Wing Chun Fighter Mindset – lakeland fl kung fu

Wing Chun Fighter Mindset – lakeland fl kung fu

Don’t Beat yourself up, with the right training, the right instructor, you will achieve! – Sifu Justin Och

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission granted to share link only) With respect to all arts, watch a well versed Ju-jitsu Black Belt on the ground, they no longer struggle, but relax, they seek the openings that their assailant makes available.  They work each position with intelligence and resolve and should be respected.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.

This is the same stand up mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter, working each angle with precision, timing, control,, resolve and intelligence.  Enjoying the fight, the reaction, and taking the advantage or adjusting as the reaction of the situation dictates.  A Wing Chun Fighter is reactionary knockout speed, power and dynamic flow.   A well versed and trained practitioner flows continuously with each counter and reaction their assailant throws letting the assailant show and tell the practitioner where there vital areas are open and exposed.  A Wing Chun Fighter Mindset is trained, forged and made into a great piece of internal and external manifested art that flows within time and reaction adapting to each environmental change.

“The assailant will show you how to defeat them, each time they move they open up one door by closing another.  Each moment a opportunity opens, a vital opens, a counter attack is available and when taken the assailant will attempt to close that opening, always being one step behind the mindset of a Wing Chun fighter, always playing catchup.  The Wing Chun fighter creates a new opportunity else where within there gate and takes it. ” – Sifu Justin Och

Wing Chun Fighter Mindset
sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu downtown self defense

The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.  Just knowing the techniques and what to do is not enough you cannot allow distractions to waive your resolve.  You are calm but alert, ever ready in your response.  You are aware of everything around you and you are allowing your mind and body to take in what is and calculate your responses accordingly. You are not attached to the circumstance but rather you are a part of the whole controlling the flow of every action and the creature in front of you is not your enemy but your prey.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    They are not human because a human of purpose and good will would have stopped to consider all the individuals they would hurt by hurting you.  A human without conscience has no thought of anyone else but themselves. They are selfish, thoughtless, and beasts of burden.

sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu
sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida gung fu

These predators will take from you, rob and kill you for the $5 in your pocket, rape or beat you.  These types of humans are nothing more than a loaded gun looking to harm any and all who don’t give them what they desire when they desire it.  The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter calls for rapid simultaneous offensive and defensive strikes because one gun shot or one stab could end your life.  Minimize as much damage to you and those you love as possible.  No Martial Art is perfect or can claim perfection.  As martial artists we seek to minimize the damage these types of individuals cause.  Thus we seek perfection, peace and long life within the mind, body and spirit, doing our best to support and protect our families and communities.

Wing Chun Kung Fu (Sifu Och, lakeland fl kung fu) seeks all of the appropriated logical and most effective possibilities of counter-attacks and counter measures by an opponent.  Wing Chun always attempts to place the opponent’s body in structurally weak position’s that are increasingly more advantageous to the Wing Chun practitioner.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    This is the goal, but getting there takes practice, honing ones skill and utilizing these techniques, concepts and drill them into application.  Mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu means complete combat application of gate theory, angling, stepping inward, around and backward while attacking and countering.  It means mastering many different approaches and solutions to a single problem, so you keep your opponents guessing while taking advantage of centerline structure, speed and power.   It means sparring and applying your knowledge against a multitude of styles and scenarios.  Reaction, power and speed of both hands and feet depend on the attack, attacker and the situation at hand.  A series of jabs and crosses will allow some practitioners to move in quickly taking advantage of the forward knee that the opponent presents with each jab and cross.  Taking out this knee, hip or ribs when exposed will have the opponent’s body and mind off balance as you continue pressing inward with forward strikes.  This same attack may be seen from another practitioner’s perspective as an opportunity to stay farther away.  Biding time while the Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner analyzes the opponent’s tactics allowing the practitioner to strike and injury.  The opponent’s arms, legs and other weapons as they present themselves within the fight.  This may be done to weaken a stronger opponent, while frustrating them into making mistakes or moving in a direction that has been set up by the Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner.

sifu och downtown lakeland florida kung fu self defense
blood is NOT REQUIRED to become a Wing Chun Fighter, just determination, and Sifu Och in downtown lakeland florida has the kung fu self defense for next level application… Though at Sifu Och Wing Chun… you may bleed and bruise

Everything we have discussed thus far and have yet to discuss is all within the mindset of a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner within my school.  I make sure of it.  Your protection is a lifetime of achievement.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    It is invaluable to you, your loved ones, and every single person you may touch in a positive way throughout your life.  PROTECT THAT, because the person attacking you doesn’t care about your future, doesn’t care about your loved ones, or about what you have done for your community or your children.  The person attacking you only cares about themselves.  They have no conscience. If they did, they never would’ve attacked you and all those who care for you in the first place.

Everything is wishful thinking Every theory, every drill and every application spoken about or shown is only wishful thinking until you make it your own.  Don’t live in just the understanding of concept but the conceptualization of proof and reaction.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.    We cannot live on the stories of our Master’s or our Great Grandmaster’s but rather prove their training and applications through our own existence and application.  So we can prove and honor the existence they lived for to teach us.  The existence they strived for and gave to us.  It is truly a power for the protection of others, when we seek to uplift those that uplift others.  Through friendship, love and honor, I look forward to each practitioner I meet that wishes to welcome each other as family under our love for real self defense.

I’m sure reading this article has left you questions about my way of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland Florida.  I have begun writing these thoughts and perspectives from my travels, practitioners, Masters and Grandmaster’s I have met that have touched and changed my thoughts on Wing Chun Kung Fu and how Ip Man evolved within this amazing system known as Wing Chun.   Our Lakeland Fl Kung Fu, our Wing Chun is a system of concept, purpose and drive, in a sense a pure love for Wing Chun Kung Fu.The Mindset of a Wing Chun Fighter Calculated decisions are made, reactions and intentions are decisive.

This website is only a brief anthology of my experience and thoughts. Thus there is so much more I can show and teach in person. Come and visit our Wing Chun kung fu school in lakeland, fl.   I would love to continue this discussion and thank you for your reading.

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