Kung Fu in Downtown Lakeland fl

Kung Fu in Downtown Lakeland fl

Historically, the terminology “Kung Fu” has not been present in any of the ancient texts found in Asia, China or surrounding regions. The phrase “Kung Fu” was actually first coined by Jean Joseph Marie Amiot a Frenchman and missionary who lived during the 18th Century.  He used this term “Kung Fu” to reference all of chinese martial arts. Kung Fu in Asian cultures and Chinese history is also known as Wushu, Gong Fu, Gung Fu, or Kuoshu and originally bestows the name of expertise in any specific life skills, profession and rising towards a greatness of self, personal and community.

A brief hisotry traces the ancient Chinese texts speaking of the philosophy, martial art training, practice, mentality, and concepts of Kung Fu is traced back to the Dao De Jing, Zhuang Zi, and Sun Zi Bing Fa (written by Sun Zi this is the Art of War), all of these ancient Chinese texts were written and documented between 1111-255 BC. The Dao De Jing, Zhuang Zi, and Sun Zi Bing Fa (written by Sun Zi this is the Art of War) relate and detail the philosophical practice, mentality and principles of Chinese martial arts both combative and passive aggressive.  The history of Chinese Martial arts, their complexity, depth and culture influence is deeper then most may understand.

kung fu wing chun sifu och lakeland florida usa kung fu
kung fu wing chun sifu och lakeland florida usa kung fu

The difference in Kung Fu systems is not clear to many westerns though to Kung Fu practitioners it is as vast and deep as the sea itself   There are those techniques used for fancy application, motion and movement and those used and forged in war.   Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu in lakeland florida for instance teaches the forged war like survival tactics of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which was modernized by Shaolin Monks for a new era of combat.  There are those who know a little Wing Chun or a little Kung Fu claiming to teach and know mulitple systems, styles and techniques, but the terminology of Kung Fu is greatness and expertise above and beyond.  Sifu Och’s Kung Fu school in downtown lakeland florida is a prime example, though it is a place to rise above limitations on the mind and body.

There are theories on Kung Fu and its written history suggesting that the Yellow Emperor (reigning from 2698 BC) may have wrote the very first treatise on Chinese martial arts in ancient times. Though others say Taoist monks introduced the art form we known that looks similar to Tai Chi around the era of 500 BC. Though in 39-92 AD Pan Ku created the “Six Chapters of Hand Fighting” in a thesis documented history on Han dynasty (Han Shu). Hua T’uo physician wrote a book entitled, “Five Animals Play” in 220 AD during the progress of popularity within the martial arts grew.

By the late 1960’s the word Kung Fu had become common enough that most individuals in western society new its name and reference to chinese martial arts. Made popular by Bruce Lee  and many popular martial art movies, TV programs, posters and emerging schools.  Western society is emersed in Chinese Martial Arts with figures like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Robert Downey Jr., Nicholas Cage, and the all Chinese Airline flight attendants and stuartists must train for anti-terrorism using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The concept and basic principles of the Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu surround themselves around life skill principles such as self-motivation a self motivated student and practitioner should want to learn and push as much as they want to breath.  In a world where advertisments and commercials attempt to motivate you long enough to buy, Kung Fu and real martial arts wants more.  It wants more for you then just the moment because Kung Fu means greatness and achievement for a life time.  Personal self discipline is something of a rarity today a person disciplined enough not to let the excuses of the world weigh on them and derail their personal self discipline and goals.  Lastly Time, it takes time to learn real martial arts, to get it as a skill and to beable to truly understand and use every aspect of what you are taught under pressure.  Real motivation behind learning, wanting and pushing yourself in Kung Fu gives you daily inspiration and is not a forced motivation but a focused one.  You should crave greatness and development of the mind and body to something greater than what others limit you to.  Motivation is a driving force a fuel unlike any other and we can gain it from many sources, competition, life threatening experiences or lack.    There is no fast food way of learning, you can be shown all of Kung Fu all of Wing Chun, all the combinations, all the forms, all the techniques in a short time but understanding, applying, using and cultivating that power, that skill, that understanding and reaction against all signs and types of pressure and stress without hesitation is a life time of Discipline, Motivation and Time.  The only question is will you give yourself an excuse today as to why you can’t or will you give yourself every excuse to conquer and achieve?

The real motivation behind learning Kung Fu is inspiration and not force, which should come from an inner craving to learn and develop the mind and body. Motivation here is the fundamental driving force. There is no external or worldly gain for the learner, and the only reward is that of knowledge, skill, strength and wisdom.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for teaches us that self discipline complements motivation as discipline movtivates us over time to greater skill, action and deeds.  You must dominate the mind and excuses to not train before you can dominate the body to rise above your own limitations.

sifu och justin och lakeland self defense kung fu wing chun
sifu och justin och lakeland self defense kung fu wing chun

Most people don’t make the effort because it takes effort, most will speak about the deeds and things they want to achieve without giving the effort, discipline and time needed to gain a better life.  Their minds are dormant and they wait for someone else to “give them” the chance, or the time, or the money.  There will never be a perfect time to join, there will never be enough money in this mindset because you will always see another bill.  Instead make the leap, join and train and you will find that the money will come, the perfect time is now and the results are coming!

Kung Fu is like a seed, you plant the seed by joining, the seed once sown begins to grow but so many look at the surface and yell out, “see this doesn’t work, where is it?” but it is about to emerge, the skill is building, the time is coming, the discipline and motivation are there just have faith.  If you do then the seen will break the surface and you will start to see the tree grow but have doubt and stop training and see the seed fade, never breaking the surface.

To become a red wood you must reach towards the sun, some people are moss and fungis looking for what scraps are near them a red wood has higher aspirations.

A Kung Fu practitioner doesn’t have time or the privilege to waste time, indulge in wasteful fruitless, and idle activities.  A self motivated and disciplined practitioner reflects a person that others are inspired by and want to become.

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Variants and Styles: With the passage of time, numerous variants and styles have come up in martial arts, or Kung Fu. Some of the more popular ones include Karate, Escrima, Wing Chun, Jujitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin, White Crane, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and Bagua Zhang.




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