Kung Fu Family Training and Self-Defense

A family that trains together can all defend themselves. Is kung fu—the stuff of movies, childhood pretend games, and a popular karaoke song—something that can actually be a family event? Can Wing Chun kung fu be something a family does and learns together? Can it also actually be something they can protect themselves with? At Sifu Och Wing Chun, this is absolutely the case! Kung fu family training will not only equip every member of your family in self defense, it will also keep you healthy.

Kung Fu has two main components when focusing on oneself, internal and external. Both must be developed together to truly have growth within a given system. While the external focuses techniques dealing with striking or grappling, the internal focuses on the development of the person’s character. This development is something that all families would desire, not only for their children but for themselves. WIth a good kung fu school, families can exercise together, learn to protect one another, and grow closer by overcoming personal obstacles together.

Kung Fu Family Training

But can a family actually train so as to learn how to protect themselves? Is there a system that’s good enough to be used by adults and by children as well? The answer is yes! While there are many useful, powerful, and effective systems for self defense, it’s my opinion that none more effective across the board than Wing Chun. Sifu Justin Och is certified under four different lineages in the Wing Chun system. There is no more complete understanding of how this system can protect a family—in our area of the country—than at his downtown Lakeland studio in Florida. Since the Wing Chun system emphasizes directness, quickness, and speed, anyone—of any size—can overcome a larger stronger opponent. These attributes make the Wing Chun Kung Fu system one of the best systems for families to train together in.

Carl Douglas was right, “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting”. And everyone should be. Kung Fu can bring people together through training, focus, and discipline. More, it has the goal of seeking peace with those around you. When you train in Wing Chun, you become part of a larger kung fu family—one that provides camaraderie, accountability, and lots of fun.


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