Sifu Justin Och Fishing Trip

Sifu Justin Och took a trip to the skyway fishing pier with a small group of his Wing Chun Kung Fu students.  Gathering together for fishing, crab hunting and a great burn under the sun the team of students and Sifu traveled west to have a great fishing trip together. Though hard to believe, there is more to life than just Wing Chun. We believe in building friendship, unity, and a family of amazing Wing Chun martial artists growing together here in central Florida.

sifu justin och fishing trip wing chun kung fu trip
Some of our Wing Chun students took a short retreat to do some fishing in sunny Florida. Sifu Och Wing Chun is more than just a kwoon–we’re a family!

More than just a school, the Sifu Justin Och crew is an extended family to all those who are dedicated to this amazing close combat system known as Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sifu Justin Och Fishing Trip met up with his students looking to have under the sun as a group taking a break from rigorous training from the kwoon in downtown lakeland florida.

From crab traps to fishing lines, this Wing Chun school does more than just training they have fun with each other, taking in life and living every moment.

Assembling for angling, crab chasing and an extraordinary retreat under the hot Florida sun, the group of understudies and Sifu Justin Och built fellowship, solidarity, and camaraderie. From kwoon to excursion, we like to think that-as a family-Sifu Och Wing Chun is about buiding relationships, enjoying life together, and helping each other grow together and learn from each other.

Thank you, Sifu Justin Och for having a Wing Chun school that looks beyond just training and self defense to a place where both friendship and fun come together.


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