Kung Fu Wing Chun and Me

Kung Fu Wing Chun and Me

I come from a very poor upbringing, moving several times a year and attending 2-3 new schools a year.  I was constantly being challenged.  Needless to say I became tougher and harder to beat as I grew.

Kung Fu Wing Chun

I’ve never backed down and considered myself to be a “force” to be reckoned with.  After joining the marine corps infantry I learned that a lot of people are “tough”.  I also learned that usually, persistence and commitment to the fight will help win most battles.  Regardless of size or stature.

I’ve applied this basic philosophy to everything in my life.  NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS PRESS FORWARD!!

Enter, Kung Fu Wing Chun and Sifu Och…  Training regularly in Wing Chun helps put things including work and home responsibilities into perspective.  It does this through humility and directness.  The Wing Chun training doesn’t seem too hard to grasp nor is too intellectual.

Then I watch a series of attacks and think “Ok I got this one, it looks easy”.  But then the hands and mind seemed to have seen two different things.  This keeps me humble, by knowing that this is something I must continue to train in order to improve.  I can no longer rely solely on “Persistence and Commitment to the Fight”.

The directness of attacks has also built up confidence in my fighting ability.  I have always felt confident in an altercation, now, I feel more competent using Wing Chun.

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– Brian Holbrok

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