Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training

Sifu Och Wing Chun wooden dummy trainingThe Wing Chun wooden dummy is typically made of hard wood and has three protruding arms in different attack positions (jab, cross, gut shot) as well as a forward wooden or metal leg for kick applications. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form trains specific techniques that are performed simultaneously to increase and improve a practitioners self defense fighting application. Accuracy and proper technique are paramount to achieving the highest training potential the wooden dummy has to offer. Though many people and styles have bought and trained on the wooden dummy, not just any kind of martial art can get the maximum results the wooden dummy has to offer. The wooden dummy’s angles, structure, and posture were created for performing and training the aspects and angles of forward Wing Chun and Kung Fu fighting.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training Techniques

Practitioner’s of other styles may use large movements or smacking/striking techniques to “condition” the arms, fists, and legs, but this is not the true purpose of the wooden dummy. Proper training under a certified instructor is essential to get the most out of your Wing Chun wooden dummy training. In Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, he emphasized training on the wooden dummy as Wing Chun is one of the central engines to the Jeet Kune Do style.

Wing Chun wooden dummy training

wooden dummy muk yan jong trainingWing Chun wooden dummy training takes the development of timing, power, correct structure, coordination, mobility, footwork. If you want to increase your speed, structure, focus and mobility while harnessing your internal and external energy towards serious accomplishments, Wing Chun has all of the aspects to achieve it. The Wooden Dummy is just one of its tools to assist you in this path of great and serious accomplishment. The Wooden Dummy is static in it own nature but reactionary in both sound and movement against a mobile fighter allowing you to train on iron palm, iron arm, and combination fighting applications. ‘Wooden Dummy sparring’ or ‘Wooden Dummy fighting’ is a free form fighting method that amazing to watch and even more fun to practice when a pugilist full understands what they can do. A fighter (no matter what his/her background needs to acquire certain skills and abilities. Endurance to last the fight, speed, power and timing to deliver your blows without getting hit yourself and precision and accuracy while rooting and moving so you are not a static and immobile practitioner. A well rounded fighter has to know standup and ground defense, knife, gun and stick tactics as well as striking, kicking, throwing, chi na and countering. A well rounded fighter has to strengthen there arms, body, fists and legs to deliver powerful blows while being able to take blows and strikes if attacked or caught off guard.

The Wing Chun system trains all of these aspects and is a complete style of fighting that aims to create a well rounded and powerful fighting practitioner for real world self defense. Under the guidance of a great practitioner/instructor the Wooden Dummy is an amazing tool in your training that will condition your mind and body, build endurance and fighting flow and increase your precision and rooting. Making you the Wing Chun fighter a force unlike any other.


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