MMA vs Wing Chun Similarity and Differences

The Wing Chun style has long been acknowledged as being illogical for MMA on the grounds that striking doesn’t occur until your opponent first strikes—making it a largely defensive technique. The assumption continues, stating that passive moves that “cause no harm” are executed in a sort of kickboxing system while your opponent attempts to deliver knockout blows. For those who aren’t aware of Wing Chun in its true form and to its fullest extent, it can seem reactionary when compared to the advanced craft of MMA. When you take a close look at Wing Chun and actually understand the system and style, you quickly realize this isn’t the case. Knowing there’s a lot of misconceptions out there, the question of MMA vs Wing Chun and which is better for your defense and protection seems a worthwhile place to spend some time.

MMA lead jab pawing

While aggressive and notoriously offensively-focused, MMA contenders also normally “check or paw jab” with their hands so as to check distance as well as the limits of their adversaries’ movements. In one movement or technique, putting one’s lead hand on the outside of the adversaries lead hand successfully repels their lead strike preemptively. Truth be told, a majority of accidental eye-jabs that happen in the arena or ring occur because of this attempt to determine an opponent’s range of motion. With the lead arm pawing with an open hand towards an unlucky rival who is closing the distance, you’re going to run into something unpleasant.

Looking For THE Wing Chun EDGE

In the wake of mastering the MMA basics like Maui Thai, and wrestling, new competitive fighters are always looking for more advanced combative technique for an edge. For instance a 22-year-old warrior, Jon Jones, routinely tosses diagonal kicks from Wing Chun, direct punches to the face, turning sidekicks, plus an innovative take on the back elbow.

Veteran MMA contenders have also started to stray from their wrestling base so as to use front leg sidekicks—an oft dismissed technique in MMA. Is it accurate to say that we are entering a period in the sport’s advancement in which accepted crafts like Wing Chun will make a comeback? This remains to be seen, but it’s evident that whoever integrates new techniques successfully will radically advance the genre and gain a competitive edge. Several MMA fighters routinely utilize an adaptation of man sau in their stand-up styles, and this opens the way for Wing Chun counters to be very advantageous. For instance, a counter to the stick strike from muai Thai could be accomplished by a sensitive combatant by essentially throwing a straight left hook when he feels his opponent’s hand descending. Being within a line, his straight punch will either overpower his rivals or deflect it far from its planned target.

Wing Chun and Evolving MMA

Whether or not Wing Chun trapping evolves into an element of MMA fights styles, it is clear that MMA is advancing quickly as a sport, and there are profound debates regarding which combative techniques are the best. While a definitive demonstrating ground is still a down to business road battle, MMA is a magnificent discussion in which accepted hand to hand fighting could be push tried and demonstrated of service and it is clear that such analyses will just come to be more pervasive as the game develops and the pool of capable fighters expands.

Wing Chun is modern close quarter combat at its best, MMA is a testing ground to bring the best that Wing Chun can be and evolve into. It’s great to have something to compete against and have a standard that has evolved to make your Wing Chun evolve that much more.


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