Sifu Riaz Hossenbux and Sifu Justin Och – Making Wing Chun Friends

Sifu Riaz Hossenbux and Sifu Justin Och, Wing Chun Friends

Let us jump back, the year is 2011 and Sifu Justin Och visits the UK, on a search to understand every nature of Wing Chun Kung Fu making friends along the path to finding Wing Chun to grow, train, and live.  Sifu Justin Och gets in touch with a pure Ip Chun Wing Chun stylist, Sifu Riaz Hossenbux.  Wanting to understand all of Wing Chun Kung Fu’s aspects, internal, external, fighting and redirective…  Sifu Justin Och visits the UK

Sifu Riaz Hossenbux London England Wing Chun Sifu Justin Och Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu

London Wing Chun

Sifu Justin Och travels to Sifu Riaz Hossenbux home in London England Wing Chun.  Here Sifu Riaz talks about his london Wing Chun and what differences there are in his Wing Chun and what is shown within other lineage lines.  Sifu Riaz demonstrates form and wooden dummy training while explaining the reasonings passed down to him through Ip Chun.  Sifu Riaz was extremely open, friendly and polite the entire time never talking or seperating the lineage lines negatively but rather respecting all lines of Wing Chun.

Fast forward to 2013 and we find Sifu Riaz Hossenbux taking a Disney like vacation in Orlando Florida.  Now it was his turn to contact Sifu Justin Och about visiting Sifu Justin Och school here in Lakeland Florida.  Into the afternoon class Sifu Riaz walks in and bows to the entire school and lineage line which includes a respected picture of Ip Man, Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simon Lau and Wong Shun Leung.

Sifu Justin Och’s first starts class by sectioning out the students doing forms from Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee then fighting combinations, inside and outside gate combos with partners striking and moving across the floor.  Next scenario training against bear hugs, side headlocks, triangle chokes, wrist grabs and pushes all using Wing Chun Kung Fu to stop, shut down and destroy these dangerous scenarios.  Then focus mitt sparring and wrist on wrist fighting while switching partners and increase the intensity of the follow up fighting and reactionary techniques.

During this time Sifu Riaz Hossenbux walked around, observing the training, talking with the students and offering additional combinations that come from his pure Ip Chun Wing Chun styling.   Sifu Riaz added his personality and flavor into each technique explaining his take on Wing Chun Kung Fu.  A fun and refreshing kinship between schools.

UK and USA Wing Chun Kung Fu

Sifu Riaz Hossenbux said this on Sifu Justin Och’s Facebook page

A very big thank you to Sifu Justin Och and his students for making me feel so welcome at their club in Lakeland, Florida! It was great to see so many humble and dedicated students fuelling their passion of Wing Chun Kung Fu with great guidance from Sifu Och.

We are so happy and welcomed to find a kind and open hearted man such as Sifu Riaz within the Wing Chun system and are happy to call him a UK London England Wing Chun friend!  A great bond between friends and instructors of Wing Chun Kung Fu is being formed and we look forward to seeing the bond get stronger as the years pass by.


Sifu Riaz Hossenbux
London Wing Chun Kung Fu
07779 496434


Sifu Justin Och
Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu



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