Women Self Defense Lakeland

Women Self Defense Lakeland

If you’re a woman, you’re automatically at a higher risk for certain types of crimes—whether carjacking, robbery, domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault—simply because attackers believe the stereotype that women are passive and helpless in the midst of danger. The easiest way for women to prevent themselves from being a victim of these crimes is to avoid being alone or in poorly lit areas at night. However, getting trapped in a violent situation is sometimes inevitable. Therefore, it’s extremely important women of all ages learn how to defend themselves.

Women Self Defense Lakeland Florida Training
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Many women rely on stun guns, tasers, aerosol sprays, firearms, knifes, or other weapons for self-defense. Yet sometimes women do not have enough time to reach for their weapon of choice before being attacked, making fighting back the most effective way for women to defend against criminal actions. Nevertheless, fighting back is a valid option for women in violent situations only if they have had extensive training in fighting. Throwing random punches and kicks will not scare away a much stronger criminal. As a result, many women across the nation have enrolled in martial arts classes for self-defense purposes.

However, women self defense lakeland who train in commercialized martial arts aren’t receiving the self-defense training they need as forms like karate and taekwondo utilize flashy, flowery techniques that do not translate well when faced with an unpredictable, dangerous situation. In other words, the advanced high kicks and jumps learned in many forms of martial arts will have little to no effect against a close-quarter assailant—even if you hold a black belt! Yet a practical, reality-based martial arts system does exist: Wing Chun.

Located in downtown Lakeland, Sifu Och Wing Chun studio provides women with the skills they need for effective Women Self Defense Lakeland. Unlike other forms of martial arts, Wing Chun focuses on the economic use of motion. Its goal is to not waste time or movement, to never pull back from an attacker. In other words, it’s both offensive and defensive, using a quick combination of elbows, punches, pushes, chops, blocks, and kicks to take down an opponent of any size. No flips, no flash, just constant, direct action.

Women Self Defense Lakeland
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While other forms of martial arts were composed by men, Wing Chun was originally conceived by a woman, making the practice adaptable to all ages, genders, and body types. In fact, while training at the Sifu Och Wing Chun studio, you will have the opportunity to train alongside students from all walks of life—from stay at home parents, to doctors, teachers, former military personnel, college students, teenagers, and even experienced martial arts practitioners who have black belts in taekwondo, karate, and jiu-jitsu.

At Sifu Och Wing Chun, the focus is not on who has the highest ranking, but on providing students with a complete system that is based on keeping you and your loved ones safe during unexpected dangerous situations.

“The number one issue is most people are used to being handed a belt just for paying for the class,” said Sifu Justin Och, a member of the Eastern International U.S.A. Black Belt Hall of Fame and owner of Sifu Och Wing Chun. “The belt means nothing without skill and information. My students know they are protected and will use what they are taught here. We don’t hand out belts…The best part of my job is when people come to me after a dangerous situation in their life and were able to shut it down because of their training.”

Make sure you are ready to protect yourself and your family when dangerous situations appear unexpectedly. Enroll today by registering online or calling 863-800-0171.

Women Self Defense Lakeland

By Amanda Deck


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