Afterschool Kung Fu Fun

When it comes to teaching children anything it can be either a complete drag, or the most fun you will have the whole day. Your attitude will determine whether or not the clock will slowly inch it’s way to the next minute or run out before you realize class is done. I will explain here in Afterschool Kung Fu Fun the three ‘E’s  to actually enjoy teaching a kids class no matter the age.

Afterschool Kung Fu Fun

Establish Discipline

Lakeland little lions kids preschool martial arts kickboxing karate kung fu ages 3 - 5 years oldThe first thing that must be done is to establish a line of discipline with the student’s. Without discipline there will be utter chaos in the class. No matter how fun the class is there will always be some sort of disruption. In my article Afterschool Martial Arts: Showing You Care I explain in details a few details about establishing discipline. Understanding the line between fear and respect is crucial. Contrary to belief you cannot force someone to respect you. You can make them act a certain which may be perceived as respect.


Respect is only achieved when the student’s know that you truly care about them. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This is a phrase I live by. Before class starts I try to speak to as many of them as possible. I can build individual relationships with them and they can connect with me. We build trust and respect this way.

Embrace Your Inner Kid

Once you have established your discipline your class will go much smoother than without. A focused energy rises in the class when discipline is held across the room. You must capitalize on this energy. To use it you must embrace your inner child. If your 12 year old self were to be in this class what would make it fun? Answer that question over and over and you will find you are making new and exciting ways to do drills. You will find yourself looking forward to class. It becomes a chance to really have fun with your class.

By “becoming a kid” again you’ll see that you have the ability to take the same workouts and put a new spin one them that the kids will love. A perfect example is around Christmas time. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we have the kids to military crawl for part of the warm. The spin I tell them is that they are the Grinch and they have to sneak through the house without getting caught. Another fun warm up spin is something I call “ninja mode”. The students pretend to be ninjas while I give them instructions. Whether it is running quietly or jumping to avoid the incoming “sword”. They are able to get a good workout hidden under the guise of pretend.

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Explain Quickly

The last thing that must be done is crucial. You must learn to be efficient with your explanations. Since their young minds have trouble focusing you must be potent with your talks. Clear and concise are your best friends. If you are able to explain techniques quickly you can spend more time drilling, working on their focus and persistence. Long explanations can also wear them out. While you don’t want to skimp on good info you have to find the balance or their little legs won’t be able to handle standing still for too long.


To wrap things up. Three keys to having a good kids class: Establish discipline, Embrace your inner kid, and Explain quickly. If you can put all of these things together you will really enjoy teaching your kids class no matter the age.


A Letter To Myself-Marcus Morales

In this Article: “A Letter To Myself-Marcus Morales”, Marcus tells us his story of how he started his Wing Chun Training. We hope you enjoy this little story!

A Letter To Myself-Marcus Morales

Do you know the feeling you get when you are about to do something and you do not know what the outcome is going to be? It happens all the time. For example, imagine it is the middle of summer, you are at the local pool cooling off along with a bunch of other people, and suddenly you decide you want to dive off the platform and continue to develop your patented cannonball dive. There you go, walking past everyone and you climb to the first level.

But, You realize that there are steps that will take you to the second tier and you follow them up another level.Then you see there is yet another set up steps and they take you to the very top platform. Somehow, you have managed to get up there, where no one else dares to go. There you are, standing at the highest level at the public pool with your lucky red bathing trunks. The ones with yellow rubber duckies on them. You look down and see that you are on the edge, staring at the crystalline blue water, deciding whether or not to jump.

The Jump

That is exactly how I felt when I was standing outside the door of Sifu Justin Och’s Martial Arts school. I was standing there, watching everyone doing all kinds of crazy things. Trying to decide whether to step inside or just keep walking. I must confess that I only knew a little about Wing Chun. I consider myself to be a bit of a tough guy; grew up in some tough neighbor hoods. I also served my country for six years and finished my obligation with an honorable discharge. During that time I even came back from a major injury in the Army. Suffice it to say, I thought I was tough enough. But something kept urging me to step inside, so I did.

In the Water

Wing Chun, Self Defense, Sifu Och Wing ChunOnce inside, I was intimidated by all the people there, knocking each other around. I stood there, at that ceramic tile square at the entrance to the school. And the, Sifu came along and welcomed me in. He was not what I expected. Truth is…I didn’t know what to expect. But he walked up to me, with a thousand-watt smile on his face, and made me feel right at home. I didn’t know this until later, but he had just finished wrestling on the floor with some of his students.

One more thing I did not expect. I was still a little defensive, mostly because I didn’t know much about how things worked. All Sifu did was invite me to join in on the class he was conducting and then he would get back to me to see whether I wanted to be a part of it, so I accepted the invitation. I have not left the school since.

Learning How to Swim

From the very First minute you become a part of the school’s family and its culture. I was automatically being grabbed and tossed. I even received a stiff punch to the face, and just like that I was absolutely drawn to the scene. Somehow, despite all the punches and tosses, the sore bones and sprains, I have become more and more involved in the art. Sifu is there, with a smile on his face, teaching you everything you need to know about the art. And this is not a man who is boastful or driven by a sense of superiority. No… this man truly loves to tach, he wholeheartedly love the art, and he absolutely enjoys his students.

Sifu Och

One other thing that Sifu Och strives for at his school is the development of a community within the school. He is constantly coming up with events for the school, activities designed to strengthen the camaraderie within the student, to help foster positive relationships between the students, ones that they can potentially carry along wit them throughout their lives. I have come to believe that his desire to develop and nurture these positive relationships is at the core of the most successful martial arts school. Creating bonds not only between student and teacher, but between students, strengthens the school itself.

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Sifu’s Students

The students at the school are without a doubt the greatest assets Sifu has at his disposal. From the Green Sashes all the way to his instructor level students. They understand Sifu’s philosophy when it comes to helping everyone who start training. They



My Journey Into Wing Chun: By Rich Dorsey

“My Journey Into Wing Chun: By Rich Dorsey,” is my story hope you enjoy!

I’ve wanted to train in the Wing Chun system specifically ever since I knew of it when I first got started in martial arts as early as my 18th year. My first teacher, a master of Isshin Ryu, was fascinated by it. Upon many of my homework assignments I received then I also was given information, literature and videos about Wing Chun.

My Journey Into Wing Chun: By Rich Dorsey

Those few Karate teachings were basic. I had only begun to scratch the surface of how to use my hands and feet. They are minuscule to the depth I’ve seen at this early stage of Sifu Och’s system. Even still I feel many significant differences in the fighting styles. Not only are both of my ‘weapons’ straight-on utilizing more than half my body, but my hands (when I’m practicing my techniques properly) are continuously forward ready to be fired in short range fire attack. This being said I can honestly say I’ve never had any real training. Even though over the years I’ve tried many different styles of martial arts even boxing.

My Inspiration

I’ve met many masters and many students but never anyone who has ever truly inspired me. I began to believe my dream of learning Wing Chun and meeting those kinds of individuals was out of reach. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I met one of the best fighters I’ve ever known. A teacher not only surpassing my expectations in knowledge but one who inspires me still. A system that not only challenges me but one that works. I’ve seen it work and have felt it work. To this day I don’t know if I’m more inspired by him or fellow students. Not only can I see what it’s done for myself but I see what it’s done for them. The changes in us all over the past two years.

My Past

And before I go on about the many benefits of Sifu Och’s Wing Chun system it’s important to me to remember who I was before I came. I’ve been athletic my entire life. I began calisthenics at the age of five, and weight training as early as eleven. As an adult, I became a personal trainer by trade. My confidence was exuded for all to see. Yet there was always something missing. All my goals in my physical attributes had for the most part been met. I wanted more than just to look like I could kick butt and take names. I wanted to feel it and believe it.

Refining Myself

So I began refining myself, my cardio respiratory and training on my own to prepare myself for martial arts. Had I known then what I know now I would have just started immediately. When I felt like I was ready that’s when I found him. ‘When the student is ready the master will appear.’ I can honestly say I had no idea what true cardio was. And all the confidence -that I soon realized was only on the surface- was stripped away as soon as I realized how much I didn’t know. How much younger men (and some women) only half my size and strength could easily defeat me. Most only in the beginning phase of the system. The confidence that I have now runs deep. 

My Future

The cardio I currently have I could have never imagined. I’m tougher than I ever could’ve imagined. These are only a few of the benefits I’ve gained and being only a short distance along the long road I’ve begun to travel I can only imagine how much more there is in store for me here. The excitement only grows the more I learn, understand, and experience…

Sifu Och! WING CHUN!!

Afterschool Martial Arts: Showing You Care

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”. That statement has never been more true then when it comes to dealing with kids. Children these days have a serious struggle with staying focused. Lack of focused is compounded in a class setting. As an instructor we must take every advantage to maintain our student’s focus. One of the biggest ways to help them maintain their focus is helping them understand how much you really care about them. In this article, Afterschool Martial Arts: Showing You Care, I will go over some tips on how to accomplish that.

Afterschool Martial Arts: Showing You Care

Mat Chats

Mat chats are a great way to intentionally impart wisdom to the next generation. At the Sifu Och Wing Chun and Just Dance Afterschool and Summer Camp Classes we take 5-10 minutes every class to sit and talk to our students. Each month we go over new concepts to help them grow as people. This can range from peer pressure to manners. These mat chats are not lectures. They are a time to engage with your students and listen to their responses. Getting them to open up to you shows them that they can trust you. When you listen to their responses you are leading by example. By showing them how to listen respectfully they can see what it means be respectful.

Little Lions preschool martial arts

Listening When Disciplining

Many times I have seen, and experienced, instructors in martial arts and sports doing blind discipline. A child acts up and immediately they are jumped on and made to do some form of work out for a disciplinary action. Before moving forward let me confirm that discipline is key, without it classes are chaos and nothing is accomplished. However, maintaining discipline is a two sided coin. True discipline is achieved when the student is maintaining discipline out of respect, not fear. I accomplish this in my classes by taking the student’s aside that are acting up and talking to them.

When I have engaged a student I seek to explain to them my point of view. Helping them understand why I am pulling them out of class or off to the side. What I am trying to accomplish is to show the child that I have perceived a wrong has been committed. And then due to that perception something must be done about it. I then allow the child to explain himself. Allow him to share why he was acting up or not staying focused. Most of the time there is no good reason and proceed to explain why I must discipline the child. However, there are times where the child was not deserving of punishment.

Lakeland little lions kids preschool martial arts kickboxing karate kung fu ages 3 - 5 years old

To Punish Or Not To Punish

Many times when speaking to the children I have found that outside factors played a big role in their distraction or outburst. If they are having a hard time focusing on their training sometimes it leads back to family or school problems. In that scenario I have the chance to teach them another lesson. This can be anything from perseverance in a hard time to forgiving a friend for doing something wrong to them. In any case a punishment would have only hurt their growth.

Most of the time, unfortunately, the child is acting up because they simply have not learned discipline yet. In that is the case you must be consistent, firm, but caring in your punishment. If it is a repeat offender in the same day I will again take them aside and speak to them. If after I have spoken to them, and punished them multiple times then in might be time to speak to the parents about what you can do as a time to help with his discipline.


Children can be wonderful to teach. Their mind can absorb very quickly and they have a very high energy most of the time. That being said, your kids classes are what you make them. If you make them a time that the children feel safe and cared for, they are more likely to listen and enjoy your classes.

Afraid to Get Hit?

We see it all the time. Someone will come into a class with the goal of learning realistic self-defense. However, they have no intention of getting hurt in the process. And then the first class happens. They realize that goal is a little bit more difficult to achieve than they had imagined. So what is at the root of this fear? And how do we combat it both mentally and physically? In reality, true martial art injuries are less common than that of football and hockey players. But the martial arts is still viewed as the more dangerous activity – Still Afraid to Get Hit? Let’s unpack that.

Afraid to Get Hit? Mental Preparation

Fear of getting hit is a common enough mindset. It most certainly makes sense: why would I intentionally do something that would hurt me? We all have built up layers of protection in our minds that keep us from doing things that will hurt us. The body has countless mechanisms in place to protect itself and is reluctant to consciously allow harm. But when it comes to martial arts, we have to weigh the risks against the benefits. Do I want to (a) be able to defend myself when I really need to or (b) avoid the possibility of immediate injury in my martial arts class? Choosing option A is the first step toward changing this mindset and moving toward being an effective fighter. The second step is a bit more complicated: accepting that you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, going to get hit. A lot.

Hopefully your school implements safe sparring practices like gloves, a mouthpiece, and head gear – and doesn’t glorify students beating each other into a pulp. But if they do implement safe sparring practices, be rest assured that there is little to no risk of serious injury. Minor cuts and bruises yes, muscle strains and sprains maybe, but serious injury – unlikely.

lakeland fl advanced martial arts classes sparring

Afraid to Get Hit? Physical Preparation 

After you have accepted that you will be getting hit, the best way to prepare for that is a lot of practice. Practice in the air, against a punching bag, and with a partner who is willing to take it slow until you get the technique. Learn the defensive techniques and practice them until they are a part of your muscle memory and engrained in your subconscious. Practice until you no longer have to think about which technique to use, because you already know.


No one is going to be a great fighter their first day, like everything it takes practice; but if it isn’t the right kind of practice, it could only make it worse. Say you are practicing with someone who always throws their attacks in the same sequence. Or they aim toward the side of your head instead of straight at it. Or obviously telegraphs their moves. The amount of progress you make working with this person is going to be considerably less than working with a good partner.


Ultimately, it is possible that your fear of getting hit is actually a fear of failure. A fear, not of getting hurt, but of losing and being considered lesser than your opponent. When I first started sparring, I was a purely defensive fighter. This was solely for the reason that I was afraid to try and attack. I was afraid to attack because I knew at first I would fail. In my mind trying and failing was worse than not trying at all. For other people, they fear the pre-punch anticipation. Meaning, not knowing when or how they are going to get hit. But if you ask any instructor, they would rather see someone who puts in the effort and fails over someone who never gets hit any day.

Why Sifu Och Wing Chun After-School Program?

Importance of a Strong After School program

Parents all over the United States rely on an after-school program to take care of their children while they are finishing their day at work or at home. With an increase in dual-income families and single parent homes, these after school programs have become a necessity for a vast number of families. This has created a great demand for after-school care programs; however, all programs are not created equal. Parents have many options to choose from in picking an after school program and the amount of time the child spends at that program makes it an incredibly important decision, so what makes a good program?

Sifu Och vs Other After-Care Programs

Most after school programs have a singular focus with only one program to offer. Our children have the opportunity to learn both martial arts and dance. Let’s face it: children have very short attention spans. The opportunity to attend two completely different aftercare programs every week allows for a greater ability for them to learn and enjoy themselves. The two skills of dance and martial arts in themselves are invaluable. The dance classes teach coordination, flexibility, and self-expression. While the martial arts classes teach children discipline, respect, and to defend themselves. As well, children in both classes will learn a number of skills that teachers cannot explicitly teach in the classroom. Some of the additional skills taught include: etiquette, manners, team building, organization, social interaction, and cleanliness.


Sifu Och Wing Chun and Just Dance offer a unique program curriculum that encourages both personal growth and learning. We place children into different classes based on age. The older children working on Wing Chun Monday’s and Wednesday’s while the younger children follow Just Dances program. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s the older kids go to Just Dance and the younger ones do kickboxing. We offer kickboxing to the younger children instead of Wing Chun, as it is a little bit easier for them to comprehend and practice. In the Wing Chun classes, we teach children the same curriculum that adults learn throughout the week; including punch and kick defenses, forms, and combinations. The kickboxing classes incorporate a mixture of principles from Wing Chun, Karate, and Boxing all done in a kid friendly class.

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The Just Dance classes teach dance from a variety of styles including: Ballroom, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Summer Camp is also offered along with the regular school year after-care. In summer camp kids will continue taking martial arts and dance. They will also participate in a plethora of activities to keep them busy. Activities range from museums to amusement parks to arts and crafts, and are all monitored by an attentive staff.

Lifelong Benefits

The benefits gained from our after school program reach beyond the immediate. They have the potential to greatly affect each child’s future. We give these children valuable time to be physically active and interact socially with their peers in a way that their school is unable to provide for them. Being active in the younger years has the potential to decrease the likelihood of various diseases and boosts immunity, allowing for a healthier future. It may also have the ability create fewer emotional and behavioral problems. At Sifu Och Wing Chun, our program also strives to instill good leadership qualities in the children. Rewarding leadership in students and encouraging success by positive reinforcement. An investment in your child’s future, is always worth the effort. This investment made early on will have lifelong physical and cognitive benefits, make sure it’s a good one.

Does Martial Arts Make Kids Violent?

The average parent will have many concerns when contemplating enrolling their child in a martial arts class. The top three questions I have encountered talking with parents about their learning a martial art are: Will my child be safe? Will they use techniques on their siblings or bully others? And at the root of it all, will these classes make my child violent? The last one is especially a concern among parents of children who are already showing violent tendencies, leaving parents wondering “will martial arts help or only make it worse?” In this article I will address the question: “Does Martial Arts Make Kids Violent?”

Will my child be safe?

In observing any martial arts class, once can generally expect to see aggressive and violent techniques. So why then would that be safe for a child? For starters, these techniques are usually performed on punching bags, target mitts, or in the air without an opponent. Before the child is even allowed to hit a punching bag, we teach the proper technique. The goal is to avoid any injury to their wrist in the execution. When the child moves on to working with partners when drilling techniques, punches are always pulled and they are not allowed to hit the face – as a general rule that many adults follow as well.

When it comes to one-on-one sparring, many schools don’t even allow their students to spar until the student achieves a certain rank and the instructor is confident in their ability to follow instructions. At this point, we require all students to wear gear that will usually cover the head, hands, and feet, with some styles including a chest guard, shin guards, elbow pads, and a mouth guard. Even with all of this padding, students are often instructed to keep contact light, with good technique praised over power.

Will my child use techniques against their siblings or bully others?

Another top concern of parents is that their child will start to use techniques on other children in order to bully them or exert power. This is a common problem throughout martial arts schools, and it is necessary for the instructor to address early on in the child’s training. Along with teaching martial arts techniques, it is the instructor’s job to explain when exactly to use these techniques. This part of the instructor’s job is sometimes overlooked, but is equally as important.

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The child’s first instinct in a fight should never be to egg on and encourage the fight, but to deescalate. One of the first things that I learned was to put my hands up. This was a non-threatening semi guard combined with a verbal exclamation “I don’t want any trouble”. Your hands are up simply as a precaution. It needs to be explicitly taught to the child that fighting is always a last resort. To use only if there is a threat to the safety of themselves or another individual. We never fight over possessions. Children should learn that if they are being physically threatened over money, especially with a gun or knife, to give them the money.

Will martial arts make my child violent?

So will learning martial arts techniques ultimately encourage violent tendencies? To be honest, the answer to this question greatly depends on the martial arts school and the instructor. A good school will explain the situations in which to use their techniques. This helps to will cultivate a non-aggressive mentality in their students. When done right, children that do martial arts will actually have less violent tendencies than their peers. They will have a greater understanding of when, where, and how to use their defensive techniques.

History of the Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance is a celebratory dance usually enjoyed around Chinese New Year and other special occasions. Two dancers perform each lion, one as the head and fore-legs, and the other as the butt and hind-legs. The dancers both wear pants to match the lion’s fur, with one dancer under the oversized head, and the other bent over under a covering of “lion’s skin.” They then imitate lion like movements such as leaping, napping, scratching, and chasing their tail. The dance is usually accompanied by drums, cymbals, and a gong; playfully, and with lots of crowd involvement. This article will discuss the origin of the Chinese Lion dance and variances in style between the north and south.


Three legends exist in the Chinese culture that try and explain the origins of the Chinese lion. The first tells of a Monk who had a dream many evil spirits were about to attack China. The Monk prayed to the gods to send him a means of saving China from these evil spirits; his prayer led to a vision of a lion. Never having seen a lion before, the Monk created his own version of a lion from creatures including a dragon and unicorn – explaining why the Chinese lion does not resemble actual lions. The second legend tells of a visiting neighbor country who gave the Chinese Emperor a lion. The Emperor loved his new lion, but could not tame its’ aggressive nature. The Emperor commanded many civilians to the taming of the beast, but it was a Monk who was finally able to calm him. With pride, the Emperor showed off his new lion all around his country and stories of the incredible animal spread. The third legend tells of the animal coming down from heaven. Instead of having the natural traits of a lion, this lion was playful and enjoyed playing pranks on the country. At one point, the lion played a joke on the Emperor, enraging him so much that he cut off his head! A Chinese goddess witnessed the beheading and as a result tied his head back on with a magical red ribbon. She then gave the lion a mirror and a horn to drive away the evil spirits.

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North vs. South

Despite coming from similar origins, Chinese lion dances vary greatly between the North and the South. The Northern lion dance is popular north of the Yangtze River. Performed by either one or two people, this lion is often smaller than the southern lion. Covered in tassels, this lion will act surprised, scared, and happy, while climbing, squatting, retreating and rolling. This lion is usually accompanied by a lion tamer, or warrior, who will lead the dance. The focus for the northern lion is on kindness and dexterity. The southern lion, also called the walking lion, is most popular in the Lingnan area of China. These lion dances are more athletic, incorporating jumps, moves, and attacks. The lion will progress through 8 stages of being: happy, sad, joyous, moving, resisting, surprising, and suspicion. Both lions, however, are rich in color and energetic movements.


Today the Chinese Lion Dance is performed by martial artists all over the world, for a myriad of occasions. At Sifu Och Wing Chun, our martial artists practice the dance and have performed for many different audiences. You may see a Chinese Lion at a wedding, a grand opening, or even a birthday party. Significance of the lion will vary between individuals, with some believing in the lion as a great source of fortune and good luck. No matter what the occasion, the lion never fails to bring smiles and good cheer to those around him.

Kung Fu Family Training and Self-Defense

A family that trains together can all defend themselves. Is kung fu—the stuff of movies, childhood pretend games, and a popular karaoke song—something that can actually be a family event? Can Wing Chun kung fu be something a family does and learns together? Can it also actually be something they can protect themselves with? At Sifu Och Wing Chun, this is absolutely the case! Kung fu family training will not only equip every member of your family in self defense, it will also keep you healthy.

Kung Fu has two main components when focusing on oneself, internal and external. Both must be developed together to truly have growth within a given system. While the external focuses techniques dealing with striking or grappling, the internal focuses on the development of the person’s character. This development is something that all families would desire, not only for their children but for themselves. WIth a good kung fu school, families can exercise together, learn to protect one another, and grow closer by overcoming personal obstacles together.

Kung Fu Family Training

But can a family actually train so as to learn how to protect themselves? Is there a system that’s good enough to be used by adults and by children as well? The answer is yes! While there are many useful, powerful, and effective systems for self defense, it’s my opinion that none more effective across the board than Wing Chun. Sifu Justin Och is certified under four different lineages in the Wing Chun system. There is no more complete understanding of how this system can protect a family—in our area of the country—than at his downtown Lakeland studio in Florida. Since the Wing Chun system emphasizes directness, quickness, and speed, anyone—of any size—can overcome a larger stronger opponent. These attributes make the Wing Chun Kung Fu system one of the best systems for families to train together in.

Carl Douglas was right, “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting”. And everyone should be. Kung Fu can bring people together through training, focus, and discipline. More, it has the goal of seeking peace with those around you. When you train in Wing Chun, you become part of a larger kung fu family—one that provides camaraderie, accountability, and lots of fun.



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So many of us send our children to school so they get the best education, become their best building them up in the right manner so they can have a wonderful future. Though there are so many challenges in life and with these challenges school alone can not prepare them.  Confidence issues, building friends, social interaction, an outgoing outlook, and the right tools to build are all essential.  Building those within our children can be difficult, but with help and professionals that work with children of every age, race, and type we can succeed.  Or should I say our children and families can succeed!As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.


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WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS DOING THIS SUMMER??  Why not Sifu Och’s summer camps lakeland fl summer day camp best price in lakeland summer camps sifu och kung fu.

Building those inside our kids could be troublesome, yet with help and experts that work with offspring of each age, race, and sort we can succeed. Then again if I say our youngsters and families can succeed!as a solitary guardian I needed a second home for my children with structure and advancement in all parts of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is the thing that I was hunting down.

As time goes on and our children get older we hope that we have prepared them for the hard times and challenges ahead.  Though knowing and hoping are two different feelings, Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts in downtown lakeland has teamed up with Kevin Rios of Just Dance a professional studio for the fine arts in downtown lakeland fl.   With their combined efforts in downtown lakeland fl they are providing a service that no one has seen before, Professional Self Defense, the Fine arts and Dance.  A all in one program that is rewarding in every aspect!

They provide a kid drop off for parents that want to bring their children down to participate in this amazing program and a After school pick up program that picks up from over 10 polk county lakeland schools right here near downtown.  A rewarding and powerful future awaits the kids who have joined Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kevin Rios professional dance and fine arts after school after care program and summer camp kids day camp program.  Unrivaled instruction and a amazing school year and summer camp awaits those kids who’s parents pick this program as their childs destination.As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.

“I never thought my child would be able to have the confidence that Sifu Och Wing Chun has instilled in her, Jenna is gaining so much here we will never leave.”

“Sifu Och Wing Chun and Kevin Rios Just Dance is a perfect place for both my kids I never thought my daughter would love Kung Fu and the martial arts more and my son loves the hip hop classes.”

“Grades up, Chores done, actually listening, oh this is a parents dream.  Thank you Sifu Och your Wing Chun Kung Fu is exactly what we needed, I am soooo happy.”As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.

“As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.”As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts is best summer camp lakeland is what I was searching for.

“you can keep looking, but once your here there is nothing else.”

  • Self-control, Patience, Compassion, Confidence, Discipline, Structure, Focus
  • Professional Instructors in both Dance, Fine Arts, Education and the Realistic Self Defense Martial Arts
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Boxing
  • Professional Dance and Hip Hop –
  • Trips, Busch Gardens, Water Parks, Movies, Museums
  • Theatre, Art, Culinary, Music, and alot more!
  • Lakeland Self Defense –
  • 116 east pine street, lakeland fl 33801
  • 863.800.0171


WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS DOING THIS SUMMER???  best summer camp lakeland and summer day camp in lakeland

kung fu lakeland fl sifu och wing chun summer camp lakeland fl best summer camp
kung fu lakeland fl sifu och wing chun summer camp lakeland fl best summer camp

Space is limited.

Sifu Och – Wing Chun Kung Fu 116 E. Pine St, Lakeland, Fl 863.800.0171


Kevin Rios – Just Dance & Fine Arts 308 E. Lemon St  Lakeland, FL 863.877.7807



Sifu Och Wing Chun, REAL Lakeland Self Defense

Sifu Och Wing Chun, REAL Lakeland Self Defense

Sifu Och Wing Chun – Real Lakeland Self Defense in Downtown Lakeland Fl Martial Arts.

Wing Chun is an extremely effective, efficient fighting martial system which is well known for neutralizing attackers through quick strikes to the body’s most vulnerable spots. Invented so any man, woman or child could protect themself this style is well known as one of the fastest fighting arts.

come down for realistic self defense in lakeland fl! – Sifu Och Wing Chun

lakeland kung fu lakeland fl wing chun sifu och
lakeland kung fu lakeland fl wing chun sifu och

Wing Chun Kung Fu is not your typical flowery martial art, it doesn’t emphisis on swing weapons, big movements or large kicks.  It’s refined movements are used by families and individuals looking to increase there realistic self defense goals here in lakeland fl.  Whether you have been training your whole life in the martial arts, military or have never done any training before, Sifu Och Wing Chun will take your knowledge of combat or lack there of to a whole new level!

join us for a week of training for only $20 bucks!

With afterschool kid programs, belly busting fitness bootcamps, and Wing Chun Kung Fu realistic self defense for any age there is a class time for you!  Morning Classes, Afternoon, Night and weekends!  Just come down between 3:30pm – 9:00pm to get more info!

116 east pine street, lakeland florida 33801


Sifu Och is a Internationally awarded Wing Chun Kung Fu and family combat instructor that has been training individuals, providing families with self defense and protection, lakeland charity events, and women’s martial arts and afterschool kids anti-bully self defense.

A Top 10 Summer Camps in Lakeland—Martial Arts and Dance

OK, I’ll be brief, I know you’re busy. I think the Sifu Och program is most definitely in the top 10 summer camps in Central Florida if not the state of Florida.

Kids will love coming to the Sifu Och kids summer camp for fun-filled and action packed weeks. Parents will love knowing that their kids are involved in a positive and safe.

1) contact Sifu Och Wing Chun summer camp lakeland fl at, Sifu Och and Kevin Rios have teamed up to make one super powered summer camp program in lakeland florida!

2) You need to get the early bird special for your kids Summer Camp program and save yourself big!  It won’t last and their are limited spots.

3) know that they teach

  • Self-control, Patience, Compassion, Confidence, Discipline, Structure, Focus
  • Professional Instructors in both Dance, Fine Arts, Education and the Realistic Self Defense Martial Arts
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Boxing
  • Professional Dance and Hip Hop –
  • Trips, Busch Gardens, Water Parks, Movies, Museums
  • Theatre, Art, Culinary, Music, and alot more!
  • Lakeland Self Defense –
summer camp lakealnd fl self defense - wing chun
KUNG FU, FINE ARTS, DANCE AND SOOO MUCH MORE!!!! Sifu Och Wing CHun Kung Fu lakealnd fl kung fu martial arts afterschool summer camp lakealnd fl self defense – wing chun sifu och wing chun martial arts

4) They help with homework, education, self defense, professional dance and the fine arts plus they’re right in downtown lakeland fl.

5) Amazing instructors, your children are taught by top professionals in the field, no kid interns these are some of the best!

6) Great prices that beat out the competition as low as $70-$80 a week (for early bird enrollments) all day, monday thru friday, 7am to 5:45pm

7) check the competition you will see this is an amazing price for early bird enrollments to this summer camp

8) extended hours are available!

9) a huge variety of classes, fun, entertainment and discipline for a jam packed exciting lakeland summer camp!!!

10) come down and you will see that this downtown lakeland summer camp program doesn’t have any rival, its the one place your child can become their best and has a price to match any parents budget!

Summer Camp Testimonials

  • “I never thought my child would be able to have the confidence that Sifu Och Wing Chun has instilled in her, Jenna is gaining so much here we will never leave.”SUMMER CAMP LAKELAND FL. Kids will love coming to FPC for fun-filled and action packed weeks. Parents will love knowing that their kids are involved in a positive and safe.
  • “Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung fu and Kevin Rios Just Dance fine arts is a perfect place for both my kids I never thought my daughter would love Kung Fu and the martial arts more and my son loves the hip hop classes.”
  • “Grades up, Chores done, actually listening, oh this is a parents dream.  Thank you Sifu Och your Wing Chun Kung Fu is exactly what we needed, I am soooo happy.”
  • “we made the switch and have never looked back”
  • “a place where I see eye to eye with the instructors, discipline, structure and can actually talk to and get reports on my childs progress.”
  • “As a single parent I wanted a second home for my kids with structure and progress in all aspects of their life, Sifu Och’s Martial Arts in Lakeland is what I was searching for.”
  • “you can keep looking, but once your here there is nothing else.”TOP 10 SUMMER CAMP LAKELAND FL – Sifu Och and Kevin Rios have teamed up to make one super powered summer camp program in lakeland florida!

Contact us for more details


Sifu Och – $125/wk lakeland summer camp

$125/wk lakeland summer camp (Great VALUE)

Sifu Och – Martial Art lakeland summer camp

martial art summer camp lakealnd fl wing chun kung fuSifu Och Wing Chun (downtown lakeland Kung Fu) and Kevin Rios Just Dance (downtown lakeland Fine arts and Dance) one amazing lakeland summer camp coupon discount!  Our opinion?? We would say the best summer camp in lakeland fl!

LAKELAND SUMMER CAMP ($125/week early bird special) Our downtown lakeland martial art summer camp we teach both the mental respect, discipline and anti-bullying self defense needed to grow as a responsible child into adulthood.  Our lakeland summer camp trains both the mind and the body, inherent in every lakeland self defense class we teach kids the skills to live strong and become better every day.We ensure that our kids are in great care and helping hands of caring trained instructors both male and female guiding them through the rigors of self defense martial arts.

Summer Camp Fun, Kids Summer Camp, Kids Martial Arts, Kids Kung Fu Lakeland, Lakeland Kids ClassesOur lakeland summer camp program doesn’t stop there.  We have teamed up with Just Dance a downtown lakeland dance, fine arts, culinary, etiquet, painting and drawing, and theatre.  Just Dance in downtown lakeland provides all these fine arts and professional dance classes with our lakeland summer camp each and every day.  From Hip Hop to Salsa your child will learn a variety of dance, theatre and fine arts.

lakeland summer camp program lakeland fl martial arts sifu och wing chun kung fu
lakeland summer camp program lakeland fl martial arts sifu och wing chun kung fu


  • Hall of Fame Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Chinese Jiujitsu
  • Escape drills and scenarios
  • Weapon Demo’s
  • Black belt Taekwondo & Karate
  • Street Smart self defense
  • Anti-Bullying self defense program
  • Thinking with their head, and not thinking with their fists first


lakeland fl summer camp martial art karate summer camp lakeland dance
lakeland fl summer camp martial art karate summer camp lakeland dance


  • Hip Hop
  • Choreography
  • Salsa and Latin Dancing
  • Ballroom and Group Training
  • Creative and live social Theatre
  • Basic Culinary and Kitchen Safety Education
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music & Production
  • Much More!

What do they do when they aren’t doing Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu, Dance, Fine Arts and Theatre?

  • Water Park’s
  • Pool
  • Movies
  • Museum’s
  • Educational projects
  • Busch Garden’s
  • Dinosaur World
  • and much more, we can’t reveal it all!
summer camps lakeland martial-arts-summer-camp-lakeland-fl-wing-chun-kung-fu
$125 week for Summer camp *this is an internet special (normal cost $180/week), those who lock in this early bird special will have it locked per week for the ENTIRE summer without worry of rising weekly cost.  This price does not include additional activities such as Busch Garden’s, Bowling, Movies, etc.  Though because of the size of our program we get BIG group discounts on trips which normally can not be done by smaller programs.  (teacher to student ration is appox. 10-15 students per teacher on staff)  Which means you get the one on one of a small program with the benefits of a making a bunch of friends.  Space is limited.
Sifu Och – Wing Chun Kung Fu
116 E. Pine St, Lakeland, Fl 33801
Kevin Rios – Just Dance & Fine Arts
308 E. Lemon St  Lakeland, FL 33801
(863) 877-7807

Halloween Safety Tips, from Sifu Och Wing Chun

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips, Lakeland Fl
Sifu Och Wing Chun Afterschool kids

Safe habits and practices can be forgotten in the frenzy of the holidays. The excitement of a yearly festivity is often an excuse to skip normal safety procedures that are otherwise common practice. On the contrary, safety should be increased during the holidays! Unpredictable events can occur and if you or your family is not prepared to deal with them the outcome can be dangerous. Review safety precautions with your family to enjoy the most out of the holidays with minimal worry.

Halloween is a great time of the year. Children dressed up in the cutest and creepiest of costumes freely getting candy which they are so often denied from. However candy and spooks can come with some serious threats. Keeping your kids safe for Halloween depends on what your children recognize as dangerous threats and the appropriate measures to avoid it. In the dark everything becomes harder to see and depth perception is compromised. Give your children flash lights for extra visibility. Emphasize pedestrian safety, as well as sticking in groups, and wearing proper clothing will ensure a safe and spooky time. Twice as many kids are killed on Halloween as on any other day of the year. See more Halloween Safety tips for kids and parents below as well as emergency numbers. Remember the safer we are the more fun we can all have!

Halloween Safety Tips – from Wing Chun Martial Arts


Halloween Safety tips for Kids
Sifu Och Wing Chun Florida

-Always go trick- or- treating with an adult! Never go alone as some people are not so nice and may want to hurt you. Always let a trusted adult know where you are.

-Always stay with your group! There is safety in numbers and its always more fun to trick-or-treat with friends.

-Always stay in well lit areas! Especially with streets at night  look both ways before crossing.  It is much harder for drivers to see pedestrians in the night.

-Know your neighbors! Trick or treat at houses you know are safe and trust. Have a route planned out and stick to it.

-Don’t trick! Vandalism is never funny or nice. Throwing eegs at or toilet paper at someone just leaves a mess. Even worse if someone catches you, you could get into trouble with the police.

-Don’t talk to strangers! No matter what someone says to you never go into a house with a stranger or give them any information about yourself. Go and tell a trusted adult or police officer if you find someone who is trying to do this.

-Don’t eat unwrapped candy! Some people can put dangerous items in treats and candy. If you are unsure or suspicious have an adult check your treats.

-Have fun! Halloween is a great time for friends and family to dress up in their most ghoulish costumes. Staying safe and aware is a sure way to make the most fun out of your Halloween night!


lakeland fl halloween safety tips
afterschool program

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

-Don’t let your children wear masks! Masks lend to poor visibility and can cause accidents easily. Paint your child’s’ face instead so they can see better.

-Equip trick-or-treaters with flash lights! Children wearing dark costumes should have a reflective material on them too.

-Stay in communication! Give your kids a phone, if they don’t already have one, for emergencies.

-Remind your children that Halloween is a fun time but all safety rules apply.

-Secure an emergency ID tag! Attach a bracelet or ID tag stating the child’s home address, phone number, and name in case they get lost and need to be identified.

Halloween Safety Tips For Child


afterschool wing chun martial arts
lakeland, florida fine arts program

-Halloween is not a time to hurt animals! It is never good to hurt an animal but some people use an excuse to hurt cats during Halloween. If you see someone doing this tell a trusted adult or police officer immediately.

-Be polite! Say “please” and “thank you” when you get your candy! Ghouls and goblins can be nice too!

-Be aware! Stay away from open flames from jack-o-lanterns or other decorations with open flames.

-Talk to a trusted adult! Before you go out for the night trick-or-treating let an adult know where you’ll be.

-Have fun! Halloween is a great time for friends and family to dress up in their most ghoulish costumes.

-Staying safe and aware is a sure way to make the most fun out of your Halloween night!


Written by Elizabeth D.

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