Northern Long Fist

Northern Long Fist

Lets take a look at some of our Kung Fu brothers, their history, some of the differences in other styles of Kung Fu such as Northern Long Fist from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is Great for all ages, Chang Quan Northern Long Fist Shaolin Kung Fu is known for its Tai Chi like meditative forms with its early training in ancient Shaolin Weapons such as; the broad sword, straight sword, staff, spear and whip chain. Chang Quan also known as Long Fist Boxing, Northern Long Fist, the Brave Father of Kung Fu or the Original Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has its roots traced back as far as the Song Dynasty of 960 A.D. This style emphasizes the use of speed and extreme arm, leg and body length to defeat and devastate its opponent’s. Chang Quan Long Fist Chinese Boxing uses high jumping fast techniques combined with body hardening and softness of energy. The generation of power, acrobatics and use of strong fighting stances are explosive and beautiful to watch.

Northern Long Fist Kung Fu
Northern Long Fist Kung Fu

This style of Shaolin kung fu has also been said to be so old that it has no special order or curriculum of training. So unlike many other styles of kung fu and martial arts which require one level of understanding before you are able to grasp the higher levels a Chang Quan Long Fist Master is able to teach a new student the highest levels from day one. Since there is no restrictions or special order of instruction a Master of Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu is allowed to teach in complete freedom almost completely unrestricted, this is extremely rare in the martial arts. In a day in age where students wish to jump in and know the most advanced forms and weapons available and get their “hands dirty” immediately, Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu allows you to do just that!

Shaolin Kung Fu

How many other forms of Kung Fu have the freedom to teach you the Tai Chi aspects of traditional martial arts, the self defense aspects of a Song Dynasty Kung Fu and the Weapons of the Shaolin Temple from day one. Not Many as a Master of the Long Fist doesn’t have to wait 10-15 years under strict rules and regulations to teach you the advanced forms and weapons of the Shaolin Temple, but rather can show you from day one of training. As time progresses you are able to Master each section as your assisted in each detail of balance, structure and precision. This type of martial art, though as ancient and traditional as they come, being call the “brave father of kung fu” is particularly appealing to today’s learning environment. Along with form and weapon training, Chang Quan Long Fist’s use of Tai Chi like forms with weapons, both in large circular movements and flowing patterns can help to improve balance, muscular structure and overall body conditioning in a soft and non-stress induced manner. You can also attend specialized classes that demonstrate and teach Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu’s chi na or qin na joint-locking techniques, throws, takedowns, long distance defense and shuai jiao (chinese grappling / wrestling / throwing training).

Chang Quan Long Fist is a great style for those seeking a Northern Shaolin style of Kung Fu or a Style that will teach them Shaolin Weapon’s in the early stages of training. Chang Quan Long Fist teaches forms and shaolin kung fu weapon training from day one.   Chinese Martial Art and Tai Chi Weapon Training.

Short-range weapon training
1.1.Broadsword (Dao Shu)
2.2.Straight Sword (Jian Shu)
3.3.Dragon Phoenix Sword
4.4.Double Edge Sword
5.5.Double Sword (Shuang Jian)

Long-range weapon training
6.6.Long Staff (Gun Shu)
7.7.Spear (Qiang Shu)
8.8.Double Broadsword (Shuang Dao)
9.9.Hook Sword

Flexible weapon training
11.11.Chain/Nine Section Whip (Bian Shu)
12.12.Three sectional staff (San Jie Gun)
13.13.Meteor Hammer

Other “modified” weapon training



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