Self Defense Training in Lakeland, FL

We teach self defense classes in Lakeland that emphasize no-nonsense solutions and techniques to stop confrontations quickly. Our self defense classes train you to protect yourself and your loved ones. We teach all levels from no experience to advanced instructors and while our hope is that you never have to use our techniques in an actual encounter we make sure you’re prepared, utilizing aggressive Wing Chun kung fu for stand up defense and Jiu Jitsu for practical ground self defense.

Our self defense classes in Lakeland, Florida offers practical defense against real world scenarios such as: multiple attackers, knife & gun defense, grabs, chokes, standing and ground defense. We make sure our classes offers a comprehensive look at self defense so you can be prepared for any scenario to defend yourself or your loved ones.

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Want Realistic Street Self Defense Classes?

With Wing Chun Kung Fu, our self defense classes train you to both attack and defend at the same time. We don’t play for points, fancy aerial maneuvers, in fact we stay away from anything that’s impractical.  You want to ensure you’ve got the training, practice, and reflexes that translate into a real-world response. We accomplish this through energetic physical training drilling practical applications in every class.

Teaching you how to attack and defend quickly and effectively to get in and out of a bad situation quick!

About the Studio

“The training is clear and organized and does well at teaching effective martial arts and self defense. The people here care about how you are doing and work with you to make sure you learn the material and can actually apply it in a situation.”

— Zach D,

(Student for 6+ month)

Realistic Self Defense in Lakeland, FL

Professional training environment for All Levels – Designed to end a confrontation quickly – We teach practical, realistic self defense designed to end a confrontation quickly, even before it escalates if possible.  If you’re looking for real-world that will truly help you defend yourselves and your loved ones.  Sifu Och Wing Chun is where you want to be.

We have fun with, practical self defense training.  Making friends and growing in confidence from the ground up. We drill you in methods to attack and defend against a variety of situations. Learn how to deal with strikes, kicks, and holds. We even offer advanced Wing Chun classes that delve into weapons training and additional practices and forms to help your reaction times and skill in defending yourself from an attacker.

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Training By Master Sifu Justin Och

When you take self defense classes in our Lakeland facilities, you get trained directly by Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och, who makes sure that the techniques you’re being taught are being learned and performed correctly. Each class is also attended by certified trainers and instructors who assist Sifu Och in making sure you’re able to fully learn and practice the techniques we teach.

Self Defense Classes for Everyone

While our self defense classes center around the Wing Chun kung fu style, our practice and training involves far more than just the basic forms—from your very first class we’ll begin teach you how to both attack and defend at the same time. Since every class is taught personally by Sifu Och, you’ll know that you’re not just “going through the motions”, you’re being honed and trained into a skilled practitioner of self defense.

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Browse our Testimonials below and see what our students are saying about us! Click on the video button on the top right to view a video testimonial of that student!

Sarah F.


I really love the Kickboxing class I take there. It is a very professional environment and everyone there is super friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone…

Kate M.


Holy intense kickboxing… in a great way! After only one week of kickboxing and Wing Chun classes, I already feel stronger and better about my abilities to defend…

Tommy S.


One word comes to mind when it comes to Sifu Och and the amazing family he’s managed to built over the years : “passion”. I know it might sound…

Danny P.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

If you’re looking for a place to come learn new techniques to better defend yourself, you found it! What brought me here was Wing Chun, what keeps me coming…

Robert G.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

When I was first introduced to Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu,
I was amazed at his credentials.
Sifu Och has trained directly with Ip Chun, eldest…

David N.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

If you are looking for a great way to stay in shape and learn self defense techniques you can believe in Wing Chun martial art training with Sifu Och…

Maggie S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I had no experience before coming to the martial arts in downtown, I came here to learn to defend myself and so far I have gained experience and also…

Kevin W.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

This is the place to get in shape, lose weight, learn a skill, not get bored at the gym, do something amazing and find a bunch of people who…

Greg S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I have been a Florida resident for over 22 years and a Financial Advisor at a national financial service companies. I began my Wing Chun Kung Fu training over…

Rich D.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I couldn’t have found a better place to train or a better teacher. I have have very high expectations from any martial arts teacher that had never been met…

Donnie E.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I would not of been able to lead a family with confidence or protect them when the worst happens. Over the last year and a half, 3 things have…

Betsy O.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

I love training here! You will get a great workout in the Kickboxing class without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated because everyone is supportive and encouraging! Wing Chun Kung Fu…

Mike S.

(Wing Chun Kung Fu)

My father who is a Sergeant for the LPD, wanted the best in real self defense for us. I instantly started learning realistic martial arts from Sifu Och and…

Downtown Lakeland Martial Arts Classes

Our Downtown Lakeland martial arts studio is large, air conditioned, and fully equipped to serve your training needs. Training with us will not just hone your self defense skills and teach you better ways to defend yourself.  It will also help you increase your power, cardio, and endurance. Our thought is that it won’t help you very much if your body isn’t in good cardio and physical shape to keep up when you find yourself in a confrontation.

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“Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu has had positive life-changing effects for me. Not only do I have structure to my training and exercise, I have increased energy, and a  greater metabolism.

— Robert G.,

((Student for 1+ years))

Lakeland FL Self Defense Classes

To aid in your self defense classes and aerobic training we also offer striking and kickboxing classes and aerobic fitness boot camps—and more than a few boot camp directors and triathletes in Lakeland have experienced our results! Pace yourself—we have a lot to offer! We also train both in and out of the studio.

Taking advantage of the great Florida weather and excellent Downtown Lakeland amenities! Train in our AC climate controlled facility or sunny Lakeland’s Munn Park.  We go where the training is best. So close and convenient to the center of Lakeland.  You’re only a few moments away from our next class!

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“The learning process has been hard but, the instructors have made the process a little easier. I strongly recommend this place if you are serious about training and if you are committed, you will see the difference in no time.”

— Mike I,

(student for 1+ years)

See What Our Classes Are About

We focus on real-world results while encouraging kids, adults, families, and individuals through both group and private lessons. Dedicated students interested in learning the entire system of Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defense, cardio kickboxing, kids martial arts, after school pickup programs, and no-gi Jiujitsu are welcome to join any one of our many programs. We are one big martial arts family—training, socializing, and making friends of all ages.

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