6th Dan Taekwondo Master, Now WING CHUN!!!

6th Dan Taekwondo Master, Now WING CHUN!!!

I had 28 years training and achieving in Taekwondo, a Master in my own right as a 6th Dan.

I was very impressed with Sifu Och’s Now Wing Chun from day one, you will be too.

Taekwondo Master chooses Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland Florida

I trained to be able to defend and protect myself and my loved ones.  I know you’ll hear the so called EXPERTS and MASTERS talk about how you train to (not fight) whatever that is suppose to mean, but its not reality.  Yes you should avoid any and all conflicts but if you can’t avoid them then you should be able to devastate your attacker or attackers.

My last 2 to 3 years in Taekwondo was very unfulfilling I felt inadequate in fighting, think about that 28 years training and felling inadequate and I had trained under some real masters and experts.  I was in a martial art that had very little contact.  Most kicks and punches were done in the air with no contact.  There was never any force or power.  Classes were one hour, which didn’t leave a lot of time to work on (in my opinion) real fighting.  After all, this was the reason I wanted to do the martial arts, why I wanted.  To be able to defend and protect my loved ones, so I decided to  look else where.

I was told about Now Wing Chun through another Taekwondo instructor that had gone looking for something more realistic then what we had trained, he led me to Sifu Och Now Wing Chun.  I was very impressed with Sifu Och’s Wing Chun from day one.  This was what I was looking for. Now Wing Chun is a lot different than any other art.  I feel better with just one year so far of training in Wing Chun than I did with 28 years in Taekwondo.  I’ve even become more focused and more capable in my fighting.  It hasn’t been easy to ROOT, keeping your elbows in, and straight line punching but I see the benefit and the simplicity  of Wing Chun. But it’s hard to break a lifetime of bad habits but I will keep on trying.

SIFU JUSTIN OCH is very good at teaching and explaining every aspect of why a technique works or won’t work. I have learned a lot since I’ve been in Wing Chun.  But I have a lot further to go to be where I want to be.

Furthering my Testimonial to Sifu Och Wing Chun

My punches are more controlled, powerful, my body is more rooted, and I’m not (as much) off balance any more.  My power has increased and my speed is better now then it has ever been before.  I have gotten into better shape, just from Wing Chun and the blocks, punches and training.  Chain punching by the way is fantastic at building muscle mass in the arms and chest. I have lost about 10-12 lbs in one year just from working out in Wing Chun blocking and attacking.  My endurance and cardio has improved greatly.  I still have a long way to go. I would like to be able if a fight breaks out, I just want to end the fight very quickly.  I also want to be able to be good enough to not be hit that easily.

My endurance, power, speed and cardio has improved greatly but I still have a long way to go.

James Frazier
Lakeland Now Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy
116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida

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