Why join Sifu Och's Wing Chun Kung Fu training

Why join Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu training

Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun or Wing Chun. Whatever name you wish to call it, this Chinese martial art concept is a serious self defense discipline that allows any age or gender to use intense striking, low kicking and trapping techniques during close range in-combat. Wing Chun involves stick defense, knife defense, gun defense and extreme hand to hand combat.

Our philosophy is that if the fight is long range use a gun, if the fight is close range use Wing Chun. – Sifu Justin Och

Wing Chun martial arts started more than 300 years ago as a closely-guarded secret. Developed to protect the weakened chinese during the rule of the Manchurian’s during the 1700’s. You can join Sifu Och’s for wing chun kung fu training. This style was made for war, espionage, knife, empty hand and even guns.  This is the last modern Shaolin gung fu style to be created within the Shaolin Temples prior to there destruction.  Made by one woman and four men, all Shaolin Master’s in there own right this style was created as a complete system with one aim, protect the weak and innocent from those that would oppress them.

Not too many people know that the popular Bruce Lee was himself was a student of Ip Man the modern founder and Grandmaster who taught the young Bruce Lee the art of Wing Chun. Bruce Lee has only ever had two formal martial art instructors, both were Wing Chun Kung Fu training; Ip Man and Wong Shun Leung (the combat fighter of Ip Man).


After so many years, and  especially after the 2010 release of the Ip Man Movies from Hong Kong it gave the world a taste of Wing Chun kung fu training in action.  Wing Chun kung fu training is now being practiced all over the world, this martial arts discipline used to be limited to only a few very dedicated, worthy and lucky students.

Men and women, no matter their built can learn Wing Chun kung fu training. You will be surprised to learn that this discipline was created by five shaolin master’s with the most influence coming  from a woman named Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun. She taught the art of Wing Chun to Yim Wing Chun, a female student after whom the martial arts was named after.

If you have seen the once inch punch of Bruce Lee then you have seen a sample of the close range power of Wing Chun. Most students are wary about learning Wing Chun for fear that it is weak as it has been influenced and created by women. But after they discover that this is the discipline behind Bruce Lee’s popular moves, his creation of Jeet Kune Do, and that many martial art styles have tried to take from this quick and direct system of combat they start to think differently. More and more students are starting to seek out realistic street self defense and are being encouraged to seek out and enroll in Wing Chun classes.


This system of self defense, which involves brutal and efficient counter attacks and was developed for war. Wing Chun has often been compared to Krav Maga which is also a discipline with lots of contact combat.  The two systems have alot in common.  Krav Maga was created based on wrestler and boxer Imi Lichtenfeld’s skills in street fighting. Lichtenfeld used this discipline to fight the Bratislava fascist group and at the same time defend the Jewish. It is thus understandable that this technique is widely utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces.  Both the Wing Chun and the Krav Maga use techniques that are essential in street fighting.

After watching master’s in this system you can definitely see how great it is for street self defense.  Wing Chun focuses on the use of quick combat, stance, structure and balance to increase a fighters power and attacking ability.



Be just like a bamboo tree, deeply rooted and yet it easily yields and becomes flexible. When pressure is applied the bamboo tree yields, bends and allows might and for to redirect around it though it is not weak because of this but instead becomes stronger.  This is why in China, the Wing Chun system of self defense combat is now mandatory anti-terrorist self defense training for all airline stewardess and crew members.

Wing Chun kung fu training makes use of your entire body.  Wing Chun kung fu training wants you to use all of the body’s tendons and muscles to find a true overall strength that links every movement, skills and technique by reinforced body and mind mechanics. By becoming aware of your movements and your body’s strengths, you will be able to derive a true strength and power that is not based on muscle and power alone.

There are many reasons why you should choose Wing Chun Kung Fu training and one of those reasons is true self awareness.   I look forward to seeing you in class. – Sifu Justin Och

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