The Difference Karate and Kung Fu

The difference Karate and Kung Fu

History tells us that even in the very beginning medieval Chinese peasants were made to duel each other to the death using swords and other rudimentary objects, much like the peasants of Japan that used farm tools to fight and even ward off bandits.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu.

Many people ask what are the fundamental differences between karate and kung fu are? One of the best ways of answering this query is by first taking them through the history involved in making what we now know as Kung Fu, Karate and all other forms of fighting within China and Japan.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. First, even though the martial art-forms of Kung Fu and Karate have some huge differences in history, technique and combat application.

similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu

Difference Karate and Kung Fu Training Lakeland Fl
The difference Karate and Kung Fu lakealnd florida sifu justin och

Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. Some systems of Kung Fu have been used for flashy movements, acrobatics and fancy motions, just like many commercialized systems of Karate today that teach the throwing or flipping of weapons, kicks and body movements used for show but spoken with the possibility of self defense.  Though fancy movements are impractical for realistic protection in a assault many people pick these types of schools due to their elegant look and “fun” looking appeal.

Though rare, both have instructors that focus on the original combative applications and as you are about to find out, may be more closely related than might at first appear.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. The Chinese peasants we had mentioned, begun to master the fighting techniques by training in monasteries and with time they passed on to their skills to the other peasant folk in other provinces all over China. Through the silk road and exchange Kung Fu knowledge traded hands with the Japanese.  As it traversed the mighty sub-continent it was modified and changed and this is where derivatives of kung fu which is the original fighting form that has given birth to all the other martial art forms from the Eastern world that we know of.

The list is long but a few are Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu or Ving Tsun, Hung Gar, Tai Chi and Northern Long Fist and Choy Lee Fut are some of the forms or styles just to name a few.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. It is also worth mentioning that it is during this time that other styles that were associated with specific animals were also introduced. For instance, some peasant monks were adept in tiger claw kung fu, monkey kung fu style, mantis kung fu, dog fist, white crane, snake or some other art-form inspired by animals or by nature.

beneficial difference between karate and kung fu

If there is something that we are sure that our readers have discovered by now it is that with the passage of time the crude techniques used during the duel-to-the-death fights of those peasant, repressed fighters in ancient China become progressively refined and polished. Karate kept with hard blocks, hard stances whereas a powerful system of defense.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu.  Kung Fu kept the hard body power, the powerful strikes, strong stances but became more fluid, more relaxed, it allowed the Kung Fu practitioner to redirect incoming attacks and use the full body.  The hard snapping whip like power of Kung Fu redirecting palms and flowing whole body motions has refined and become an extremely powerful system of combat.


difference Karate Kung Fu lakealnd florida sifu justin och
difference between of Karate Kung Fu lakealnd florida sifu justin och

It reached a time that the art form and it’s offspring were now smooth, using minimal effort.  Kung deployed with the right intelligence and training transformed into a powerful force worth reckoning with. It is our conviction that all die-hard Karate enthusiasts and Taekwondo enthusiasts will at one time or another seek out and find the difference in Karate and Kung fu.  Our conviction is that anyone who see’s the power and ability within Kung Fu combatives will want to learn it and master it for their own.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu.    Nowadays, you might come across some who prefer to do it the hard way, practice on their own, push and see if they can figure it out.  Going back to the past and practicing old-school hard styled Kung Fu can be beneficial. Hard training without Masterful and intelligent purpose can injure and cause grave damage to a practitioner, especially one not versed under a certified master of the system.

Don’t be misinformed, the difference between karate and kung fu

Don’t be misinformed those who want to reinvent their youthful exuberance will pay a dear price.  The real cost of their indiscretions, however, is that they end up getting a negative experience, poor knowledge, possibly hurt and the claim that they know the difference between kung fu and karate.

It would have been much better had they got properly trained with experts to guide them, train and educate them.  When it comes to the best choice of a martial art skill, technique, combative, form and the reasons why.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. Our readers should also realize that Kung Fu has steadily evolved and many other systems have attempted to take and incorporate what they could in the hopes of making a system of their own.  It is now easier for us to learn it but harder for us to find a Master with the heart and dedication to reveal its techniques and proper training.  Hard Karate styles for instance, shotokan and kyokunshinkai can be learned, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Ju-jitsu can be found by the person willing to search.

difference between of Karate Kung Fu taekwondo ju jitsu lakealnd florida sifu justin och
difference between of Karate Kung Fu taekwondo ju jitsu lakealnd florida sifu justin och

The thing is with martial arts you really never know what lies in your fate and destiny. One moment you might be a middle-aged man or woman and the next you have transformed into an old man involved with Combative Wing Chun, Tiger Claw, Karate or Tai Chi. In a nutshell, as we age our bodies and our minds go through sets of changes and we are only able to subject ourselves to certain limits with our martial arts.Though there are some similarities difference Karate and Kung Fu. As we age we do not have the flexibility we once had, we cannot kick high, jump and twirl, we need a system of self defense that will last the ages.  Fortunately for us, Kung Fu and many of its non-fancy derivatives have evolved to make it such that no matter our age Kung Fu was tailor-made for us.

Sifu Justin Och teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, a no-nonsense system of realistic self defense,

This article was written with respect to Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung fu, it was my hope to show some of the similarities and differences between our Karate and Sifu Justin Och powerful system of Wing Chun Kung Fu.   We hope this article has given you some of the Differences Karate and Kung Fu in Lakeland Florida.

The difference Karate and Kung Fu

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