International Wing Chun Day

International Wing Chun Day

It’s 8:20 am, we awake and meet at the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu School in downtown Lakeland Florida.  Its time to celebrate International Wing Chun Day (March 16th) and we have made plans to drive the 2+ hours to Gainesville, Florida.  Sifu Justin Och and his students gather for the trip and anticipate a great day in Gainesville Florida.  To celebrate an exchange of knowledge, friendship, chi sau in the name of International Wing Chun Day.

Sifu Justin Och and his crew load up, grab some grub for the road, drinks, snacks and food and jumped on the road, talking, joking and enjoying the scenic route.  Arriving in Gainesville Sifu Justin Och meets up with some friends from the area and joins the Gainesville Dojo workshop.  Sifu Jesse S. Jones has designed a workshop to go over the basics of their style and lineage of Wing Chun for new comers into the art as vetern enthusiats.  Though A new instructor to the Gainesville Florida area, Sifu Jesse S. Jones has been training for over 20 years under the Sifu Jose Bracero and Master Arnett fromt the lineage of Grandmaster William Cheung.  William Cheung’s Wing Chun is known as a soft styled Wing Chun.  Emphasis on the principles, purpose of the forms and free style Wing Chun.

gainesville fl wing chun kung fu with Sifu Justin Och and Sifu Jesse Jones students enjoying International Wing Chun Day

Jesse S. Jones workshop focused in on the principle basics, use of bag work, front thrusting kicks, pyramid centerline strikes, forward stances, pak strikes and biu strikes.  His focus was to educate and show some distinctions between Wing Chun and the other styles of martial arts taught within the Gainesville Dojo.  These styles include but aren’t limited to Choy Li Fut, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu.

Sifu Justin Och’s students got together with the students under Sifu Jesse S. Jones and trained at this workshop in friendship and good relation.  After the seminar was over a few of Sifu Justin Och’s students, with restless energy from the drive over began sparring one another on the emptied mat.  Chi Sau sparring began between one of Sifu Justin Och students and a few of Sifu Jesse S. Jones students as the two Sifu’s decided to exchange as well.

Taking a corner of the Gym Sifu Justin Och and Sifu Jesse Jones began slowly, Chi Sau rolling and feeling each other’s energy.  After a few friendly demonstrations by Sifu Jesse Jones of their home town Wing Chun’s Chi Sau attacks and Sifu Justin Och calmly blocking and quickly reacting in solitude.  The two Sifu’s began to heat the place up as their Chi Sau sparring became faster and faster.  Students of both lineages watched as these two respectfully and devastatingly attacked.  Students using the facility from styles as far as Choy Li Fut, Kickboxing, Karate, and Taekwondo stopped to observe.  The exchange of fast hands, footwork, trapping, strikes, lop sau’s, straight centerline strikes, redirects and movements were incredible to watch.  What felt like 15-20 minutes to onlookers and spectators was only about 4-5.  Afterwhich they all went out to lunch at the local ale house.To celebrate an exchange of knowledge, friendship, chi sau in the name of International Wing Chun Day.

International Wing Chun Day

A great and respectful exchange on a wonderful International Wing Chun Day.

International Wing Chun Day 2013
Sifu Jesse Jones and Sifu Justin Och (left to right) exchange a wonderfully heated and fast exchange of Wing Chun offensive and defensive tactics, attacks and counters.

The Gainesville Dojo is a beautiful place, full of heavy bags, floor mats, a boxing ring and plenty of space for whatever sytle or system you are practicing.  If your looking for Wing Chun in Gainesville you should check out Sifu Jesse Jones in Gainesville and see if its what your looking for in a Kung Fu system.  The International Wing Chun day in school under the instruction of Sifu Justin Och is in Lakeland, Florida with a beautiful kwoon fit for the grooming of the next generation of Wing Chun fighters.To celebrate an exchange of knowledge, friendship, chi sau in the name of International Wing Chun Day.

Sifu Justin Och – Sifu Justin Och, Lakeland Florida Lineage under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift; Sons of Ip Man Ip Ching and Ip Chun, Simon Lau, Wong Shun Leung, Second Lineage under Master Nelson Rios; Moy Yat, Ip Chun, Ip Ching, multiple lineages within China. Justin Och has experience in no-gi ju-jitsu, knife, stick, TkD, Shotokan, JKD.  He is Internationally traveled in Wing Chun to schools in Switzerland, England, France, Germany and more visiting, training and seeking out Master’s and Grandmasters teaching the fighting and combative methods and realistic uses of Wing Chun Kung Fu for street combat. His wants his students to beable to apply every aspect of Wing Chun fighting.To celebrate an exchange of knowledge, friendship, chi sau in the name of International Wing Chun Day.

Sifu Jesse Jones – Sifu Jesse Jones, Gainesville, Florida Lineage under Master Anthony Arnett; Arnett Sport Kung Fu under Grandmaster William Cheung Lineage under Sifu Jose Bracero; under Anthony Arnett. Jesse Jones has explored other martial arts including Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Jiu Jitsu and came back to Wing Chun Kung Fu.  He has used and trained Wing Chun in point competition sparring and full contact tournaments, forms and weapon forms. His knowledge in William Cheung Wing Chun, competition sparring, previous martial arts shows in his classroom instruction and students interactive training.To celebrate an exchange of knowledge, friendship, chi sau in the name of International Wing Chun Day.


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