Sifu Och Wing Chun; body weapon

Sifu Och Wing Chun; body weapon

Body weapon Sifu Och Wing Chun Sifu Och
Mastering proper reaction is key within any fight
Wing Chun trains mobility, reaction and attack

Using your entire body weapon, this is what Grandmaster Lee Chen Style Tai Chi who learned the Chen Village from the Chen Family in China told me that this is called five bows.

Each arm and limb is a single bow and the torso is the fifth bow.  Used as one, they become a entire weapon used for both defense and offense.  When used and trained properly they become one entity of solid body mechanics and proper technique. As a whole they become stronger than anything your opponent can throw in single or double succession.

Now again here, is a theory, can we prove it?  The answer is yes, at each level passed and explained you will notice and be shown ways to prove and recreate this whole body strength. Though, I’m sure you may have heard of using your entire body weapon, how often do you see it done or taught?  How often do you see tests and drills that can be performed to show how well and reactive you can do it?  Drills test and perfect a flowing solid connection and foundation with constant mobility and reaction.

We hear about these principles, but very few people know how to use their entire body as one and even fewer know how to teach it.  As authentic combat Wing Chun practitioners, we are constantly trying to make ourselves and our art stronger, not out of some need to harm others, but because it brings us closer to our true selves.  We know how invigorating it is to Chi Sau (fighting with double sticking hands), Wrist against Wrist with another higher level practitioner and react without thinking to an incoming attack, and wonder at the body’s ability to know without thinking.

Wing Chun’s constant focus is on completely practical techniques and application in a life threatening situation.  It trains for close quarter combat and the short distance power generated, because many attacks will be close when heated.

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