Wing Chun principles; shortest distance

Wing Chun principles; shortest distance

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) You must use the “shortest distance between two points”.   Wing Chun principles refers to every possible straight line.  Only when obstructed from the straight line attack does a Wing Chun practitioner use a direct but curved line.

Straight lines imply a state of constant velocity and power whereas a curved line implies acceleration and an unexpected differentiating line of attack.  A curved line that slopes gains acceleration and power as it changes its curvature of direction where as a straight line is a constant.

Wing Chun principles; Shortest Distance
close range reaction within striking distance takes
intesive training to Master and use without thought

Covering your openings while changing the game on the opponent allows for versatility in your fighting application.  Both being powerful attacks, the curved line gains a larger impact force behind its momentum and weight but carries with it a time delay before it can defend or be re-deployed.  Whereas, a straight-line is reinforced the entire body’s weight and structure and because of its angle of attack it is harder to counter and can be reused quickly to defend or attack.

A Wing Chun practitioner always attempts to use straight lines of attack, but there are always exempts.  With the advent of the internet and online video’s, it is very easy to attempt to gain an understanding of attacks and ways to exploit any weaknesses within martial arts.  Training your Wing Chun to be reactive and full of dimension and varying attacks keeps an assailant guessing and helps a practitioner to avoid becoming a one trick pony.

A inside curved attack, high or low straight-line or even kicking low while attacking high may initiate other openings when the assailant is confused and constantly questioning your next move.  Always using direct reaction’s also means a well trained reaction.  When a person grabs you a trained reaction would be to strike directly and viciously.  An untrained reaction might be to grab the person back who grabbed you, thus as they struggle you would struggle back.  This type of untrained reaction leaves you open for being thrown, taken down, knocked out or submitted.

All of this is easily said and only through proper training can one achieve the next level. I still visit seniors in the art of Wing Chun (ving tsun) Kung Fu overseas so that I can increase my understanding and ability through these men and women who have trained more life times than myself.

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