Do Martial Arts Help in Getting Over Bullying?

Children predominantly take Wing Chun Kung Fu to increase any of the following qualities or characteristics to help them grow and mature in confidence, self control, and self respect:

Do martial arts help in getting over bullying?
See how preparing for bullying can help your child remain in control throughout school as well as his personal life.
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Increase concentration power
  • Fast thinking
  • Quick usage of hand or foot
  • Concentration and power
  • Discharge of aggravation or energy
  • Cooperation
  • Ability to make friends
  • Self-control

But Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu can offer a number of specific benefits for children who face bullying. And, even if your child hasn’t faced bullying in school, it’s likely they will at some time in the future. Why not go into a situation prepared to do what’s right and what will provide the self defense they need to stay safe and master self-control?

The Biggest Anti-Bullying Tool: Self Confidence

Martial art also helps in bringing self confidence to your children. In fact a well-trained Wing Chun Kung Fu artist will typically develop a good sense of self confidence and self-control.

It doesn’t matter whether a 10 year old is bullied by another kid of the same age or older. A fear response is dangerous and, in actuality, unreasonable. While this doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful emotion, fear is irrational because it makes it even harder to respond appropriately. With fear, cascading emotions freeze up whenever the trigger is set off. Having training to respond properly alleviates this and results in a more self-confident child.

Wing Chun can really help individuals who are dealing with these feelings and issues of fear, and our training can help prepare them with practical solutions and steps to take to defend themselves from bullying using martial arts. We actually restructure your child’s confidence by giving them positive reactions to real-world situations, and then we support this with a combination of hard work, mind-engaging practice, and exercise. Our classes actually change the way your child walks and handles themselves in public, resulting in less bullying simple due to the presence of a more confident composure. When the language of the body is changed then the person also changes.

We actually address these topics and discuss them in the class, allowing the kids to take part in the conversation with regard to bullying. This lets the subject become less personal, while remaining perfectly applicable to them, making it more of a shared experience and lessening any feelings of pain from past experiences.


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