Lakeland Wing Chun Combative Training

If you look up “combative” in Wikipedia, you get the following definition: “the United States Army’s term for hand-to-hand combat training and techniques”.  It’s a term that stems out of World War I and is now widely used in most close quarter fighting techniques. For Wing Chun combative training, we’re really differentiating the fact that our Wing Chun classes can and will train you to engage an attacker using aggressive self-defense techniques that will quickly end an altercation or assault.

Brutal combatives are the escalation of combatives that have one objective—to incapacitate your opponent quickly and effectively. Such fierce training can only be learned in the company of masters. Lakeland Wing Chun combative is a collection of training programs meant to achieve this goal.

Wing Chun, as a branch of Kung Fu, is among the Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) that sought to mold Kung Fu into an aggressive form. Kung Fu was initially conceived as more defensive than offensive.

When fighting in close quarters, and in disadvantaged positions, many practitioners over the years felt that a more aggressive approach was required to get out of a situation. Wing Chun Kung Fu trains a common person to be able to fight quickly and, yes, brutally. Our Lakeland Wing Chun combative classes and techniques are a carefully designed model that allows people of all ages to come and train together effectively.

With Sifu Och Wing Chun combative training, you’re given personalized advice. People of different ages, physical conditions, and goals, all come to train under the single banner of Wing Wing Chun combative. Our Sifu Och Wing Chun combative training includes a collection of courses. They’re targeted at varying physiques and ages. There is, for example, a distinct training that involves hand-to-hand training. Yet another training regimen is dedicated to honing your kicking techniques.

In all honesty, we’re hardly the mirror image of Bruce Lee, who made Kung Fu famous. We’re also unlikely to go up against some “evil warlord” in martial arts games. In all likelihood, we’re more apt to find ourselves in a street fight. This maybe to ward off an assailant or even thwart an assault.

Real life training is what’s essentially provided for exactly such situations under the Sifu Och Wing Chun brutal combatives banner. The idea of Wing Chun combative is to use your techniques and quickly incapacitate or disorient the assailant, thus giving you enough time to escape to safety.

Of course, if you’re a martial arts fan, you want to train with the best. You will find the most accomplished trainers at Sifu Och Wing Chun. The best part is that you don’t just meet the Sifu at some high level course only. Rather, your training—no matter at what level—is personally supervised by Sifu Justin Och. Personal attention is an every day thing for the Lakeland Wing Chun school in downtown.

Learning Wing Chun will require at least six months of practice before you can see and feel some results, just like learning to play the piano or learning a new language. Sifu Och Wing Chun combative is a modern series of effective requirements meant to produce quick and targeted results.


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