First Year in Wing Chun Kung Fu FL

First Year in Wing Chun Kung Fu FL

My name is Raj Beesabathini. I am really happy and proud to say that I am learning Wing Chun Kung Fu at Sifu Och school in Lakeland, FL. I would like to share my experiences with the school and how wing chun affected my life style.

First Year in Wing Chun Kung Fu FL
My 1st year at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu, the protection and peace of mind are astounding.

I believe that Leading a successful life means, a perfect balance of personal life, professional life and social life. After getting my masters degree in Computer Science in 2010, my professional life has started here in Lakeland as, Fl as a Software Engineer.   I always wanted to be healthy so I used to hit the gym almost 5 days a week.

But you know what, like all computer geeks, I don’t do much physical work. I stick to the chair and stare at the computer screen the whole day. Even though I hit gym, It only helped me to get physically stronger but not mentally. Wing Chun is such a beautiful art that it calms you down and takes you to a state of peaceful mind and relaxation.

From there you get to practice your breathing patterns in parallel to practicing accumulating all your internal energy at different parts of your body, which turns out into a powerful strikes. This is really awesome. I don’t think of any other martial art or workout program makes us stronger both mentally and physically.

1-first-year-wing-chun-kung-fu-sifu-och-lakeland florida
First year in Wing Chun Kung Fu in lakeland florida under Sifu Justin Och

Wing Chun Kung Fu Fl in Self Defence

One more thing is, self protection and taking care of our beloved ones is really important, especially to me. I am not a US citizen.  So I am not allowed to carry firearms.

I used to afraid of going out alone after 8pm. Now I don’t have that problem. Because Wing Chun Kung Fu is my weapon and I carry it all the time with me in my mind. Even if I had gun, it would be highly impossible to carry it all the time with me and when a bad guy gets close enough, at some point, there won’t be enough time to pull that out. In that situation the only life savior I think is your self defence techniques and I can honestly say Wing Chun Kung Fu is the best in that.

Wing-Chun in my Social Life: Coming to my Social Life, when I moved to Lakeland, I didn’t know many people. Everywhere I go, people are so nice but still they are just strangers and I might not meet the same person again. So It was hard for me to find cool dudes. Now In Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu class I have around 20 friends whom I meet 4-5 days a week.

This is not just a school for learning self defence techniques but also a good place to develop your social life.   Making new friends and we have potluck parties for every 2 months ( FOOD :D).

Sifu Justin Och, Wing Chun Kung Fu FL

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