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Throughout training, a lot of emphasis is put into that very concept. Students will learn all about force and strength, and how they can properly counter it. What many don’t realize, is the fact that countering force requires very little strength from the stylist. Even the weakest Wing Chun stylist is taught to take down an opponent 3 – 4 times his size if he uses the proper technique and his opponents force against him.

Wing Chun Lakeland Kung Fu
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Wing Chun Lakeland Kung Fu teaches other techniques as well, such as punching, kicking, and quick grappling holds, chokes and breaks.  Wing Chun Lakeland Kung Fu trains stylists in quick reactions, quick strikes and fast applications minimizing strength against strength. Wing Chun Kung Fu doesn’t teach intense grappling as it can cause joint injuries.  Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques do not use force against force through throwing but instead use mobile and dynamic striking. The strikes that are taught with this martial art are very fast, and aimed at vital areas on the body of the opponent.

A majority of the most vital areas on the human body are found along the center line, the very area that Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches stylists to protect as well as attack with their techniques. This line is the most vital in battle, which is why martial artists should always aim their attacks for any area that exists along this line. Most of the vital points found in the center line can be the end of the encounter if the stylist is able to land one powerful blow.  Though Wing Chun Kung Fu trains to strike rapidly with many powerful blows.

As Wing Chun lakeland Kung Fu emphasizes time and time again, the shortest straw between the stylist and the opponent is the center line, which is where a majority of movement takes place. Due to the linear fashion of Wing Chun, students will spend a lot of their training learning how to direct attacks as well as opposing force towards the center line.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an exceptional martial art, teaching students how to use force against force in any type of encounter. There aren’t that many grappling holds or weapons used with Wing Chun Kung Fu, although the techniques and moves that are taught are tried, proven, and above all very effective for self defense.

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