Win a Street Fight Using Wing Chun

No one can argue that Bruce Lee possessed a powerful and muscular physique. Along with that, most people admire him because of the fighting styles he has shown—both in movies and in real life. Like so many martial artists, Bruce Lee trained in boxing, jujitsu, karate, judo and Greco-roman wrestling just to name a few. The most popular fighting style he used for his demonstrations of street fighting, however, was Wing Chun. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Bruce Lee to win a street fight using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Originating from the Shaolin monks of China, Wing Chun is a hard-hitting combat fighting style where the goal is to take the opponent down as quickly as possible. To win a street fight using Wing Chun you have to train, push, and gain real ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. To compare Wing Chun with other types of martial arts, you see that the idea behind Wing Chun is to attack the center portion of the body while striking the vital areas. This breaks the opponent’s balance. To win a street fight using Wing Chun you learn to absorb strikes, which deflects an attacker’s energy.

Hand Movements

Most martial arts teach individuals two movements: the offense and the defense. However, Sifu Och Wing Chun (and indeed, Wing Chun in general) combines these two movements into one. That means you can block attacks and strike at your opponent at the same time. Unlike boxing, however, the strike doesn’t have to involve more power—although you can do real damage if everything is done correctly. In general, to win a street fight using Wing Chun you need to perfect and grow your speed, balance, technique, and efficiency.


More of manual combative technique, Wing Chun instructors can also teach their students to handle traditional weapons such as the dragon pole and the butterfly knives. These weapons could seriously hack down an opponent, so in the training session a wooden dummy is used to boost strength during actual combat.

Win a Street Fight Using Wing Chun in Actual Combat

Mastering the principles of Wing Chun takes time, but it’s a powerful self-defense system when learned correctly and practiced in depth. When perfected, Wing Chun can be used effectively to defeat a much larger opponent. There is no time limit in an actual street fight, but you can’t exactly tell an attacker to “wait for a minute” because you’re tired. The more prepared and fit you are, the better you’ll fare. As a form of self-defense, wining a street fight using Wing Chun is absolutely likely—particularly with its techniques to end an encounter quickly and effectively. Most street fights only last a short period of time. As a street fighter, it is important to be familiar with different martial arts like Wing Chun.

To sum it all up, learning Wing Chun fro Sifu Och requires both effort and determination. Yet, the highest degree of learning can be achieved through the careful tutelage of a professional Wing Chun instructor. It was way back in the 1950s when the modernization of this martial art has begun to earn popularity…and it continues to grow in both popularity and recognition.

Today, Wing Chun practitioners can be seen all over the world. Even in the United States, and particularly in Florida, there are schools like Sifu Och Wing Chun that accept students who are willing to learn this type of self-defense. If you are live in the central Florida, Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland FL may be the best and most accessible option for you.


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