Universal Wing Chun Applications

universal applicaiton sifu och wing chun kung fu lakeland florida self defense
Sifu Och teaches universal Wing Chun applications that apply to men, women, children, and the elderly.

Wing Chun asks a lot of questions. For example, even if you’re strong now, what happens when you’re attacked and are sick, weakened, have aged, or have incurred an injury? Can you still kick the same, use the same technique, punch the same? Can you struggle for as long, throw the same punches, or use what you have learned from now until the end of your days? What if the person across from you is a violent attacker? We try to teach universal Wing Chun applications that can stand the test of time and continue to work as you age and change.

There are many ways and many martial arts applications that can be used to answer a single situation—and no one martial art or form is perfect. The real answer is that you wan to find a style that can be used universally. A good way to identify a style like that is to see if the techniques and movements can be taught universally to women, children, and men. Removing ego and asking the hard truth, the universal Wing Chun application asks the question: Are you teaching to survive?

Universal Wing Chun applications are trained into quick and natural reactions and responses that will train your body (over time) to build the synapses and muscular reactions necessary for survival. The more time you practice, and the more patience you have to continue, the better you will get. A good technique will become a skilled reaction. Skill is an evolution of understanding, application, applied knowledge, and the ability to adapt.

Sifu Och Teaches Universal Wing Chun Kung Fu IN lakeland fl

As you start to understand the technique you gain a vital piece of the puzzle. You may not be able to use the technique yet in fast fighting, but you can see its benefit—and you want it.  Second, is application which is the ability to have the body mimic the movement of a technique.  During this stage the body doesn’t yet react under stress in order to apply it as the synapses and muscle memory are still being developed.

Applied knowledge means you are now applying the knowledge under stress as a reaction whether through conscience or unconscious application while under pressure. Last is the ability to adapt under pressure and stress using applied knowledge as a reactionary solution. Bringing this adaptation into the chaos of combat while maintaining your Wing Chun and changing your actions and reactions according to the situation is one of the highest levels of any martial art—especially Universal Wing Chun Kung fu.

For your ability to go through the first three stages takes time and has to be done with each technique you are taught. This is like learning and reacting with a different weapon perfectly. Think of all the different weapons, the differing weights their uses and situational expertise. With each individual technique it takes time and dedication to use, perfect and bring them to a high level of unconscious skill and reaction. The addition of the fourth step means that you can integrate it seamlessly with any of the previous techniques that have made it to the fourth stage. The fourth stage is the accumulation of all your applied knowledge that is capable of adapting, changing and integrating with any other fourth stage skill. Allowing you to bring reactionary control and momentary order under the chaos of combat.

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Ip Man brought Wing Chun Kung Fu out from private instruction and into the public eye, teaching great practitioners and fighters like Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, Simon Lau, Moy Yat and of course his two sons Ip Ching and Ip Chun. Train and follow a path of traditional martial arts and shaolin kung fu that is unmatched by its depth into realistic self defense right in Lakeland Florida.


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