Making Kids Leaders and setting goals

Making Kids Leaders and setting goals

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A stripe on a belt or a higher grade in the classroom are part of the same goal setting process. Setting goals help children plan for the future and “think smart”. Long term planning skills are developed and children widen their understanding how things work in a big picture.

Goal setting skills allow children to choose what they want to achieve and how to go about doing it. Children start asking important questions of “How do I balance my work and play time to do what I want to do?”, “Will my actions help or hurt me for getting what I want?” and “I need help to reach my target. Who can ask for from knowing making kids leaders they will assist me in a positive way?”.

More concentration and effort is put into their actions. This is the early formation of organization skills.    The size of the goal is not important it is the act of executing one. Setting goals is a life skill. The demands of life only increase and making kids leaders a strong intrinsic motivation will help ones confidence continue to grow. Even if they do not realize the gains they’re making its a great habit to instill early on.

Everyone is making kids leaders likely to face some stumbling blocks along the way. It can be demoralizing not to accomplish a goal. An environment of comfort and support is created through our students and parental involvement. Children realize they never have to face problems alone and can always lean on someone they trust for help.

Working in a group to accomplish our personal goals, building confidence and making kids leaders life long friends is all achievable through the Wing Chun system!

Elizabeth D. – Wing Chun student and martial art practitioner

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