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Are you a fan of Kung Fu? Do you stay stuck to the television when the movies of martial arts are on air? Do you wish only if you too could have trained or learnt any styles of Kung Fu?  Do you find it difficult to compete with your friends who are trained in boxing or other forms of martial arts?Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Best at Lakeland Florida. Do you wish that you had same kind of agility and fitness as that of the martial artists? If answer to any of the above questions is yes, then perhaps it is time that you get trained in Kung Fu. And not just any style, but Wing Chun Kung Fu.

more about Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is one of the simplest but most effective styles of Kung Fu which originated in South China. Initially it was not much known or practiced but with time Wing Chun gained popularity all over the world. It was developed as a mechanism to survive on the streets and hence practicality is its very essence.  If you have watched movies of Bruce Lee and Ip Man, then you know the kind of martial arts we are talking about. It does not involve any indirect, graceful movements but clean and instant combat strikes which are effective by all means. Now the question is where can you learn Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu at Sifu Och in Lakeland Florida

Located at downtown Lakeland Florida, Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the best and most popular schools of Wing Chun. Our school provides different types of classes, from beginning Wing Chun classes to Advanced Wing Chun Techniques. Some of other programs offered at Sifu Och Wing Chun include Kickboxing and Boot Camps to after school martial arts programs for students. So while Wing Chun is our most popular class, we offer classes for literally every walk of life—from men & women, to students, to college & young professionals. We’ve also got our share of athletes who have enrolled in our Sifu Och Wing Chun classes in our downtown Lakeland Florida studio.

Learn from the best at Lakeland Florida

Wing Chun style is a no-nonsense martial art, and our Lakeland Florida program is headed by none other than Sifu Justin Och. Sifu Och is a renowned Black and Gold Sash practitioner in the Wing Chun style. Having trained under the masters from all over the world, he has been recognized as a Leader in Combative Wing Chun Kung Fu and is also a national instructor of the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Close Combat systems.


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