When It’s Life or Death What Do You Do?

The thought of causing another human being serious, devastating, potentially life threatening damage is not a pleasant thing to think about. The average person doesn’t bring those thoughts to the forefront of their mind to examine. So then, how does one develop the mindset to hurt someone else if it came to that? Motivation to do anything in life comes from one thing, the “why”. So when it’s life or death, what do you do?

Understanding The “Why”

Why? Why would you want to lose weight? And why would you want to stay up till 4am doing work? Why would you persevere through trials with seemingly no end in sight? When that “why” can be answered, the mind will fall into place and actions will follow. So how do you find the answer to such a heavy question?

When it comes to your life, you have to understand what it’s worth—to yourself and to others. We as humans were created with a purpose, to make life beautiful, to make this world a better place. Your part in this world is something you have to discover! No one has the right to take that away from you! But what if we look past ourselves? Who is depending on you to come home and take care of them? What will they do if you are not around? Now the situation has surpassed just yourself and your desires.

Let’s move along that same line of thinking but get our thoughts off of ourselves. Here is something else to ponder: What about the next victim? If you don’t take action do you think that this person will magically change their ways after they have had their way with you? Absolutely not! There will always be another victim unless they are stopped! And that person to stop them could be you! You could be the one to protect the next person before anything even happens to them. If you have an opportunity to stop evil in its tracks you should take it because the next victim may not get that chance.

Once someone crosses the line of crime they are more likely to commit another crime. According to the Association for Psychological Science, “Within three years of being released from Jail, two out of every three inmates in the US wind up behind bars again”. Two out of three is a staggering statistic, and that is only based on criminals getting caught. Who knows, maybe YOUR life was spared because someone else stepped up and stopped someone and you will never know about it.

Life or Death Decisions Matter

In the moment, there is no time for thinking, no hesitation. Your mind must have already accepted what must be done when the time comes. There can be no room left for error. So what are you doing to prepare for such a moment? If you have never trained your mind and your body to handle such a situation do you really believe that in the moment you will suddenly spring to action as if you were magically imbued with abilities you never had before? Of course not! It is foolish to believe so!

It would be the same if you were placed into any sporting match believe you will suddenly be able to not only play with your teammates but also beat the other team. You must train, you must prepare, you must be ready, you must decide now. Find your why, let it guide you, and then be follow through with action. Find a good master, train hard, and become more than you are now! Become the person others can come to depend on.


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