USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame

USA international black belt hall of fame Sifu Rome Hung Gar Kung Fu Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu
Dr. Sifu Justin Och, Grandmaster Sifu Rome, and Sifu Rome students at the Eastern International Hall of Fame.

You can only be nominated by a high standing member of the council or elite martial artist that is already a long standing presence and affiliate.  Even then the council looks over your videos, record and history in the martial arts and if approved you are inducted, but this is never permanent. The Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame has the right, that if you do not show the highest caliber of respect and martial art intent they can revoke your entrance.  Though you would have to truly disrespect others with your actions or show poor intention to be recommended for discharge it has happened over the years.  The right and privilege of being a part of the Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame is not bought but earned.

So many martial artists can buy there way into a false “black belt hall of fames”, all they need do is send in a email, call or fill out a card and they are in.  Worse yet with other false “black belt hall of fame” ceromnies you get to pay and recommend yourself for whatever award they give you.  OH yes, you get to fill out what you want and they just hand it to you because you paid them to.  You get to join because you asked them, they found you in the yellow pages or online.

A True Hall of Fame isn’t a solicitation – The Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame is exclusive, you can only be nominated in by a respected member that vouches for your skill, integrity and intention with the martial arts.

No you can not recommend yourself for an award or nominate yourself for an award.  Though if you are a nominated good standing member of the Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame you can recommend your students nominations as their Chief Instructor, owner and leader of your style.

Only other high standing associates or high council members can make a recommendation to the Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame council on what award, if any award at all, you should receive that year.

No you cannot pay to get in, you can not recommend yourself only a good standing member who can vouch for your integrity, skill and intent can nominate you.  After nomination it is then up to the council to vote and approve or discharge your nomination.

No one tries or attempts to sell you on Billing or other services, this is not a ploy hall of fame that invites you then attempts to sell you.

You can not buy your way in to this USA international black belt hall of fame, you will never recieve a letter, email or note by currier or mail,cannot buy your way in to this USA International Martial Arts Association, this is an elite black belt hall of fame, you will never receive a letter, email or note by currier or mail, you cannot ask to be invited or walk in and be part of this.

– Dr. Grandmaster John Kanzler – President of the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association (EUSAIMAA)

You will never get a solicitation email, mail, call or anything else as this is a real black belt hall of fame and not a sales pitch.

It does not cost more to become a higher standing member only training, proof of skill, integrity, honor and time make you a higher standing member.

Eastern USA international black belt hall of fame sifu och wing chun
USA International martial arts black belt hall of fame
Sifu Och Wing Chun and House of Martial Arts Karate

I write this because – My name is Sifu Justin Och, I am writing this because after being a part of the the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association and Black Belt Hall of Fame I have been offered, solicitated and called by corporate fake hall of fames looking to make money off me, my students and school, sell me on billing or attached to a billing company in the hopes I’ll switch over or other hall of fames that don’t care about the martial artist just the money they can make by SELLING you a false yearly title.  I despise these round about ego boosting sales pitches and a true hall of fame has nothing to do with these solicitation’s and sales pitches.

“Hey, we want you part of our hall of fame, just pay…” or “We know you’re an elite martial artist, we’re going to send you a hall of fame induction letter…” Though they have no clue as to what you have or haven’t done.  They make the recommendation over the phone or “Dear elite martial artist” letter. This is not a true martial arts hall of fame and people should know the difference especially because there are so many of these out there handing out awards and wall plaques.

Dr Don McNatt and Dr Sifu Justin Och wing chun kung fu karate florida
Dr Don McNatt and Dr Sifu Justin Och
Shotokan Grandmaster and Wing Chun Instructor

My nomination, vouch and recommendation

Dr. Don McNatt joined my school and trained for about a year before he pulled me outside.  Up until that I thought here is a tough old guy who really wants to train.  I knew nothing about his past, his previous training or his knowledge base.  He kept secret until early 2009 where he pulled me out side.  He first started talking to me about recommending me for the Black Belt hall of fame.  I honestly but respectfully blew it off,  I think I actually said “thats nice of you but don’t worry about it I just like to train.”  He then said I have watched you and would really like to recommend, vouch and nominate you.  At that point I said “oh, alright what like send them an email or something, don’t worry about the hassle.”  To me at the time I was looking at this older guy who never revealed or showed any of his previous knowledge or training in class over the past year.  He literally emptied his cup and trained in Wing Chun without trying to incorporate any of his previous training.

I thought this is just a tough old guy who really loves martial arts, maybe as another hobby, boy was I off.

In Fact Dr. Don McNatt is the State of Florida representative for Okinawa and Japanese Karate as a 7th Dan Shotokan Okinawa Karate Grandmaster and high standing council member with the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association and Black Belt Hall of Fame.  Starting Boxing in 1950 at a boys club, Judo practitioner at Florida Southern College, joined the US MARINES, traveled to Japan.  He trained under Sensei Fumio Nagaoka in Yokohama in Shin Kage Ryu Jujitsu and Shotokan Karate.

Then five miles east of Hiroshima trained in Wado Karate, Sensei Hitoshi Akiyama, he was captain of the first team of foreigners to participate in the 1963All Japan Karate Team Championship tournament in Tokyo. He was the only foreigner to compete in the JKA tournament in Fukuoka at that time.  Was fortunate to train under some of JKA’s (Japan Karate Associations) greats such as M. Nakayama, H. Akiyama and became personal friends with K. Enoeda, Y. Yaguchi, T. Mikami, H. Shirai, Sensei Tatsao Suzuki, T. Okazaki, Arnis Fred Lazo, Praying Mantis under Sifu Roger Hagood and the list goes on.  (for his full bio please go here).  His vouch and recommendation was approved and I have grown through this wonderful association.  Now I am vouched for by many international and national Martial art and Wing Chun instructors and stylists from all over the World. A ranked and recommended Sifu and instructor of the Wing Chun system.

sifu och wing chun eastern usa international black belt hall of fame
Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame- an exclusive group of elite martial arts practitioners.

Honor of E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. Black Belt Hall of Fame – We have had the honor of being apart of their yearly gathering where practitioners and instructors from every style come together and share friendship and knowledge.  Each year 16-19+ seminars happen in one weekend and are all included at no charge. The E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. has instructors that provide their time, knowledge and skill from all over the world in every martial art imaginable. These international instructors fly in and gather to share and relate through training, student enhancement, high level training and survival.  The only thing you cover is your dinner, hotel, and flight, the rest the association sets up, pays for and takes care of.

This is a true USA International Martial Arts Association and Black Belt Hall of Fame and I am proud to be apart of it.

– Dr. Sifu Justin Och


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