In Street Fighting Wing Chun Reduces Mistakes

We all live in a less than ideal world. In street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of an opponent (or opponents). Fights should be the last resort to resolving any conflict, but unfortunately, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to fight. Street fighting is the most common situation you’ll find yourself in, and without any training, it’s not easy to escape without some injuries.

At Sifu Och Wing Chun, you learn traditional Wing Chun. But what a lot of people may not know is that there are specialized courses, which teach you to fight in the modern world. With street fighting Wing Chun is one of the more practical techniques that seeks to diffuse the advantage of any opponents – big or small. The Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu style teaches techniques that you can implement in the modern world.

Our Wing Chun real world self defense classes and Advanced Wing Chun classes are courses designed for all ages. In fact, we wish (and even recommended) that Polk County schools teach parts of this course to students, getting them started at an early age. With street fighting, Wing Chun techniques work to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. While there are certainly instant advantages, trained over time, these techniques can have a real impact in the lives of your children.

Common Mistakes Made in Street Fighting

There are few big mistakes that people often make in street fighting. We teach our kids and adults to avoid these in our Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu classes. It has saved many a kid from getting seriously injured. In particular, the face is the most susceptible region for any person. Wen street fighting, people don’t protect their face – and get hurt quickly as a result. Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques seek to diffuse any advantage of an opponents while protecting the face and neck. A hit to the neck, eye or nose, can cause serious damage, or at least cause you to stagger and/or fall. In a street fight a fall can result in more injuries – for one, your head could bang against something hard, or your attcker could decide to continue the fight when you’re on the ground.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Teaches Real World Self Defense Techniques

The real world techniques taught by Sifu Och Wing Chun involve sparring with a live opponent, using constant-forward force. This more closely simulates street fighting as opposed to drilling alone. When you can’t have a live opponent we also tech you how to practice solo and continue your training on your own when class isn’t in session. Our Wing Chun practice techniques also utilize a wooden dummy and practices called “Chi Sau” or “Sticky Hands” meant solely for this purpose.

Even if an opponent is bigger and more muscular, they should not have a significant advantage with someone well-trained in Wing Chun. The force for sparring and attacks come from distinct stances taught in Wing Chun. Those with smaller stature can easily counter much bigger assailants and escape with little harm.

Wing Chun does not train to fight only with honor, it trains to fight when required and escape.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. The idea is to incur the least amount of damage. This is the truth of street fights. Rarely are street fights about honor. They are mostly about people ganging up.

Kids and bullies in the schools of Polk County, like most other schools, generally rely on the pack mentality, to harass or attack someone. Critical blows can lead to the hospitalization of the child.

The techniques taught by Wing Chun Kung Fu academy can help to avoid such injuries.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. Special courses for kids in schools of Polk County are provided, under the banner of Sifu Och Wing Chun to fight in street fights, and against difficult odds.

Enroll your child in a course. Attend the some sessions at the Academy free of cost.Street fighting Wing Chun techniques seek to diffuse the advantage of the opponents. The accomplished teachers at the Wing Chun Kung Fu academy will be more than happy to guide with personalised training.  – by Wing Chun fans of Sifu Justin Och

Remember, aggression knows no age, colour or sex. Small street fights can end with dire consequences. Act today to avoid such situations.

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