Halloween Safety Tips, from Sifu Och Wing Chun

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips, Lakeland Fl
Sifu Och Wing Chun Afterschool kids

Safe habits and practices can be forgotten in the frenzy of the holidays. The excitement of a yearly festivity is often an excuse to skip normal safety procedures that are otherwise common practice. On the contrary, safety should be increased during the holidays! Unpredictable events can occur and if you or your family is not prepared to deal with them the outcome can be dangerous. Review safety precautions with your family to enjoy the most out of the holidays with minimal worry.

Halloween is a great time of the year. Children dressed up in the cutest and creepiest of costumes freely getting candy which they are so often denied from. However candy and spooks can come with some serious threats. Keeping your kids safe for Halloween depends on what your children recognize as dangerous threats and the appropriate measures to avoid it. In the dark everything becomes harder to see and depth perception is compromised. Give your children flash lights for extra visibility. Emphasize pedestrian safety, as well as sticking in groups, and wearing proper clothing will ensure a safe and spooky time. Twice as many kids are killed on Halloween as on any other day of the year. See more Halloween Safety tips for kids and parents below as well as emergency numbers. Remember the safer we are the more fun we can all have!

Halloween Safety Tips – from Wing Chun Martial Arts


Halloween Safety tips for Kids
Sifu Och Wing Chun Florida

-Always go trick- or- treating with an adult! Never go alone as some people are not so nice and may want to hurt you. Always let a trusted adult know where you are.

-Always stay with your group! There is safety in numbers and its always more fun to trick-or-treat with friends.

-Always stay in well lit areas! Especially with streets at night  look both ways before crossing.  It is much harder for drivers to see pedestrians in the night.

-Know your neighbors! Trick or treat at houses you know are safe and trust. Have a route planned out and stick to it.

-Don’t trick! Vandalism is never funny or nice. Throwing eegs at or toilet paper at someone just leaves a mess. Even worse if someone catches you, you could get into trouble with the police.

-Don’t talk to strangers! No matter what someone says to you never go into a house with a stranger or give them any information about yourself. Go and tell a trusted adult or police officer if you find someone who is trying to do this.

-Don’t eat unwrapped candy! Some people can put dangerous items in treats and candy. If you are unsure or suspicious have an adult check your treats.

-Have fun! Halloween is a great time for friends and family to dress up in their most ghoulish costumes. Staying safe and aware is a sure way to make the most fun out of your Halloween night!


lakeland fl halloween safety tips
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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

-Don’t let your children wear masks! Masks lend to poor visibility and can cause accidents easily. Paint your child’s’ face instead so they can see better.

-Equip trick-or-treaters with flash lights! Children wearing dark costumes should have a reflective material on them too.

-Stay in communication! Give your kids a phone, if they don’t already have one, for emergencies.

-Remind your children that Halloween is a fun time but all safety rules apply.

-Secure an emergency ID tag! Attach a bracelet or ID tag stating the child’s home address, phone number, and name in case they get lost and need to be identified.

Halloween Safety Tips For Child


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-Halloween is not a time to hurt animals! It is never good to hurt an animal but some people use an excuse to hurt cats during Halloween. If you see someone doing this tell a trusted adult or police officer immediately.

-Be polite! Say “please” and “thank you” when you get your candy! Ghouls and goblins can be nice too!

-Be aware! Stay away from open flames from jack-o-lanterns or other decorations with open flames.

-Talk to a trusted adult! Before you go out for the night trick-or-treating let an adult know where you’ll be.

-Have fun! Halloween is a great time for friends and family to dress up in their most ghoulish costumes.

-Staying safe and aware is a sure way to make the most fun out of your Halloween night!


Written by Elizabeth D.

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