High power attacks come with high risk

high power attacks
roundhouses, huge power and high risk so be careful

High power attacks come with high risk

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) A Tae Kwon Do roundhouse from the back leg or a Hung Gar forearm and fist strike can be extremely powerful.  They come from a long-range attack and a circular motion.  These types of high power attacks pack huge amounts of power.

Though with high power attacks also comes high risk.  These type of high power attacks due to their wider circular motion and from a longer range take longer to get there then a quick jab, quick cross or centerline punch where you can move in and out of the assailant in a straight line.

An attack that goes directly forward does not have the same power as one that comes from behind the body and builds up with large momentum, weight and speed.  Though an high power attacks that goes directly straightforward will get there much faster and can allow the practitioner to move in, out or both during a fight.  This is not to say that one is better than the other but rather compares different methods of fighting.

high power attacks
Ip Man Movie versus Boxer

A jab or cross for instance has a longer reach because of the thrown shoulder and body with the legs coming together for additional power as the body twists and roots behind the punch.  This can leave the legs open for take down, the ribs open for attacks but the power generated if you hit is enlarged because of these openings. Every martial art has openings, the higher high power attacks the higher the risk becomes.  Any large circular motion creates openings to gain power, the faster you throw these large circular motions the smaller the window is of opportunity. You may also notice that many practitioners of these techniques and styles have hardened bodies to deal with impact if and when these openings may be exploited.  This hardening is two fold as it assists the practitioner of these techniques to hit and penetrate deeper and at the same time take a hit and recover quickly within a fight.  Circular motions can give you double the range, power, and momentum of other attacks but they can also leave openings the practitioner has to be aware of at all times.  Circular high power attacks take the longest amount of time to reach their destination and thus have a higher chance of being blocked, escaped from, ducked under or evaded.  Though have one of these strikes connect and they are bone shattering.

Wing Chun was made during a time where food rations were taken in large by the government or ruling nation within or over China.  Public training or even the look that you might be training was forbidden and could be punishable by death.  During this time, Master practitioners thought of the citizens they would be teaching who might be weaker and less capable of taking strikes to the body and head if openings were created.  It also came to pass that the long hard training of fifteen to twenty years to use a style in fighting would not be possible under this current Chinese rule.

Wing Chun developed quick learning techniques, close quarter applications, short range direct strikes that maintained high defense, a tight knit structure and fast traps and attacks to exploit joints and weak areas on the assailant.

high power attacks
Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Florida School

The bent arm of a Wing Chun practitioners strike is high power attacks which keeps these areas of the ribs and torso protected as it does not extend all the way out which would leave the ribs and torso open.  Though the reach of a Wing Chun practitioners strike is cut by a third in comparison to a jab and cut in half in comparison to a Hung Gar strike.  To gain increased protection and defense you have to sacrifice something to gain something else.

A Wing Chun practitioner mindset on fighting is one that favors high defense, fast attacks and traps, quick flowing combinations with dynamic footwork.  A Wing Chun practitioner also believes that the additional power that is given for increased openings and lower defense is not a trade-off they are willing to make unless they are absolutely sure of hitting the intended target.   Wing Chun believes that by keeping its defensive and offensive weapons closer to the body it can better protect itself from permanent long lasting damage.  A Wing Chun practitioner also believes that by keeping these offenses and defensive weapons closer they do not have to use as much energy as their opponent.  This conservation is an ally to the practitioner while in this day in age we can also build the bodies torso, eat properly, train in body hardening applications if known and still use the Wing Chun practitioner mindset and application on fighting technique.

high power attacks
Wing Chun mindset on Fighting

By keeping the hands up in front and occupying the centerline a Wing Chun practitioner psychologically forces the opponent to make attacks primarily from the outside.  Thus opening up more of the assailant’s centerline vitals during the confrontation.

Wing Chun also believes that attacking directly once an opening is revealed will allow the practitioner to exploit more of these momentary chinks in their assailants armor.  Thus with the use of simple and direct footwork and direct centerline vital attacks a Wing Chun practitioner can block an attack directly and simultaneously.  Thus cutting the opportunities for assailants to take the advantage.

This can allow a smaller stature practitioner to defeat a much larger one.  This also means that if two large practitioners get together and one is using Wing Chun they can also exploit these openings making it so that you do not have to be small to use Wing Chun.

There are thousands of martial arts to choose from and one or many may be right for you.  When choosing one, master it as in this life we can have many loves when it comes to the martial arts and life goals.  Wing Chun is an extremely close range combat system that takes time and dedication to be effective like any martial art.  It also takes the right instructor that is willing and wanting to teach you the real fighting aspects and not just fancy combinations or forms.  Though it is hard to find a good teacher with video sharing sites, books, websites, and DVDs you can sift through the ones that are looking to teach you combat and the ones that are looking to talk to you about combat.

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