Modern Shaolin Weapon Training for the Wing Chun Fighter

florida-wing-chun-street-fight-tampa-florida-wing-chun-street-fightToday we enjoy the freedom of learning, training, sparring and fighting with these weapons without the fear of prosecution or imprisonment. We are free to learn and educate ourselves in public while maintaining the traditions of the past “war like techniques” with the protection in mind of our family, friends, and country. Modern Shaolin weapon training has a rich history. Traditional Wing Chun butterfly swords resemble the butcher knives you might find in a kitchen today. They were something that may have been used to cut the heads off of fish in their time of concealment and may have looked unassuming since they didn’t resemble the larger swords and long pole weapons of their time. Today we respect these swords as additional weapons of empowerment, strength and the further extension of our Wing Chun fighting applications.

We find that the training of both hands fighting as one increases your chances of survival as well as your full body fighting and survival applications. Even if you can’t find a pair of swords to fight with, two sticks, two axes, two hatchets, two machetes, a stick, and a knife much like in escrima/kali can be used. Even if you only have one of them, since it is an extension of your body the stick, sword, knife, axe, hatchet or machete in the hands of a well seasoned and trained Wing Chun fighter is just scary. Wing Chun butterfly sword training doesn’t use a lot of drills but rather repeated practice of fighting combinations against empty hand, long pole (8’-12’ dragon pole), short pole (6’ monkey pole) and other sword types. This makes your training and execution of techniques extremely adaptable and practical in a real life situation.

Advanced Wing Chun combinations trainingKnife defense, gun, Stick, sword, long pole and Shaolin weapon training is all a part of the Wing Chun warrior’s fighting regiment. A Wing Chun fighter must be well rounded and understand and beable to apply all that they know in the protection of family, friend, country or state. Though remember Wing Chun is a martial art of last resort, it teaches discipline, control, distance and self preservation. It also teaches you to be of calm mind and body and that if there is any chance you can leave or run while keeping your family safe then you are to do it. Though if your back is against the wall or if you can’t leave safely Wing Chun answers the “what if scenario’s” with a combination of realistic self defense and fighting combatives. We are here only to protect those we love and that includes ourselves, our training benefits all those we know, touch, love or even see. We are trained to do what is necessary to get us and those we love into a safe environment, out of harm’s way when threatened or attacked. Wing Chun is a complete and full martial art comprised of techniques to empower the mind and body at any age of decisive development, all it takes it time, dedication and effort. Everything is available within your grasp, you can make it yours by being accountable for your training, your dedication and your time. There will always be a reason to wait, to do it later. Stop waiting in fear and take control of your accomplishments now and in the future.


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