Authentic Yoga Classes in Lakeland, FL

Sifu Och Wing Chun not only offers quality wing chun kung fu classes and kickboxing classes but yoga & meditation classes as well! We’re always building on our expertise and are pleased to welcome beginners and advanced students alike to participate in our yoga classes in Lakeland, offered weekly! Build strength, tone your body, increase flexibility, and destress with our certified instructors today!


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A Different Standard than the Rest

It’s important to us here at Sifu Och Wing Chun that we offer a unique experience. What makes us different from other yoga studios in Central Florida? We not only offer group classes, but private instruction as well. Our lead yoga instructor Elizabeth Och has been certified and trained directly from Yogis in India and has brought back her expertise to share with the Lakeland, Florida area.

Yoga Classes in Lakeland, FL

Whether it be for fitness, meditation, flexibility, or health, our yoga classes touch on each subject and are catered to helping out students achieve their goals! In addition to our yoga, and world class wing chun kung fu training, we also offer additional classes like kickboxing classes, fitness boot camps, and self defense classes to offer a full fitness experience for Lakeland, FL.

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“The instructors at Sifu Och Wing Chun are fantastic! They talk to you like family and I always feel welcomed walking into class no matter what day of the week!”

— Rema T.,

Why Choose Sifu Och Wing Chun?

We focus on real-world results while encouraging kids, adults, families, and individuals through both group and private lessons. Dedicated students interested in learning the entire system of Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defense, cardio kickboxing, kids martial arts, after school pickup programs, and no-gi Jiujitsu are welcome to join any one of our many programs. We are one big martial arts family—training, socializing, and making friends of all ages.

Not only do we offer yoga classes in lakeland Fl, but we also offer a number of other classes like combination kickboxing, fitness bootcamps, self defense and many more! Our team of dedicated instructors are ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, and here to offer you the best fitness experience that Lakeland, Florida has to offer!

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Fill out the form below to get 2 weeks of training at our downtown lakeland facility and access to our full class schedule!

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