Wing Chun Real Self Defense

A real self defense system needs to be based in a rich and proven heritage. Wing Chun, one of the primordial fighting arts of the Chinese, actually developed from quite a lot of other fighting styles approximately 360 years ago—following the end of the Ming Dynasty. The objective was to build up a very efficient fighting system which could produce competent warriors within a very short span of time so as to protect against the foreign policies and affronts of the Qing Dynasty.

Born from this was the very real self defense system of Wing Chun. Anticipating responses as well as taking into account body placement and leverage, the Wing Chun combatant assaults while maintaining self-protection. From the beginning, students of Wing Chun are trained in a very advanced approach that involves a plan of attack. At the same time, they will be able to control the attack of the opponent, turning however strong an initial attack into a less effective effort.

Trained to face situationS WITH real self defense wing chun

The students of Wing Chun are trained to meet every option that could perhaps come about in a real self defense Wing Chun situation. The concurrent use and working of hands, arms, and legs are exercised at the most basic and direct level. Using your eyes and quickly reading the actions of an opponent also forms a fundamental part of the Wing Chun response. A very significant feature of Wing Chun as part of a real self defense program is the timely and accurate perception of your opponent’s response. Students of Wing Chun, even at the very beginning, are taught to interpret precise attacks, right up to real contact. This is how Wing Chun lets you work your entire body as a single unit, helping to conclude a defensive situation in a jiffy.

Become experts in real self defense wing chun

Students of Wing Chun are provided training so they can become experts in self-defense from all remoteness. In fact, the physical requirements for the real self defense style of Wing Chun plays only an inferior role. By means of the greatly formulated sensibilities trained via Chi Sao (that is, binding arms), Wing Chun combatants can instantaneously acclimatize to any potential attack. The principal rule in Wing Chun, in addition to the objective of the training, is not to linger “sticking” in place. Consequently, a student can perfect the execution of each single movement—metamorphosing the Wing Chun pupil into an individual who is extremely efficient and able to defend himself/herself with tremendous agility. With the real self defense tactics of Wing Chun, all elements of the body—as well the mind—respond instantly and independently of each other in short time. This is because the path of the information flow is cut down, helping you to react very quickly. They’re able to consider the level of danger in front of them and react accordingly—and quickly.


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