is like my big brother whom I love and have the ultimate respect. He will…

Chris P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I really enjoy training in Wing Chun. It has challenged me physically and mentally. The class is a wonderful new experience, everyone here is like a big family helping…

Lakeland Self Defense Training

From Sparring to reaction training we specialize in modern close quarter self defense training.  Our Hand to hand self defense tactics aim to prepare you to defend yourself when needed. Our style of Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique because we have the experience and international training that no other central Florida school has.

Put in the time, dedication and effort to see real results, our concern is real skill! Self Defense Classes train you to protect yourself and your loved ones. We teach all levels from no experience to advanced instructors.  We don’t play for points, fancy aerial maneuvers, in fact we stay away from anything that’s impractical.  You want to ensure you’ve got the training, practice, and reflexes that translate into a real-world response.

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Students from all walks of life take our Wing Chun classes. We have Beginner and Advanced Wing Chun kung fu training available throughout the week.  Stay at home Moms & Dads, doctors, lawyers, teachers, former Army Rangers, Marines, even black belts instructors from other styles.

You’ll gain skills and knowledge to provide your loved ones with safety and protection.  We can mold you from the ground up! With classes every day of the week available at all training levels.

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Lakeland Wing Chun Near Me

So your looking for lakeland wing chun near me well you found it! We are right in your backyard! Our system is quick, direct, and extremely effective in seeking out the fastest and best way possible to shutdown a bad situation. Make no mistake, our Lakeland Wing Chun classes are designed to teach you what you need to effectively stop a confrontation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’ve trained beginners to a 7th degree shotokan karate black belt Hall of Famer, 6th Dan Taekwondo Masters, 8+ year semi-professional boxers, shaolin kung fu practitioners, and black belts in tae kwon do, karate & jiu jitsu.

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Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland, FL

You don’t have to travel to China to get authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Sifu Och Wing Chun Lakeland Kung Fu classes teach the entire Ip Man system.  We believe that real protection and a good self defense system teaches self confidence, insight, and strength. Even if you’ve never taken a single martial arts class in lakeland before.  Our experienced and knowledgable staff will assist you and your family in every class.

Our Lakeland Wing Chun classes can teach the entire Ip Man system.  Your life will be improved through dedication and persistence towards a skill that uplifts both you and those you love.

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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Along with Chi Sau, Weapons, Long pole, all of the forms and the Entire Ip Man system from 4 different Ip Man lineage lines.

Sifu Justin Och brings over 30 years of martial arts experience to every wing chun kung fu class he teaches.  He teaches every movement in the wooden dummy and how to apply it to a close combat situation. Sifu Justin Och breaks down the wooden dummy form for serious wing chun students.  Showing you how to refine your skills with in-fighting and gain a deeper understanding of Wing Chun Kung Fu and the science behind this amazing martial art.

Learn the Mook Jong (Muk Yan Jong) combat applications with proper technique and foundation of each section.

Learn About Our Advanced Wing Chun Classes

Visit Our Studio for Wing Chun Training in Lakeland, FL

We train Wing Chun Lakeland Fl both in and out of the studio, taking advantage of the great Florida weather and excellent Downtown Lakeland amenities! From a climate controlled 2400 sq. ft. facility to sunny Lakeland’s Munn Park in the Downtown square, we go where the training is best. So close and convenient to the center of Lakeland, you’re only a few moments away from our next class!

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Exclusive Wing Chun Training & Insight

Sifu Justin Och has been appointed the official Southeastern U.S.A. Director of the World Ving Tsun Assocation.

His school is the ONLY academy certified to teach 4 Ip Man Lineages systems in Florida. Sifu Justin Och is a 4x Certified Lineage Black Sash Sifu and 5th Degree Master instructor and 3x independently certified SiFu.  A World Traveler seeking out training with Wing Chun Masters and exclusive training and insight into the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

Sifu Justin Och is the Only one in Florida with these Credentials. 

Learn More About Sifu Justin Och

I am blessed to have found this Wing Chun school when I did, because unlike most I was spared the trial and error of finding the perfect martial art instructor. 

— Neckodemos D,

((Student for 10+ years))

Take a look into what are classes are like!

We focus on real-world results while encouraging kids, adults, families, and individuals through both group and private lessons. Dedicated students interested in learning the entire system of Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defense, cardio kickboxing, kids martial arts, and after school pickup programs are welcome to join any one of our many programs. We are one big martial arts family—training, socializing, and making friends of all ages.

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