Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

Our kung fu brothers and the history of kung fu, the differences  and so many other chinese boxing martial art systems available in todays self defense market.  Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is a brother chinese martial art system of traditional kung fu, a chinese boxing kung fu.  Traditional Chang Quan Long Fist Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is taught using the weapon forms first, this means that you will start learning from day one the applications and forms of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon training.

This also means that you are simultaneously learning the empty hand forms of traditional Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu. The techniques are soft on the body while the high and low kicks, strong base, stances and balance and the elongated and extended movements of the forms will have you reaching new levels of precision peace of mind and body. That makes this style perfect for any age or practitioner that wishes to learn both the weapons and the empty hand forms that usually take 10-15 years of dedication and time to learn separately before you are finally allowed to touch base on these very applicable techniques. Though Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Long Fist traditional has high kicks, jumping kicks and a low solidified base. During combat and weapon training most of the kicks are low and below the waist, making it easier for any age or stylist to train and use these movements.

The main purpose of the widely renown acrobatic aspects of Northern Long Fist were most commonly used to keep the practitioner nimble and agile in order to adapt in any situation.Though Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Long Fist traditional has high kicks, jumping kicks and a low solidified base. There are also many weapon forms and weapon fighting in Northern Long Fist which have movements that mirror their empty hand counter parts. The weapons forms are broken down into major categories that consist of short range, long-range and flexible weapons and other modified weapons.

Increasing your agility, balance, flexibility, strength and speed of mind and body is not only great for training but is used more widely outside of practice. These aspects that you gain through each and every class are characteristics that can improve and empower your life. Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu or Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is considered to be renowned for its impressive demonstration of balance while whirling, leaping, jumping, running or performing acts of flexibility with athleticism compared to that of a gymnast with training not limited to those of youth.Though Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Long Fist traditional has high kicks, jumping kicks and a low solidified base. The Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu teaches the flexibility, centered mind and body of Tai Chi with the weapon’s typical to that of many traditional kung fu and ancient gung fu styles. Our Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu Master teaches you the Tai Chi forms and Tai Chi weapon’s behind the traditional Tai Chi sword.

Besides teaching one of the original forms of Northern Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Shaolin weapon training, Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu is known for its vast arsenal of elongated powerful kicking techniques.Though Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Long Fist traditional has high kicks, jumping kicks and a low solidified base. Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu trains a student in everything from tornado or hurricane kicks, low sweeps, wushu styled butterfly kicks, high jumping speed kicks, back kicks and toe frontal assault kicks.  With respect to all our Kung Fu brothers.

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